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[Music] what do you like about fishing what do like so much about fishing wait for the I like the unexpected you never know what you’re gonna catch and on top of that it’s nice to be outside all weather conditions enjoying nature and it’s the the feeling you get when something bites and of course I’m not fishing for a little tiny fish I want to get big ones so that’s why I’m always fishing or Carp and Pike and today I’m fishing on Pike. And do you remember the first time you went fishing? Well the first time I went fishing the first memory of is from a picture and the talks from my mom when I was fishing with my own dad, when I was five. I was kind of impatient so when he caught a little fish he did it on my little bamboo hanger and I was like whoa. I think yeah when I was five I get infected with the fish virus Do you remember the biggest fish you ever caught. Yes, it was a few years ago when we went on the holiday in the Timmorholt after week fishing with my self made boilies all of a sudden one of my rods went off and I had a really battle on my hands and you know to my surprise I landed the biggest fish of the water got on the pictures it’s even on Facebook. Are you proud of that? Of course I’m proud, that’s why you fish for I will always want to get the biggest one. Actually that’s not really true it’s like I said earlier it’s also enjoying nature being outside winding down from all the stress from life and work and whatever it’s it’s nice if I catch a fish it’s even nicer if it’s a big one. Then it’s a bonus and also what I value a lot is if they arent damaged, I always try to treat the fish with respect [Music] That’s so sweet, that’s a nice story hon.

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