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Aquatica Gameplay Runthrough

hey everybody today rahdo runs through a prototype of Aquatica but before I get going please turn your subtitles on to the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goose you know what they are and have you done that then welcome to the undersea world of Aquatica where players are each running their own kingdom with a unique leader and several followers trying to recruit more followers and conquer undersea locations all while trying to chase after four randomly chosen objectives that I’ve already set up here in this game we’re racing to be the first ideally to get seven mantas each player starts with four but there are plenty more to grab we are racing to be the first to conquer one of each of the four types of territory to get five underwater locations completely risen I’ll explain that in a minute and what’s this one this one is oh this is five have recruited five people that can conquer they can give the conquer ability but you can see there are also preset ones on the board so I mean the game has a ton of replayability with all of these different objectives in different combinations because once somebody has done all four objectives that triggers the end of the game that’s the most likely way you could also in the game if there’s no more locations to Conqueror no more people to recruit but most likely we are racing to complete these objectives as fast as possible so who are we well I am Kai the nimble and Jen is going to be playing as Mara the shady as you can see we each get our own special power as a result the rest of our followers are all exactly the same and the game actually comes with a good assortment of leaders so there’s more setup variability you’re gonna get every time you play because maybe you’ll be saw the great or with my favorite Herbert’s the forceful because yeah when you think underwater monarch you think Herbert don’t you anyway so we’ve got setup Kai and Mara are set up ready to start conquering territory we each start with four mantas the same four and the same six followers plus ourselves and by the way when I say Manta I mean Manta this is a prototype bear that in mind the real game instead of just coming with cardboard chips to represent these mantas that give us special powers that she comes with cool little Manta minis that are nice little sculpted things they show you one side what player belongs to and the other side what power this Manta goes and finds money under sea money for us and these are just lovely little so you have to imagine all of these tokens and all these tokens over here are gonna be an army of undersea mantas waiting to do our bidding okay so how does the game work well it’s super simple on your turn you are gonna take one of the cards from your hand play it and do whatever it says all the cards have little icons but they also don’t need those icons because they’ve got nice text summaries of what they do as well and that’s your turn you’re gonna play one card do what it says and in addition to that you can activate your mantas by flipping them over to say that they are exhausted to get extra little bonuses as well and in addition to that you can potentially get bonuses out of the territory that you’ve already taken over although the via the game neither of us have any location cards so maybe I should go ahead and fix that maybe I should start out by deploying my Sealord which would let me buy a location at a discount of one and I would need it because at the beginning of the game I have no gold actually it’s not true I have one Manta that could give me one gold so if I were to play my Sealord right off the bat by location with a discount of one so that means I could basically pay to the one for this Manta plus there and you know what actually there is a location this location right over here it is a sunken ship it’s that type of location it either takes for military strength to conquer or to gold to purchase so yeah what the heck let’s start out I’m gonna go ahead and play my sea Lord by a location with the discount of one now he goes into my discard pile right here I’ll be able to get him back later and a discount of one won’t do it because I need three three three three four or two but by using this Manta I have one plus that discount means I have gotten my first location and here’s where the game gets really interesting folks because when you get a location you can see you’ve got five slots on your little kingdom and what you do is you pick a slot and you start sliding them up until you get to the first action this kingdom is ultimately going to give me four victory points once I have completely risen it which is to say have activated that power and that power then it’s almost worth five points although to get it to be to score the five points I have to actually score it which means it’s placed over here so there are multiple steps first you buy or male conquer place then you’ve got to use these actions by rising it and then finally score it so um that was my first turn a nice little start and you can see some have only a couple steps some of these things