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Anna Kovalova | How to dance samba | Timing – Bounce – Routine – Exercise | Ballroom Latin Tutorial

Botofogo walks or stationary walks for example when we have this moment will be sent from our standing leg the other leg backwards without oil this muscle because well our back leg muscle we release so the situation happens here when you go to somebody’s accurate coverage here release release your hip into the rotation – you Really The second column so if Be covering Four to six a Moment of the preparation. Will you already play yourself the next round? Okay What is it The same idea let the small Breakers will do it on the summary and station sample Output now here to the this to this wall Every single step Will be very pleased with our plan what they suggest to be bigger constantly, Mesaba responsible one likewise Right now before we do the exercise we will do somebody’s 1/2 If I change and the We actually We switch it with the We’re gonna repair all right, so with us one to one You and The circle that’s in the competition yes to me look more competitive twice, but I was referring to some of the aesthetic and so what’s in the box intro once in two weeks during the steps of principle we can sharpen up bombs and compute power wise so to play reset Where you have a basic thesis in your sample before you have to like move and go. Yes And where you want to show one symbol? Of course, it’s all depends on you. It depends on your but we wanna use Very very simple steps. Let’s say for example, we will use it one time I use the first but Usually we use first fire first by the department we use print above so you get it boy as you can see that’s Much more grease the bottoms more reasonable to you you can go full on the second fire will be more flat so we get So that’s let try one more time. Yes so right now We have a small paper very small example, so somebody’s one students will actually start with the airport and And We’re gonna use the same principle star control today, we’re gonna use preparation in one Now which is the makeup so it’s me if we talk about the section second for people ages So it will video right up to the past but And then what they say this butchers in your in your energy That’s why I start with this kind of exercise when you change your direction when you change Totally different angle your pulse. It doesn’t go in one direction It’s already redirects you today To the next movement to the next rotation or the next corner of the row So it’s very to use it as a moment. Where you go so ever you change the direction So it’s not it could be but it’s always better to use it in like a And the change of the direction. Yes Is best option to use to also break here because you’re going you can only teach so you Will stop here, it will We learn to do that the focus that’s very important because we have so many options right now so many styles of doing the Matterhorn but what is the Basic but the phobia, you know what you usually use in your dancing dancing. I Use it through the preservation through the cross World try to explain so what if you should get sympathy Again we don’t stop with public apologies. We already ate Mobile one diva on the like n2 Oh Yes In different streams, I hope you’re kind of understand that can see yes So first, we have a lot of readings of Italians But that’s the easiest one which will give you and we need much more motion in very short time. Okay. Thank you So much

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