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Anthem: гайд на сезонное событие “Шахта Королевы” множитель x16+Максимальный счет.

I welcome everyone on my channel, dear subscribers, fans of the game Anthem. Today I will tell you how to get the maximum multiplier in the seasonal event Queen’s mine the first Golden Orb and the first multiplier are located right at the entrance to the location From the corridor it is most convenient to turn right Because along this path you will be able to pick up all the orbs for the appearance of the secret target and fly over all the places where the next Golden Orb can be This is the first place where the Golden ball can be located This is the second place where the Golden ball can be located This is the third and last place where the Golden ball can be located We have collected 5 red orbs and we have a secret target All we have to do is kill the secret target, collect echoes, and find the dog There are 5 places where a dog can be found And now I’ll show them to you The dog can be located on this or on this ledge, these are the first two places This is the third place where a dog can be found Here are the fourth and fifth places The dog was in the fifth possible position from this location we leave with a multiplier of x5 From this location we must exit with a multiplier of x8 In this location you need to collect echoes for the appearance of a secret target Also in this location you will find a Golden ball and a dog This is the first place where the Golden Orb can be located, but it is not here. This is the second place where the Golden Orb can be located, and it is here And third place if I’m not mistaken somewhere here in the clearing This is the first place where a dog can be located and it turns out to be here This is the second place where the dog can be located And the third place where a dog can be is here My teammate killed the bonus target and we got another 1 multiplier After we have collected 8 echoes, we have scars and one of them is marked with a sight It drops the key that we can open the other 4 echoes We leave this location with a multiplier of x8 On the way to the next location, you can collect a chain of orbs, as always from blue to purple To solve the puzzle, you first need to randomly add symbols to any places Next, you need to look at the triangles, they show how many of the five characters are in their places Thus you need to rearrange the characters so that all 5 are in their places Now you can see that one of the symbols has left the place where it should be We checked the cross and it turned out that it was in its place and the circle was not in its place Doing the last manipulation Here we get additional bonus points Next we fly for the Golden Orb it can be located at the entrance or or here At the top of the tunnel there is an entrance to a secret cave where the animal wanders, it does not give us additional points or bonuses, it just is The teammate picked up the last Orb in the queue and we didn’t get points. All right!) In this location there are 2 golden orbs, one of them on the top bar, the second at the bottom maybe so that both Golden orbs will be at the bottom Here we need to activate the triangle and remember in what order the symbols light up We see that the symbol in this cave is a square, but we need to follow the sequence that was shown to us Find the desired shape and get up on the button Nothing complicated, just in the correct sequence you need to get up on the buttons You can also focus on the sound, if you heard the first two sounds and there is not a pressed figure in front of you, you can safely get up on the button and make no mistake Get up on the last button and get a secret goal Также в этой локации находится собака, она может располагаться в одной из пещер и всегда на видном месте Also the dog can be on this rock I want to remind you that in this location there are 2 golden orbs, a secret goal and a dog Here we find the last dog and the mini boss will be waiting for us There may be a golden orb here Here you see the same mini boss for whom we were looking for dogs The golden orb can also be found here So we get the last multiplier x16 and 616k points You can earn more points if you collect more boxes with additional orbs and kill more enemies That’s all. If you like the guide, subscribe to the channel and put likes. I wish everyone well

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