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All Abilities Playground: Whites Hill Reserve

Hi. This is Briana and I’m Bella, and we’re from
Accessible Brisbane. We are here today at Whites Hill Reserve to
check out their accessible playground. Brisbane City Council has been working towards
creating more accessible playgrounds and this is one that they deem to be fully
accessible. It is a gated playground and there is also
a changing place. Should we go explore, Bri? Alright, we’ll see you in there. What a cool initiative this is! “How would you like to play?” And there is symbols – so you can point to
them Or, it teaches you how to sign. What a great way for kids to be able to communicate
with other kids who might not use spoken English as their first language. Hey Bri? Do you want to swing? Should we go swing? Alright – let’s go! One of the great things about Whites Hill
Reserve is the number of swings there are and the way the swings are accessible. So we have the hammock swing right here There’s also a large nest swing which can be used by more than one person at a time And there is also an adapted hard moulded plastic seat which has a harness that pulls down. There is no Liberty Swing so people who cannot
transfer out of their wheelchair cannot swing at this park. We’ve come prepared today – with pillows and
a blanket. And I had help to get Briana to this swing. Without that, she wouldn’t be able to swing. [To Briana] You ready? I think I’m better leaving that to the kids. But the cool part about this digger is that
even kids in wheelchairs can access it because it’s not actually in the sand. There is cement over here so you can park
right up near it and dig away. There’s also a sand and water play table which
is accessible to people in wheelchairs as it’s on the soft fall. This is one of the only pieces of equipment
here that I would consider to be fully accessible because it means you don’t need to transfer
out of a wheelchair to get on it. This is the Sway Fun
You see them in quite a lot of parks now – and they’re great fun. There’s seats for people who might have limited
mobility or poor balance and might want to sit down. But you can roll straight onto it. And then, we can sing songs and pretend we’re
on a boat! Are you ready, Bri? [Sings] Row, Row, Row Your boat gently down
the stream [Sings] Greased Lightning, Go Greased Lightning Well after exploring Whites Hill Reserve Park, we can definitely conclude that this is a
really great playground. There are lots of pieces of equipment that
can be adapted to suit your needs or that are fully accessible. It’s best for someone who can transfer or
someone who can be lifted easily as there is only one piece of equipment that you can
directly take a wheelchair onto. But for kids – or kids at heart – or for a
family day out, it really is a wonderful place and I would highly recommend it.

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