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Artbeads Cafe – Discover Seed Bead Rope Ideas with Kristal Wick and Cynthia Kimura

KRISTAL: Kristal Wick here with Artbeads Cafe
and my sidekick, Cynthia! CYNTHIA: Hi, Kristal!
KRISTAL: Hi, Cynthia! I thought I’d say that because were “roping it up” today
on Artbeads Cafe! CYNTHIA: Yes!
KRISTAL: Om my gosh, this is so much fun, isn’t it?!
CYNTHIA: It is. KRISTAL: I think you’ve gone crazy and….
CYNTHIA: I’m not the only one! KRISTAL: I was going to say, I’m along for
the ride, little partner! Get it? So we are talking about ropes today! Beaded ropes.
CYNTHIA: Yes. KRISTAL: And whoa, are they beautiful! And
whoa are they addictive! You can’t even stop.
CYNTHIA: Yeah, they are. They are, yes. And I think we wanted to also show the different
kinds of ropes and why do you do one and not the other ones.
KRISTAL: Exactly, why would you pick one over another for the purpose of wearability or
your beads, there’s all kinds of reasons, so Cynthia is going to share that with us.
CYNTHIA: Okay, let’s start with Kumihimo. Kumihimo is still very trendy.
KRISTAL: Yes! CYNTHIA: Because it’s an easy one to do,
too. And when you do it with beads it’s so much fun, also. I love this blue one here,
not only did she do it with beads but she also did a ribbon on the disk when she did
the Kumihimo. That’s why you see some colors here, and you can see that it is the ribbon.
KRISTAL: Oh, so it adds another texture to it and everything!
CYNTHIA: Yes. KRISTAL: Oh my gosh, that is such a good idea!
Love it! CYNTHIA: So what I like in the Kumihimo is
the beads are spaced enough that you can sew something on top of it like I did on this
one. I embellished with some little flowers and I just sewed them. And here, look what
the designer did here, she did some fringe also.
KRISTAL: Love that. CYNTHIA: So, not only do you have the flexibility
to sew something on it, but it’s a very strong warp so you can go very heavy –
this is pretty heavy. KRISTAL: Yeah it is! Beautiful piece in the
middle is a lot of weight there! CYNTHIA: And also what you can do is create
your bail and put a heavy pendant. So, Kumihimo is really good for that if you want to do
something heavy. KRISTAL: Good to know.
CYNTHIA: Another rope that is really good for that is the crochet rope.
KRISTAL: Oh yes. CYNTHIA: This is kind of a new thing for me
that I love. Oh, mama mia! KRISTAL: She’s a goner!
CYNTHIA: Because you have the movement of crochet that is really relaxing. And so, it
is really more like a rope. KRISTAL: It really is!
CYNTHIA: Yes, it’s really flexible and you really work with your string and with your
crochet and beads. And you just keep going and going and going.
KRISTAL: Wow. CYNTHIA: So, it’s very comfortable, very
strong and again, you can put something very heavy with that.
KRISTAL: Yeah, and it looks like wearability it’s smooth on your neck.
CYNTHIA: Yes. KRISTAL: You know, some people have issues
with things being heavy around their necks, if it’s gouging in, some of the crystals
and things at the back, and this looks nice and smooth, so easy to wear.
CYNTHIA: Yes it is. KRISTAL: And then look at how you did this
on the end! CYNTHIA: Yea, I wanted to show something in
the front so I put the clasp. KRISTAL: So clever- smart girl!
CYNTHIA: Thank you. So, here I did some Tubular Peyote Stitch. This rope is a little more
flexible. I wouldn’t put something heavy on it, it’s nice for a simple necklace or
bracelet. They are great with bracelets. And with the Tubular Peyote Stitch what is really
cool is you can sew the two ends together. KRISTAL: Oh yes.
CYNTHIA: And it just makes like a bangle that you can just slide on your wrist.
KRISTAL: Yeah and you can see it’s not a solid rope like with the crochet or the
Kumihimo, but it’s got more texture in there and more space or air.
CYNTHIA: Yes, but actually, this is a different one.