actually have quite a few steps several which don’t actually know this one it’ll give me two gold for an action then it does nothing for me then it gives me three gold for an action then does nothing for me and then finally it’ll give me six points when I scored plus a Manta that generates money so this underwater sunken city is a source of great wealth which is why it would have cost more and I couldn’t afford it with that discount say way that was my turn I played a card I used what my mantas I could have used more mantas um in fact I could interestingly use this Manta which allows me to raise something to get closer to where I could score it but I mean if I race I won’t get to use that ability so I’m not gonna do that I think I’m done that’s my turn I deployed my Sealord and you’ll notice the locations do not automatically refill there are now only five available for Jim to go after on her turn okay and remember one of the goals is get five locations completely risen so we have five and we’ve showed them all the way up here and the first way to do that score is eight points the second player to do it scores five so in this game it kind of makes sense to go for the ones that you can fill up you can rise quicker because we’re racing to be the first to do this and get a few extra points so that was my turn and I am done it is now Jen’s turn and what is she going to do um let’s see well the interesting thing is Jen’s special power mara the shady she can use her to conquer a sunken ship location just like that and there are one two sunken ship locations out here this one’s pretty expensive it takes seven military might to do it so I think Jen is just gonna use her own special power Mar the shady to immediately conquer one sunken ship so it’s this one or this one these are underwater cities this is a shark Valley and there’s a fourth type of location as well um I think Jen will take this one okay and she will go on ahead and take it as well and just like me she’s gotta go on ahead and start rising it and now on basically the main thing you do on your turn is play a card do what it says the other things you can do are you can activate your mantas to get some money to get some more military conquering strength to trigger a rise because remember we want to get these all the way risen as fast as possible but um if the current space up here is green that means you could trigger that action as well so Jen could rot do this which it says rise two things however a card can’t make itself rise so Jen needs to conquer another thing because or because then once she has something else that needs rising she could activate this Oh any time she wants our turn to make that other thing rise two spaces so there Jen goes she is starting to make her under sea Kingdom as well and it is back to me back to my turn and now there are only four more to conquer which means if I want to now that there are if there are ever four or fewer locations I see where is it I could play my seahorse which means I do a scouting action and then I could conquer a location again with another discount so um you know if I mean I’m chasing after these locations as fast as I can this thing requires four total strength to discount but what happens is if I choose to scout with my seahorse I take the four or if there are any that have previously been scouted they all get discard they’re out of the game then the four or fewer come up here and I bump my prototype board oh dear and now that means they all have a discount of one for the purposes of conquering so this used to cost for now cost three plus one less for the seahorse means it only costs two which means I would only need two total strength to conquer it um and this would give me one this Manta would give me one general strength I’d still need one more this Manta gives me two strength but only for conquering sunken cities although hey yeah actually what the heck let’s go for it let’s go for it this makes sense all right I am going to play my seahorse again scout then conquer location with a discount of one strength alrighty so scouting all of these if there were any of their they would go away they’d be out of the game then these four they come up here they have all been scouted which means they are easier to conquer now they all cost one less and so I’m getting a discount of one plus one which means I could this one that costs three a minus one minus two I only need one more conquering strength to do that so I could use this one Universal conquering state that gives me a last one and I will have conquered my second location what the heck let’s do it so my second Manta has been spent and I now have a new one and as you can see I’ve got it risen up here it’s just waiting and there’s a little ant hey little buddy what are you doing you’re gonna drown down there be careful anyway so this is two bucks that is now available to me whenever I need to spend money to recruit new characters on a future turn you can see I only cost one one two two three or four coins so I’ve got two coins queued up here for a future recruitment action alrighty so that was that man I was well timed and after a scout of course