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Al’s Toys – Activity Water Park!!

Aldin, What are you playing? Papapapapapa, Oh I see.. Why is it not installed? Lets install it Come on lets install the toy that isn’t there It’s over here Right here baby, let me help you put it right over here, okay? Here it goes, huh? oh that is over here baby Install it first, let me help you Lets find.. hmmm.. where is it? Hmm.. oh it’s over here.. Lets put that mark over here baby, you see? Go press it! Wow.. the light is on!! What’s more? Oh, where we should put this Mr. Pulley baby? Where… hmm.. put on top of that, right here There you go, smart boy Yey it’s on!! What’s more?? oh how bout this, the palm tree, where should we put it on? Aldin: Where? Put it right here Aldin: it’s on!! Is it? oh, the fountain should come out!! let put that in. put this in, okay good.. Then the other branches put on top of it.. and then this ship puts over here okay.. Oh.. it can be attached.. see? let put this on the ship, okay? Hey you’re right! you can spin that.. oh my God you drop Mr. Pulley down hehehe.. petty on him.. put him back. can you? Take it easy boy.. let me help.. put him nice and easy. It’s on Aldin: Cuuung [make a sound fx] Whoooaa.. try push this down.. Push it.. I wanna hear the sound.. Oh.. it like a cashier machine. How about this one? Woow.. chaching.. Okay, Aldin, let put some water on it should we?? Aldin: Okay Aldiin, be careful the floor is wet boy. Where is the water? Aldin: Over there. I’ll pour the water okay.. Aldin: Okay Pour the water on, not too much. If it’s too much it’ll.. Aldin: Airplane! Pardon honey?? Aldin: Airplane! Airplane? oh that’s right!!

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