KRISTAL: Oh, sorry. CYNTHIA: This one is the Cubic Right Angle
Weave (CRAW). KRISTAL: Cubic Right Angle Weave! It’s kind
of hard. Cynthia has mastered it, oh my gosh, and look at how fabulous it is!
CYNTHIA: I know. And maybe you feel like there is no difference between the two but there
is a slight difference and the difference is the beads on this one are sticking up a
little more so we see a lot of people embellishing them.
KRISTAL: Oh, sure. CYNTHIA: Because on this one you can sew,
also. You know, you can keep going, putting some crystals or putting some more beads and
making it even bigger. KRISTAL: Oh, I love that.
CYNTHIA: Yeah, this is really great. One that I just learned also and I think it is so much
fun is the Spiral Rope. So this is – if you are a beginner, if you haven’t done any
bead weaving – this is such an easy one to do.
KRISTAL: That’s amazing because it does not look easy.
CYNTHIA: I know. KRISTAL: It does not look simple.
CYNTHIA: I know, but I’m not kidding, this is super-duper simple.
KRISTAL: It’s gorgeous! CYNTHIA: And what is so much fun is depending
on which beads and sizes you are using it will change completely. Like those are just
tiny beads and a little bigger one in the middle.
KRISTAL: Love it. CYNTHIA: And here I use some bigger seed beads
and some bigger pearls. Completely different, right?
KRISTAL: And the same stitch! But totally different look.
CYNTHIA: Yes. KRISTAL: Oh, I love how you finished them
off with the magnetic clasps. CYNTHIA: That’s so easy.
KRISTAL: They are my favorite. CYNTHIA: And really, these take less than
an hour to make one. KRISTAL: What?! Perfect for stackables.
CYNTHIA: Yes. KRISTAL: You know, everybody wants to wear
three bracelets at one time now, so, oh I love that, Cynthia!
CYNTHIA: It’s great. KRISTAL: Very fun.
CYNTHIA: And of course we love Tubular Herringbone. KRISTAL: We do have a long love affair with
Tubular Herringbone. I think too, you have done a lot of different ropes and a lot of
different stitches and you kind of fall in love with one over another for whatever reason.
CYNTHIA: Yes. KRISTAL: And they’re all different, because
everybody has a different favorite. But, here the two of us kind of agree, we like Tubular
Herringbone, oh my gosh. CYNTHIA: Yes.
KRISTAL: And I think it looks great alone, like we‘ve got samples here of it just by
itself. Then we also have these yummy kits. These are so much fun to make, I gotta say!
And just like Cynthia said, same stitch, but look how different they look depending on
the size of the bead and the colors of the bead. And these are using our Designer Seed
Bead Blends, which we love, don’t we Cynthia? CYNTHIA: Yes we do.
KRISTAL: And, a beautiful BeCharmed bead from Swarovski in the middle of these. Oh, they
are so much fun to make. CYNTHIA: And this one is a Twisted Tubular
Herringbone, which is also very easy. You just have one step that is different and it
is pretty easy. And this is the same blend. KRISTAL: Oh, look at that!
CYNTHIA: Yeah, so one that I did with a pattern and one that I just did randomly.
KRISTAL: Wow! Look how different they look. That’s really fun! Oh, I like that. So that
would be fun too, to use like one Seed Bead Blend, the same blend, and do it two different,
three different ways and stack them. They would all go together. I love it.
CYNTHIA: And one more thing that I want to add with the Tubular Herringbone, what is
so much fun is the way that you stitch it is two beads, two, two, two, beads together,
right? So that will give you the opportunity to switch the size of the beads.
KRISTAL: Yes. CYNTHIA: Like you did on this one, so you
started with some seed beads and then you did some crystals which give another dimension
to the necklace, so you can play like that with the Tubular Herringbone.
KRISTAL: Yeah, unlike other stitches, ‘cause I like the texturing when it goes thin and
