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Are State Parks WORTH IT???

Are state parks the best place to camp?
Let’s find out! Hi I’m Randi and every Thursday I help
weekend warriors make every moment count because weekends are just too short! And
if you are a subscriber to my channel or you’ve watched a few of my videos you
know that I do a lot of camping at state parks and these are the things I think
you should know. And stay to the end because I let you know if I think state
parks are worth it. The first thing you need to know is state parks are
typically established by a state to preserve a location because of its
natural beauty historic interest or recreational potential. And there are
over 8,500 state park areas with over 220,000 campsites. One thing I appreciate
about state parks is their consistency. I know what to expect
and there’s comfort in that. When pulling into a state park I immediately notice
they are clean and well-maintained and overall very inviting. Also there is usually distance between the campsites and this is my preferred
camping environment. One of my favorite campgrounds was at Muskegon State Park.
There was a sand dune located right off our campsite and when I climbed to the
top I got to see just how beautiful Lake Michigan. I loved exploring the
shoreline while camping at Banning State Park.I discovered a trail if you could
call it that off our campsite that took us down to
the Kettle River which was an unexpected surprise!
After spending time walking along the shoreline and digging my toes in the
sand I noticed the water rushing down in the
top of the hill and after further investigation
this is what I found. That looks like just one big slab of rock. That’s
really magnificent. I’d love to hear what your favorite State Park is and why.
Please let me know in the comment section below. There are so many things to do while
camping at state parks and my favorite is hiking. Here’s a fun fact. There are
over 14,000 trails with over 52,000 miles that’s more than twice the
distance around the earth. I’ve hiked through meadows the woods and rocks on
top of steep hills with breathtaking views and in snow and mud but I’d never
expected to have a trail lead me to standing on top of a waterfall! I’ve
never stood on top of a waterfall before, this is pretty exciting! Wow. Besides hiking there are plenty of
outdoor recreational activities including picnicking, swimming, kayaking,
fishing and bird-watching, just to name a few. I even camped at a
state park that had a cave. Most state park campgrounds offer campsites with
electric hookups and some have full hookups as well as primitive campsites.
And shower and toilet facilities are usually common. ost state parks have a
variety of camp sizes but I have noticed the larger ones tend to book faster so
if you have a larger RV I suggest making your reservations early. Having a small
trailer means there are more options and this is one of the benefits I talk about
in my video about small RV advantages. If you haven’t seen this video I highly
suggest you watch it. I’ll leave a link to it in the video description below. State park campground fees vary widely
from state to state and even campground to campground with the majority costing anywhere
from twenty to thirty dollars a night. Generally you can stay 14 consecutive
days at state Park campgrounds. A few have established other limits offering
weekly monthly and seasonal rates. Some state parks closed during the winter
season however some do stay open year-round and I like this because I
love to go winter camping. Also making a reservation is easy. I will leave a link
in the video description below to help you find your state’s campground
reservation website. Yes I love camping at state parks. In fact some of my most
epic memories have been made while I’ve been camping at state parks. I have a few
of my favorites and I’m going to leave a link to those videos right here so you
can be sure to watch those next!

Reader Comments

  1. I 100% prefer state parks. They are typically setup better and cheaper than private campgrounds. Great video and great information as always.

  2. I love camping at state parks but they do vary state to state when it comes to prices & what's included. I live in NC and the state parks here are wonderful!

  3. State parks have the best value for me. They have just what i am looking for when camping. Florida has closed all state parks to camping do to Corona virus.

  4. We love state parks! Usually, they're more spacious and way cheaper. You get so much more for your money! – MJ

  5. I love state parks. They are my preferred place for camping, along with regional county parks. As you noted, they are usually more spacious in your camp size, and offer a lot of activities with nature. Plus, you don't generally have the people that stay up late partying and being loud at state parks. I have to say that my favorite one I've been to is Custer State Park in SD. They had a lot at the park to see, from bison grazing at the side of the road to prairie dog village to wild asses, and much more. And the area around the state park had a lot within an hours drive. I went with my family and my brothers family many years ago, staying for 6 days, and still didn't get to see everything out there.

  6. We love State Parks and camp at them 99% of the time. We had reservations for this week but Friday is the last day for camping at Florida State Parks. Thanks for the great information.

  7. Love your videos. I am finding them very helpful and informative. I used to tent camp With my husband and children, however he passed away and my kids are grown and so I just bought myself a cute little Nücamp teardrop 2016 camper that I am looking to reignite my love of the outdoors

  8. We like state parks over commercial campgrounds. They are usually cheaper and better spaced out. Our favorite parks though are the National Forestry Parks and the COE parks.

  9. For the most part State Parks are much better than most RV parks or resorts. Some States clearly do a better job than others regarding cleanliness. But you can't beat the trails and adventure you can find. And I know you love some adventure. 🙂 Another awesome video Randi.

  10. So many great parks, North-south Lake in the Catskill mountains of NYS, is a good one great hiking and beautiful views along with historic ruins, I usually leave by the weekend when it gets crowded thanks for sharing.

  11. We usually go to National Forest campgrounds but have been wanting to hit the state parks more. So, your video was very interesting! We love Copper Falls State Park in WI! 😁

  12. Just cancelled a tent camping for this weekend. Not because of the virus, it's going to be 32 at night. Maybe next month. WV has beautiful State parks.

  13. love state parks as a second from boondocking but alot we cant fit in them in the big rig great video girlie

  14. Nice video. I hate to be picky though, but you ask the question in your video title and in the video itself, "Are state parks worth it?" Are they worth what? Visiting? The price? Preserving? What?

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