all these refill six new locations come out oh there we go underwater volcanoes is the fourth type so we got two volcanoes another sunken ship some shark Ally’s and another sunken city okay so that was my second turn and I am I’m starting to work on chasing after this getting five locations all completely risen so I can get the eight points but I also need to start working on getting more mantas because I don’t have enough but and I also I see so I’ve got a sunken ship and a city I also want to do a shark Valley volcano because once I’ve scored one of each type there’s that objective as well so things are going pretty well that was my turn it is now Jin’s turn and let’s see what she is gonna do I think Jen remember there’s this other one um higher or you’ll get five people or five followers who have a conquer ability right so um if we look down here the ocean MD this guy lets you use the power of somebody who’s in your discard pile so that’s nice but that’s not gonna conquer this Meg though conquer one location with a discount of four and then other players have to discard one character it’s not only is it make it easy to conquer when you’ve got a Meg shark but everybody else has what other people eaten so Jim would like to recruit him and let’s see if we were to look over here Jen could go on ahead and play her blue waters agent which would let her recruit a character but Jen doesn’t have any money off of this she has her one Manta that would give her one Gold which means she could recruit the doctor or the turtle she needs two gold so she can’t quite get that Meg as much as she would like to but remember I’ve got two gold queued up here so I’m gonna be able to use this goal to recruit somebody more expensive pretty soon and in the meantime what is Jen gonna do with the rest of her stuff let’s see so I started out with a manta that gives me plus two strengths that I’m trying to conquer a undersea sunken city Jen has one for conquering ships and this ship right here requires two total strength to conquer so Jen could conquer this one very easily using her Manta so let’s see perhaps now Jen cannot do a scouting action because there has to be four or fewer here so she cannot use her seahorse but she could use her Legionnaire which lets her conquer a location with a discount of three right which means she wouldn’t even need to use the match she could do that I know this Legionnaire could go on ahead and do yeah I think Jen mm yeah okay Jen is gonna go on ahead and she’s gonna use her Legionnaire to conquer and get a discount of three and instead of using money like I did you know when I bought that first one right when I use my Sealord Jen’s gonna use conquering shrinks she gets a discount of three so this costs four so it still cost one more which means Jen could use her Universal her wild card or she could do this one for free ah but what she wants is if she were to go on ahead and conquer this one to be free because she gets the discount the first rising effect on this is Jen could get to strength towards conquering and undersea volcano and there are two undersea volcanoes out here right now um although there aren’t particularly expensive ones but I know normally the game you want to go for the expensive one because that’s where the big points are but in this game we want to go for the quick ones because we’re trying to get a bunch of stuff risen and she um now Jen wants to go big she could go on ahead and do conquer this one which requires five total strength um no she can’t quite do it she gets a discount of three from religion err she could get one more so that would be four but she would need one more to be able to conquer it and unfortunately this one won’t help her cuz it only goes towards conquering sunken ships or is this is a shark alley one so Jen can’t quite pull that one off but she could get this one yeah I think she likes this one she has a discount of three from her Legionnaire activating her Manta will give her the four she needs to be able to conquer this and look at this it’s gonna give her some money so she could try to recruit that Meg next turn so Jen has just conquered this with her Legionnaire and with health Oh Manta and so this is queued up ready to give Jen two bucks to recruit that Meg next turn if she can do it however unfortunately remember I’ve got this money queued up I think I have that same recruit card where is mine I’m gonna go ahead and use my blue water agent to recruit a character and I will go on ahead and use this to give me the two bucks I need to recruit this Meg it’s mine yum-yum-yum okay and it goes into my hand for future use now unlike the locations that only get refresh two players take the time to scout these get cheaper over time new ones are always coming out because strictly speaking it’s usually easier to get locations than it is to get characters to get that money well you got to kind of work for it anyway so that was that and Jen knows I’m gonna be using this Meg pretty soon which means she’s gonna have to discard somebody who’s gonna get a be some collateral damage so that was that it is now Jen’s turn and she just missed it the Meg she was gonna