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Annoying Orange plays – Rope Racers: Hot Lava Party!

Hey, yo, it’s A-to-the-O back again with another gaming video! And we’re gonna play some Rope Racers! Instead of Soap-on-a-Rope, it’s gonna be an orange on a rope.Or this guy, with a football helmet on. I didn’t know that swinging on ropes required a regulation football helmet. Oh, OK. Tap to hold. Which is really hard, cause I don’t have fingers. As you guys already know!Don’t fall in the HOT LAVA!I think that’s hot lava, right? HOT LAVA! Even in the start, that’s what it’s gonna be for ME! “Okay, good job. You’re ready to start your career.” Oooooooooh! Okay! Just hit that career button? Okay. That’s what I do? Okay. Okay, ahhh, What, what,… How are you guys doing today? I hope you’re doing superduperawesome! And I hope you’re here swinging on a rope…. While watching this video. That would be pretty…Oooooh! Oh, we’re playing against other people? All right! It’s a multiplayer game! I didn’t even realize! Hey get back here, where you guys going? Hey, hey, aw c’mon, somebody fall in the hot lava! I nominate Fransisco Butterbean Buttpants! He can fall in the HOT LAVA! Yeah! Come back here! I see you buddy! Ooh, Guest 285107, I got yo number! Oh yeah-ha-ha-ha-ha. Passed him! Passed him like gas! Hahahahah. Get it? Passin’ gas? Fweet!
SFX: FARTJust a little present I’ll leave back there for those guys. Oh no! I almost fell in the HOT LAVA! It wouldn’t, yeah you know, if I fall in the hot lava, it, and then I, it would require me to scream “Hot lava” four-to-four-at-least 42 times. At least! And really, I think that’s just a conservative estimate. I can scream it at least 130. So, hahaha! Ooooh-hoo. First! Winner winner chicken dinner. Yeah-ah. Oh man I beat those guys by at least four seconds! For someone that doesn’t have arms, I’m pretty good at swingin’ on a rope! You guys have this game? What level are you? I am, I’m level 1. And if I have anything to say about it, I’m gonna quickly climb the ranks! Oh, XD Legendary, I saw you! I saw you bro! Oh yeah! Swing right past every—aww, got stuck. Aww, tang tong teng! No, that’s his name — that’s literally his name. It’s “Tang Tong Teng.” I wasn’t, I wasn’t being offensive or anything. That’s was, that’s actually his name. Unfortunately for him, he’s EATING MY DUST right now, no he’s catching up. I spoke too soon. Oh, this level’s a little bit harder than the last one. It’s hard to keep going as fast. Uh oh, there he is! Tang Tong Teng! Come back! Tang tong! Hahahahahah. You got a great name, Tangtong. It’s really fun to say: “Tangtongteng!” All right. Whooh! There’s the finish line! Checkerboard, all for MEEEE! Bask in the awesomeness that is Orange! Oh ha ha ha! I got, I got, I got a level up. Heehaha! Now that’s some sweet action! Sorry, Tangtongteng. “Great! We can now evolve a racer. An evolved racer looks even COOLER!” Oohoohoohoohoo! We’re gonna evolve this guy. Let’s evolve him! Umm…..I don’t know if he looks cooler. He looks like he’s a different color… Uhhhhh….I don’t know if that makes him cooler, though. If he was orange, then he’d be COOL! Yeah Hehehe! Yeah Gotta break out of that beginner league! All right! I got my zombie! We’re gonna run dead zombie time! Ooohoohoo. Okay. We’re lookin for opponents! Ooh, we’re gonna take a “Leap of Faith”. Over some hhhhhhot Lava, hopefully! Oh yeah, look at that! Look at that! Awwww. You guys are eatin’ my DUST! Heheheah. Hey! Hey guys, what kind of bats like to hang from ropes? Acrobats! Look at me, I’m a zombie acrobat! Uh oh, that didn’t help me. Hehehe. Aw man, if those guys are gonna catch up to me, they’re gonna have to PULL A FEW STRINGS! So many punnages! Jumpin over that Hot lava! I’m really, uh, It’s really nice that they put a sign up right before