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Asia’s largest water sports park! [Battle Trip / 2017.08.18]

You feel it the moment you fall into the water. – Wild beauty. / – He’s also athletic. He’ll be fine. I was swimming in a hotel pool alone and something terrible almost happened. – You got cramps in your legs, right? / – Right. – He got cramps in his legs. / – Really? I thought he was joking around. – What? / – We kept splashing him with water. – They were all laughing. / – He looked serious… So we got in and dragged him out. Please be careful in the water. The utmost goal of our trip is… – Safety. / – Safety. If your feet don’t touch the ground, it could be scary. I can’t lose. Music from “The Terminator” is playing. I’m scared of the water. Should I go down? At times like that… You need a girl to not act like that, right? Eunkwang will fall down at least three times. Not from the start but the moment he grabs the rope. – The rope feels different. / – It’s different. The current of the water is different. They’re relaxed because they’re done. (It looks like he will cry even before starting) Grab that side. Wrap your thumb around the pole. Straighten your arms. Gather your knees. Gather your knees to your chest. Look forward. Here we go. (Struggling) Here we go. Look at his hairy legs. – It’s not dirt? / – Thought it was dirt. – It’s seaweed. / – He says it’s seaweed. He’s good. – He’s got good posture. / – This is easy. Most guys can do this. His posture looks great. Did the screen stop? Look at his lips. Why are your lips so tense? I was scared. I should have shaved my legs. (Roaring) (He overcomes his trauma step by step) How do I look? – Good, good. / – You’re good. But all I can see is your hairy legs. (He’s furry) This is really hard. Isn’t it really fun and cool? Yes, it’s amazing. – Now it’s time for the rope. / – Nice. I’m looking forward to this. (Sir, please) It’s going to feel different to the pipe. – They sound like professionals. / – Don’t be shocked. – Isn’t this their first time? / – Yes. He stood up right away. He stood right up. – What a surprise, right? / – He stood up. Really? (Respect) What’s going on? Want to know how? Fear makes you stand. – You end up focusing. / – You tighten up. He fell. (Exclaiming) What are you doing? I drank a lot of water. Are you crying or laughing? Okay, I’m ready. (Eunkwang prepares to try again) Again. (To others, it might not be much) He’s good. He looks cool. This is awesome. You have to straighten your arms. – Straighten your arms. / – He made the boat curve. That’s great. (Eunkwang managed to stay up to the end) – Good job. / – So tiring. (Who will receive the best award?) The best award for water-skiing goes to… Seo Eunkwang. How do you feel? Today, I was able to overcome my fear of water. It’s all thanks to your support. It’s really meaningful. – Let us move on. / – Okay. – Let’s go. / – How much is that? It’s about $65 including lessons. – It’s not cheap. / – I guess lessons are required. You can get a package deal. The entrance fee alone is about $32. That covers the “Dream Team” experience. The water-skiing is $65 with lessons included. Anyone can see this reminds you of “Dream Team.” – You two play against each other. / – Race it? And the winner will face off against me. (Best Water Sports Tour “Dream Team” ladder) Water sports “Dream Team!” That’s impressive. – They actually built that. / – Like “Dream Team.” You do the entire course. – It’s an obstacle course race. / – Those are fun. (1. Cross a narrow bridge and turn the corner) (2. Pass the swing) (3. Cross the slippery bumps) (4. Pass over the stepping bridge) (5. Use the rope to climb the incline) (From there, a slide takes you into the water) – It’s fun to go with friends and have bets. / – That’s fun. – You can wager over dinner. / – That’s right. Or you can wager over talking to a group of girls. You’re so excited. (Water sports “Dream Team”) That’s such a great idea. You have to go and do that. I’m getting nervous. Get ready. Begin. (They pause for some reason) Things like that are fun with friends. It’s hard to stay balanced because of the water. – Is the first person to finish the winner? / – Yes. (They arrive at the swing) You’re supposed to ride the swing. They’re just skipping it. You forgot the swing. – They just skipped over it. / – I know. Gosh. Oh, that’s dangerous. That one was hard too. (Gosh, what’s this?) (While Changseob hesitates) – Look at him go. / – You have to go like that. He’s so good. You’re supposed to walk over it. (They must grab the trophy to win) That’s hot. (Blowing bubbles) (While Minhyeok’s victory is being anticipated) Hey, the person who grabs it first wins. The person who grabs it first wins. Do you reach straight for it? What will happen? What a twist. (Will the tide turn unexpectedly?) (Changseob seeks to seize the trophy) (However, Minhyeok picks it up first) That was so expected. There was no suspense. – Then is Minhyeok facing off with Eunkwang? / – Yes. You’re too fast. Minhyeok has won and he’s in the finals. The two people, except for the winner, will board the Flyfish. – Flyfish. / – It’s pretty fun. – That was fun. / – That seems fun. – I can hear Eunkwang. / – I can hear him. It’s audible. It’s a very familiar voice. You must apply lipstick while riding the Flyfish. At the end, the person who fails to apply the lipstick, will lose their opportunity to enjoy a feast. – No food after all that? / – That’s too harsh. – These bets make things fun. / – How brutal. – It’s so harsh. / – That’s too much. I’m losing spirit even before we begin. Get ready. Go! (Minhyeok pushes the coward aside and speeds on) Minhyeok is good. With Minhyeok… (What?) (Minhyeok is already far ahead) – How embarrassing? / – What should he do? It seems hard to get back up once you fall. It’s difficult to push yourself up. (Minhyeok, Eunkwang) – What are you doing? / – He should wait a bit. He should take a break and ride the swing. – He should go for a swim. / – Wait, Minhyeok. (Very frail) What is this? – Oh, no. / – Wait for me. Minhyeok is going back. (Minhyeok returns to save Eunkwang) He’s waiting. (Eunkwang is here) (The fight is on again) Eunkwang, Eunkwang, Eunkwang… (What should we do about him?) (Should I help you?) It’s difficult. How many times did you fall in today? It’s so hard. (Splashing about) (Forget you) I was going to save him but he took too long. He takes way too long. I can’t wait any longer. (It seems Eunkwang’s virus has been contracted) I was most worried about Eunkwang. I was most worried about him. That’s scary. How does he come up like that? There was no other way. (He fails at every course) (Minhyeok, Eunkwang) You’re the funniest. (Observing seems more fun than winning now) I’m seriously… What is this? What is this? Minhyeok has already been through it. I’ll be off. (Zooming) Minhyeok is very eager to win. (Eunkwang catches up with frightening pace) (He comes up from behind) He has to grab Minhyeok. Eunkwang has to catch Minhyeok. It was impossible to pull myself up. (Unable to climb) (You can’t go up that way) I tried and gave up. (Where do you think you’re going?) (Minhyeok is the final winner) He’s good. It’s hard to keep up with him. The fact that we’re physically contending with Minhyeok was wrong. (Looking exhausted) – Look at his expression. / – The punishment…

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