give her two cuz now she’s got her three bucks um shucks shucks shucks so what is Jen gonna do instead now remember Jen she’s gonna play card you always do that on your turn but Jen has this power anytime she wants either before or after she plays the main car to return she could rise this that says rise something else two spaces so she could just go BOOM BOOM and get this thing completely risen just like that off of a one-two combo if Jen wants to but then she’d be throwing that money away so I don’t think she wants to use this power right yet because she wants to actually get that money by doing recruiting and you know what there’s another Meg out there there’s another mag out there and so Jen I think now that she’s got some more cash on hand she’s actually got one two three because of that what do you call it that Manta means Jen will go in ahead and recruit a character now and she all right so she could get the other Meg so we both have a Meg we can both be chomping on each other or Jen could just use the two of this and get a researcher which lets you rise three you know you can split that up amongst different things and everybody else gets to rise one so the researcher helps you get these things finish because member you can’t score them until they’re completely risen and once they are completely risen that’s when you want to play your seer or your seer I guess this is why I think they meant seer where you get to score two locations that have completely risen although again the interesting thing in this game is we don’t want to do that right away we want to have five risen that we haven’t scored yet because of this objective that really this game feel a little bit different okay so although you know yeah so Jen um she’s gonna play her agent she’s gonna have two bucks and she will go on ahead and spend the other two get a Meg of her very own alrighty and then this doctor moves down and then there’s another turtle the treasurer and so that was Jen’s turn although although Jen is gonna activate this Manta as well because you can activate the man’s as you have either before or after your main action this is a free rise because this now that Jen got the money out of this location now it’s kind of stuck here doing nothing for her so that’s why Jen will trigger the rise and now this is completely risen once Jen scores that she gets four points but in the meantime because Jen is completely risen this she immediately gets a manta that generates one buck for her so now Jen is starting to chase after the get a bunch of mantas in hand uh-huh because Jen’s gotten is when she gets this one all whoops she’ll get another manta I’ll get a man too when I get this one filled up so there are a lot of benefits I mean that’s kind of what we’re doing we’re trying to grab these locations scout them grab them and then rise them so that we can score them all while chasing after these objectives so that’s it and um it is my turn again although yeah yeah and so is it time to bring out the mighty Meg um you know what actually I think yeah I mean I was all I can conquer okay with a discount of four and then Jen will have to discard one of the cards in their hand although she can always get them back cars they’re discarded they’re one of our cards was it it’s the Matrona is the one that we can play to get all of our cards back out of the discard pile and rearm unflush our mantas it’s basically when you play her you spend an entire turn doing nothing other than resetting yourself and she herself can never be discarded so you don’t want to be in a situation you’re playing her until you’ve made really good use of all your cards to get maximum efficiency out of her so anyway I’m sorry was I gonna go on didn’t make it up yeah let’s make it up the Meg alrighty conquer one location with a discount of four and if it happens to be a sunken city I can use this so I’d actually have six total strength towards a sunken city although unfortunately there are no sunken cities out here so I’ll probably save this guy for later let’s go on ahead and a/c so it’s a four which means I can’t do that when I need a five although these ones are up here too remember I’ve told you got these are up here and this is a sunken city that cost 6 minus 1 that’s 5 plus the Meg that’s for 5 and this is overkill I’m spending 7 to get this sunken city alright nice and I’ll go on a head start and you can see this one gives me well it’s gotten big money big points a big manta but it’s also got a couple of spaces I got a skip past as well but don’t forget I’ve got this thing that lets me once I’ve spent some money with it then I’ll be able to use this if I shouldn’t some money I’ll be able to use that to go back to get to the next bit of money so I can recruit even faster alrighty although also I also want to move this up like this to trigger this so I can get to that money quicker now that I think I will do and here’s the other interesting thing now I’ve got this power if I wanted to use this this symbol is sorry it’s a little roll as low res is immediately finish any card so if I were to do this I could just instantly go boom and skip all of that and get this thing a