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Amravati waterpark

hi friend
this is channel practical bonaza and today I will shoot a video for you
regarding first waterpark in Visakhapatnam this is the first
waterpark in Visakhapatnam and this is situated around one nine kilometer,
nineteen kilometer from Visakhapatnam railway station. you can reach here by
buses,autos are also available and this is situated between the road from
Visakhapatnam to Arku. the timing of this park is from a.m. 11:00 to 7:00
p.m. now I will tell you the fee, fee is for order this is rupees 200 and for
children blow ten years this is 150 rupees now we
will go inside the park and we will see what is inside there are total two in number separate swimming pool there one is bigger and one is small they are charging for both the simple
separately separate. separate charge for a small swimming poo that will be 80 rupees this is the small swimming pool you can
see here as I told you that I am certainly early so this is known weekend
day so there is no much rush over here you can see the small garden and beside
the swimming pool and good painting on the wall very good for children. area or this park is around two and half
acres we have come early so there is no much More rush this is the bigger pool youcan see this is the attraction of this water park one bucket big bucket is
there. hundreds of little water raise storage in this bucket at being filled this is the water slippery I’ll show you that bucket when water is
filled into the bucket for water will fall down due to gravity and tourists
will enjoy this yes water is being treated now fill. yes very good very
fantastic scene yes this bucket is abound to fill and fill and water is
going to come down yes failed and water is about to come down my pocket
filled done yes imagine very good very fantastic seen. very,satisfactory this is a real Amusement so I hope that you like this video

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