then wide and then thin. It looks so interesting, it’s not all just one dimension. We’ve
got a lot going on over here too! You can tell this is our favorite! It’s like everything
on one. Oh! It’s so much fun! Also, I love Tubular Herringbone because you can use as
many colors as you want. Like this one here, I think I ended up using 13 different colors.
CYNTHIA: Oh wow! KRISTAL: I don’t know that I would suggest
that for a beginner or if you’re traveling and you’re doing this on the fly, on the
go, don’t use 13 different colors, okay, you gotta keep ‘em separate and that’s
always a nightmare. But, other ones, I used different colors and this guy of course, another
blend. And these guys, oh this one is so pretty, another blend with some of the smaller beads
that we have. So, what I like about some of these is we used the same Seed Bead Blend
– Designer Blend – but it’s more of an ombre effect or a striped effect because I use a
different color for each row. CYNTHIA: Yes.
KRISTAL: And that’s the same technique again, but it’s just the way you put the beads
together and your pattern so to speak. CYNTHIA: Right.
KRISTAL: So it’s really fun. CYNTHIA: I love how you finished this one
with an end cap and it’s kind of a lariat that you made.
KRISTAL: Yes, it’s a lovely lariat and the other best part about these, if you wrap them
around your wrist, it’s a bracelet. CYNTHIA: Oh wow! Right, yes.
KRISTAL: You just tie it in a knot and it will come out, obviously, but oh, I love these
end caps, aren’t they pretty? CYNTHIA: Yes, really cool.
KRISTAL: I love these guys! Oh! And then… this guy here. I had trouble remembering the
name so I had to give myself some ideas, it’s called Cellini, but now I call it “Cellini-fettuccini-alfredo.”
So, that’s how I remember the name of it! I know, call me whacky, but it works! I can
remember, Cellini, the Cellini Stitch – oh my goodness, newest addiction. Just like potato
chips, you cannot pick just one, they are fabulous. I love it. Simple –
CYNTHIA: Really? KRISTAL: Yes! But I would say that you have
to kind of pay attention to what you are doing, you know, some stitches, it’s a total “zen out”
moment so you can watch something on television and still pay attention. This one, you need
to pay a little more attention to it, but it’s really, really fun and simple so even
beginners can do it. CYNTHIA: Really? Okay! I can’t wait to try!
KRISTAL: I know! Yay! So, here’s all of our ropes! Ropin’ it up! Boy, do we have
a good time, don’t we, Cynthia? CYNTHIA: Oh yes!
KRISTAL: And we will be continuing because, like we said, we can’t stop.
CYNTHIA: Yep! KRISTAL: So thanks beady peeps for joining
us here on Artbeads Cafe where we had all things ropey, blingy and seedy. Of course
we love our seed beads and our ropes. CYNTHIA: Thank you!
KRISTAL: So, be sure to join us on our Youtube channel so you don’t miss any of our episodes
and sign up for our Newsletter and as always, don’t forget, happy beading!

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  1. I have never done any bead weaving accept on the Ricks Beading Loom. Which one of these ropes would be best to start with? I am addicted to your videos. You both have such a fun presence. Thank you for all of the great inspiration.

  2. what is the bracelet the Kristal is wearing is this video??  Really like that one and all the lovely ones in this video–love seeing artbeads cafe with new ideas–thanks.
    Sandi K.

  3. Hi Cynthia you are so so creative how do you come up with so many ideas so many creations,how do you do that your work is beautiful. thank you for sharing.

  4. This was so helpful! Your work is beautiful and inspiring- I've been looking for a nice rope idea for my beaded pendants and never thought of using color blends for tubular herringbone- Thanks for the inspiration!

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