the hot lava to tell you that it’s gonna be hot lava. Ah-ba-ba. Heehee. Ahbaba! It’s my favorite thing to say in the whole wide world right now. Hot lava! What’s you guys’s favorite thing to say in the whole wide world right now? Let me know in the comments below. Make sure it’s somethin’ good! You might get some thumbs-up if it’s GOOD! Oh yeah, I don’t like this level as much. This level’s a little bit tougher. But I’ve got it down…oh no no no! Up! Aw! Paulo du 1! Paulo du 1! Come back! Come back! We’re best friends, remember? I gotta show you something, share something with you! It’s down in that cavern there, with the hot lava. You just have to jump in now COME BACK! Khenzo! Khenzo! Your mom called! She wants you to go in the hot lava! There we go, well, yes, see you later Khenzo. No but seriously, I wasn’t jokin’ around, your mom says that she wants you to go in the hot lava. So go, you-who gotta go in hot lava. Gotta do what Mom says. Hehehahah. Oooh, nonono, get up here, get up here. Yeah! Winner. Winner. Chicken. Dinner. I’ll take an EXTRA serving. Yeah. Ohoho. Level up! Level up to number 3! Gettin that cash money, honey. You know how we DO! “Awesome, we have enough cash for gettin’ more racers!” Oooohohohoho! Should we get some more? Let’s get some more. I’m gonna get some more. Ooh, spin it to win it! We gonna spin it, to win — ooh, did I see the pumpkin? I want the pumpkin! I want plumpkin! Awwwwww. I don’t like Pinnochio! And I (WOOD/WOULD)n’t KID you! Hahahaha! Get it? (WOOD/WOULD)n’t KID? Pinnochio? Cause he’s made of wood? Hahahaha. I’ll give you that one for free. You can use that, guys, later. Woodn’t kid. I wouldn’t kid ya. hahahaha. Get out of here, Pinnochio. I want my zombie. Yeahhh! Gettin the runnin’ dead! Which is…kind of an oxymoron, if you think about it. ‘Cause dead people don’t really run. Unless you’re a zombie, I supp… yeahyeah You get it, you get it. Ooh, drop in the hot lava! Aww you didn’t jump… aw, okay. S-K-Elid-06. There is a super-secret surprise Guess where it is: it’s definitely in the hot lava. Danik100: Danik100: no. And I don’t know who this guy in front of me is, but he’s so fast. He’s so fast! You guys swinging on these ropes, you sure are HIGH-STRUNG! Spiderman! ♫ I got Spiderman pants, Spiderman pants, got Spiderman pants, yeah yeah! ♫ Aw, nononono! Whoooh! I almost fell in the hot lava! That was a close one, guys. That was a close one. We barely made it away with our lives. Barely got out of there. Aww, I only got second that time. I got beat by that guy. I don’t know number one’s name. I can’t pronounce that. We’ll just call you Bartanimus Buttfarts the third. Yeah, that’s the best name ever. What do you guys think the best name in the world is? Let me know down in the comments below. It could be anything. It could just be Steve. Who knows? It could also be Steven Bartanimus Buttfarts the Third. Okay. I was okay with the other guys fluh, uh, passing me, but Jackster1907 Is that your…Is that the year you were born because that, you’d be really old then. you’re really good at this game for how old you are. Dude’s like a hundred and ten years old, 109 years old. That’s crazy! You’re playin the game right now? That’s pretty awesome. You’re a pretty good rope-swinger. Aww naww! I hit my head. I hit my head on the ceiling. It’s not good. Aww, you come, I’m catchin’ up to you Cameron! Or Cammy! Whatever your name is. Ahahaha. well, second isn’t SO bad. You know, the saying is, the first is the worst, second is the best. Third is the one with the hairy hairy chest, so. I’m the best. And Jakster1907, has a hairy chest. Oooh! We can go to the amateur league! Where’s the orange league? I, Ooh! I, Wait wait wait wait wait. I saw somethin, I saw somethin! I gotta go back, gotta go back, gotta go back! ✊ Back for the Big Mac Attack, yo yo! ✊