now means I’m throwing away a bunch of money but I’m also getting to where hey I can get myself another Manta right now I’m gonna do that that was not my original plan but this game is a race and so I have just gone because remember we’re racing to get a bunch of mantas on hand now I’ve got 2 of the 5 things I need for that other objective and I still got two bucks queued up over here for another nice recruiting action now meanwhile that’s what I did but Jen um somebody got chomped – when my mag went out and so Jen has to get now she cannot discard her Matrona because you always have to keep this be able to recover so um I don’t think I think general say goodbye Jen doesn’t have a lot of money so I think she’ll say goodbye to or Sealord which is the one that I used right off the bat that lets you send my oh this volcano you could get for free so Jen doesn’t say goodbye to her see Lord Jen will say jet we’re not planning on scoring for a while because we have this crazy objective so generals say goodbye to her seer for a while okay so that that happened in the attack okay so that was my turn as you can see that was a nice little combo that I got a bunch of stuff ready so on a future turn if it weren’t for this objective I would definitely want to play my seer to get both of these scores because remember not only are we racing to be the first to have five risen we’re racing to be the first to have five scored of unique types so if I think that Jen is gonna you know or if Jen thinks that I am gonna be able to beat her to this then she probably wants to start chasing after this so she can beat me to that one so there’s a little bit of give and take there although there’s an interesting thing the painful part is whenever you complete one of these four objectives which we need to do member that’s the main way the game triggers is when somebody does all four the objectives you have to give up one of your mats as your personal mantas to mark that you’ve scored it so you’re getting close to the end but you’re also making yourself weaker which is a nice little twist okay so that was it Jen she could deploy her Meg but she’s just gonna deploy her Sealord which is by location with a discount of one and which means she could afford this one which should cost nothing or this one I see we’re just kind of one won’t let her do those she doesn’t have any money over here um I think she will she will go ahead and do this one um with the the discount right so this has this oh yeah so this has a total of two discount of one and her her Universal mansion she got that gave her what she needed to be able to do this one and you will notice now jen has a shark and a sunken so now Jen gets a volcano she’s got all four types which means she’s chasing after that pretty quick and this one she just got made it easier for her to get to conquer volcanoes that’s the volcano conquer so that was pretty nice and yeah and she still got her Meg and now here’s the thing remember Jen’s got this queued up if she sooo she could just use this and that says rise to things she could just go boom boom and just like that she’s got this one completely risen now and um which means she gets another Manta which means she’s chasing after the get the most Manta objective and we’ll see what what is that that is a Manta that helps her conquer sunken cities if I can find that over there it’s one of these oh there we go here it is yes so Jen just got her sixth Manta so Jen is very close to figuring that and she’s still in it to win it for chasing after the sinking stuff and um you know unlike me I’ve got two sunken cities so I’m not doing as good at trying to get one of each type so that worked out pretty well for Jen she didn’t have to eat anybody and so that was her turn although again and sorry she’s still got to mantas one that helps her conquer sunken ships and one that helps her conquer sunken cities I don’t think she wants to see those because she wants to go after a volcano and there are two volcanoes out here so that she can get them scored and triggered that faster than me alright so that was Jen’s turn and it is my turn again I’m getting down to four cards I do have some more money off of this one so although I don’t have either of the garbha see ya I don’t have any cards that would allow me to use money because I’ve used my lysse Lord that lets me use money to get by locations and I’ve used my agent that lets me use money to recruit so this money I’ve got right here there’s nothing I can do with it and I’ve got one two three now if I if I want to I can just use this Manta going and say hey I don’t care about the money I’m just trying to get these risen faster because hey I’ll get myself another Manta so I could chase Jen on the Manta race or I could save it and if I want to get to where I can spend this one two three bucks maybe now is the time to say hey how about I going ahead and use Matrona so her special power is I get all of my mantas back I get all of my characters back including her so now I am totally reset that was my turn and if I wanted to I could well I mean I could use this Manta to going ahead and do this but I don’t think there’s