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ASMR 공원 / ASMR at Park (Public)

Hi I’m ASMR Crush! Today, I’m going to doing ASMR at Playground! Let’s get started it !

Reader Comments

  1. Bro my place playground is full with ppl
    There is commonly this:
    Crying child
    A parent screaming at their child
    A kid who almost got hit by a car
    A kid who is throwing tantrum
    A loud swinging noise
    Things being repair

    Im suprise your playground is really empty ;-;.. Anyways you nice keep going

  2. 啦把卡从沙巴和爸爸更傻不是茶吧阿才三个测哈佛莫阿哈哈哈😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. aww, that's so cute, when you showed thumbs up at bts 🙂 and i just can't understand how your asmr videos are so good 😫😅❤️

  4. 0:57 that’s literally the only sound I’ve ever triggered at, idk if that’s what you call it but oh my god that was intense

  5. Sounds like a bit like a blind person who tries to guess wich testure the playground has..😅😂(is not meant mean)

  6. Kid: Mom theres a random man tapping on stuff!

    Mom: Just mind your business honey and go play.

    lol I just said something that my sister would say to my mom and what my mom would say back to her lol

  7. Guys the reason the playground is empty is bc he be making all these good tingles so that all the kids went home to sleep xD

  8. 초반부에 왜 갑자기 음소거됐나 했는데 공사장소리ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 한국 주거지역에서는 저 소리 안나면 섭섭하죠😆

  9. Parent: time to take the child to play! * sees man tapping on everything and looks at kid* I forgot you have homework!
    Kid: *throws evil glare to him *

  10. Acabo de intentar golpear mis uñas en la pared de mi cuarto y duele mucho:( e golpea sus uñas en metales y no duele🥺❤️

  11. 요런 컨텐츠 넘나 좋습니다. 일단 장소가 주는 편안함이 있고 의외로 듣기 좋은 소리를 내는 것들이 많군요.신선하기도 하구요. ㅎㅎ
    다음편도 기대하겠습니당

  12. person sees him next to swing

    Man: excuse me sir are you gonna use the swi-

    Him tapping on it

    Man: come on billy he um seems a bit busy

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