“Get a head start!” Umm… but I don’t wanna, don’t wanna watch ads! Well, we’re not watchin’ ads. Okay. Movin’ on. All right. We’re in that amateur league. Things are gonna get a little lubber(?) now. Ooh, there’s the hot lava, fall in the hot lava guys, all you guys go in the hot lava. That’s where you go. That’s the, that’s your home base. I heard there’s a party goin’ on the the hot lava. There’s treats. Hot lava treats! Ooh, that sounds delicious actually. HOT LAVA TREATS! How am I so far ahead of everybody? What happened? Did you guys all fall in the hot lava? I bet you did. Hahahaha. Good for you guys. I’m really happy for ya. You better get that celebratory speech ready. I expect a really good one. You know, thankin’ everybody for fallin’ in the hot lava. HOTLAVA!!! Hehehe. Every game in the world should have hot lava. Every single one. Even board games like Twister. Twister would be a lot more fun. And deadly. If it involved…aah, ooh, hey there’s missions. Ooh, I got one cash money, honey. I’m the swing master. I’m gonna…Ooh, I wanna be the swing master, I gotta get… Oh, I gotta get a bunch more. That’s cool. That’s cool. I got this. I got this. How would you like to play Twister above the hot lava? That would definitely make things more interesting. (WHINY) C’mon! I wanna see someone fall in the hot lava! (VERY WHINY) Fall in the hot lava! Oh, Pinocchio, you’re pretty good! Kegamiki! Ke-ke-kagamake-machi? Ma? Mash-and-potatoes! I don’t know your name. Mix-and-match-tamagachi!! Oh no I hit my head on the high, huh, I hate the ceiling. I hate ceilings. They’re overrated! They’re seriously overrated! With that guys, Oh no! Third! I’m the one with the hairy chest! I don’t wanna hairy chest. Unless it’s a chest full of treasure. And hair. ‘Cause that’ll take a hairy chest. although I’m not gonna be
the one to pick up the hair. you can do that, okay? I’ll hire you guys. Oh yea, oh hoo-hoo-hoo. We’re flyin! ♫ Orange is flyin’! ♫ Ooh! Look at Alfredo! C’mon, pumpkin patch! Ooh yeah! Oh yeah! We got some serious air now, guys! Yeah! ♫ Kickin’ so many booties! In first place! You can’t stop me! ♫ ♫ I will never ever slow down! ♫ Yeah! Gettin’ that Jackpot Money Hahaha! Ooh yeah! Is a feel good! Oh, I went really high on that one. Oh yeah, oh yeah. Gotta time it just right… SWING IT TO WIN IT Yeah! Slingin’ ropes! Now that’s how you do it! I think we got time for one more, right, one more? Let’s do it, let’s do it. Let’s get into it. Let’s put our rope-slinging pants on. Or Spiderman pants. That’s why I was sayin’ I want Spiderman pants. All fall in the lava! Fall in the lava! Lava is right there guys! Huh huh huh huh huh havva. I want someone to fall in the…YES!!! YES! She fell in the hot lavaaaaa! You’re my friend forever! Party in the hot lava, guys! She knew what was up! … I’ll join ya later. Late as in never. Because I, I, I, I’m the snack runner. I’ve gotta run and get snacks for the lava party. So that’s why I just can’t jump in the hot lava. All right! Second is the best! looks like who’s got the hairy chest? Whooooo! Gettin’ the cash money honey! You can’t stop me! Ooh yeah! Taylor Graham? Sorry. You got a hairy chest. you also got plumpkin though so
that that that that, y’know, that makes up for it. Alright, that’s a pretty fun game, I like it. I like those multiplayer games, where yo go up, head-to-head, against some of your fine fellow feline friends, even though, if you’re not feline. What? I don’t know. Okay. Make sure to like, and favorite, subscribe, buttons, do everything you can to make this the most popular video on the Internet. Cause it totally deserves it, cause it’s so good. All right. Until next time, later hot potaters! ♫Outro Song♫ Subscribe to Gaming Empire 2046

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