any reason so I’ve just kind of reset myself so I’ve got my opportunity to spend money because I want to spend this money as fast as possible that was my turn I am reset ready to go it is Jen’s turn and just in time for need to go all my characters back she might want to use her Meg oh that was not very smart of me Jen will go ahead and conquer something and now I got a discard one of these things I just went and got oh no that was foolish I’ll get rid of my seer because I’m not gonna score for a while because I got to get that thing done and Jen meanwhile with her gigantic shark discount of four remember Jen wants a volcano so that she’ll have one of each of the four types cuz she’s got that in mind as well so this thing required this volcano requires three the discount of four from the super shark means Jen has locked this into place although it’s got four steps to go through before she can actually get so she’s got to find a way to score those and unfortunately um you know Jen’s running out of stuff – Jen’s gonna have to use her Matrona before too long as well so that was Jen’s turn it’s back to me back to my turn and I want to use this money use that money ah like so yeah I’m gonna go ahead I got my recruiter guy back where’d he go the blue water agent so I spend money I’ll spend this two bucks to recruit a grabber which is another conquering card because remember there’s a race to get the most conquering cards first and how many conquering cards do I have now I’ve got one two three four four I need one more conquering card alrighty so I’m close to getting that and so that was nice and so this is set up and hey because it’s filled up I get another Manta alright so I’m catching up with Jen on the Manta race which is one that gives me $1 there we go so I’ve got two more bucks so I can use to hire somebody else meanwhile these get cheaper another one comes out a mantas leader flip all your inactive mantas alrighty so you can just refresh your mantas without having to you know spent and oh and conquer location with a discount to even better nice nice nice although that’s expensive costs for all right so that was my turn it is Jen’s turn she could now Scout and then conquer with a strength of 1 hmm so if she Scouts these are go away these will come up and she gets a conquer with a discount yeah I think so I think Jen is gonna Scout alright so we miss our shot at those are gone these ones are now discounted six new ones come out and Jen gets a $1 discount for conquering but she’s got two mantas that can help and Jen wants to get something over here uh I see here he will oh hey look at this Jen will use this to get more strength towards conquering a mountain so she won’t have to use her mantas that means she’ll get this volcano which comes in already completely risen so um nice and Jen will use this one to raise one thing up by one so she’ll raise this up and now this one’s almost completely risen so now Jen just needs to get a to get it risen past both of those and Jen will have the five thing arisen to score that those points I thought I had it for a while but Jen has just pulled it out of nowhere and pulled ahead of me with a well time seahorse and Jen’s next turn she has no choice she must spend her turn recalling all her stuff and it’s back to me back to my turn but you know what folks I think I’m gonna stop right there cuz that should give you a pretty good idea of what Aquatica is all about and now if you wanna hear some final thoughts you can hit that eye up in the top right corner follow the show notes in five four three two one

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  1. This is how a pro is filming a playthrough: the major part of the screen shows the game board and only a small part the player.

  2. I saw the art and description for this game a couple months ago and was very intrigued. Glad to see it got a Rhado runthrough. It still very much intrigues me.

  3. I love the insect that shows up on the green screen camera at 6:43!!! Some people have such large egos that they just have to get their cameo in.

  4. It's really cool the 3 cameras, boardgame, player, and chroma, gives a great dimension, and it helps us a lot. The only complain is the player camera. It's inverted, right? Rahdo, it's a little weird, your moving things with the right hand in one camera, and in the other camera it's the left hand. Nevertheless, awesome.

  5. I like this new features – small window with you playing, zooming to player mats and of course – close view to cards using chromakey. Cool!

  6. Can you take cards that another player have scouted (ie. after they are scouted they are available to everyone to buy in addition to the unscouted locations) or can you only take cards from the scout row in combination with a scout action?

  7. Absolutely love the new green screen thing 🙂 and just listened to your last RTT. always astonished how honest you are in the Q&A section. That takes guts. Don't get discouraged by all the trolls out there. imho you still give THE best gameplay feel for the games of any of the video channels out there on Youtube.

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