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Alienware Plays Zone of the Enders the 2nd Runner – Aurora Gaming PC

Hey, guys. What’s going on? My name is Anna Maree,
and today we’re going to be playing Zone of the
Enders, The 2nd Runner Mars. It’s a very long name, and that’s OK. That’s OK. Really quickly going to
show you my graphics. I’m playing everything on high. Motion blur off. Again, personal preference. My resolution is 1920 by
1080, because I don’t really want to go any higher than that. There’s no need for me. No need. All right. I think the Metatron reaction is
from the direction of the arrow. What am I doing? So I will be honest. I don’t know what I’m doing here. Apparently, I’m a robot, which is good. Yep. Press Y to jump. You may crash. Beware. Oh, that’s good. Hover. Dingo, haven’t you arrived yet? Hey, I’m slow. OK? It’s teaching me how to play. Don’t push the LEV so hard. Choose your positive reaction. I’m pressing it, but
it’s just not listening. That’s OK Hey Dingo, after this job, are you free? What? Yes. I’m answering her, yes. Oh, OK. Don’t mind me. Uh, I accidentally skipped
too fast, and a cutscene. All right. OK. We’re space marines. Got it. Raptor destroyed. This is what Space Force
is going to be like. There you go. Whoo. Got them. Confirming the enemy destroyed. We did it! What is the efficiency of this frame? This is Orbital Frame Jehuty. Do you want me to explain
how to manipulate the frame? Battle planes, huh? Unmanned combat aircraft, Mosquito. Uh, what? Individual attacks are weak, but
be careful, there are many of them. What is happening? I’ll just murder everything I can. I’m just going to spam that X button. I’m glad I didn’t play
controller on this. This would have been a lot harder. (SINGING) Doo doo doo, doo doo doo. Going to kill all the mosquitoes. Doo doo doo, doo doo doo. Nothing needs a lift. We got this. I am just– 200 some kills. All right. I’ll connect you now. Help me, Dingo. Where are you? My legs are damaged. Rick, where are you now? Rick. Don’t move. I’ll be there soon! Enemy approaching. Rick! Carl! Who dat? Oh, crap. It’s approaching your way! All right. I indicate the position
of Rick with an arrow. Move in the indicated direction. Raptor destroyed. Enemy destroyed. I don’t know whether to focus
on the mosquitoes or on big bro. So when you’re close, it shoots. When you’re near them, you can melee. Got it. All right. What? Uh, OK. Yeah, sure. Why not? Can you stop blocking
everything I’m doing? Rude. Hello? There we go. God bless. Damage level exceeding 50%. I’m getting damaged? I don’t even see where my– oh, my god. There’s just so much
happening right now. All right. Let’s turn the camera. There we go. Successfully destroyed all dude bros. Enemy reinforcements. Pay attention to your back, too. OK. Yeah, this is bad. All right. To switch lock on targets, use the LT. Huge fan. Oh, so all right. Love trigger swaps. Damage level exceeding 75%. That’s probably not good. Where are they? Hello? There we go. Enemy destroyed. Are they level ones? Oh, god. That doesn’t make me feel
any better about the nonsense we’re going to get into later. All right. So it looks like my
health is kind of low. Oh, got it. OK. What are those? Oh, not good. Enemy destroyed. Enemy destroyed. Obtained Metatron. The cursor is on. All right. Right trigger. Destroy with a BURST attack. Right trigger X, right trigger X. Stop moving and keep pressing the RT. Stop moving. Press RT. Then hit the X button
for the BURST attack. And X for the– oh, OK. And like, go? Got it. Cool. Hand over Jehuty! All right. Boss fight. Got it. I think that’s what’s happening here. What? Go! WISP. Shoot down the enemy’s
attack with lasers. Ouch! Can I not like kill her? All right. Sure, sure, sure. Don’t mind me. Don’t mind me. We’re just going to kill the– yep, yep, yep, yep, yep. Just trying to not die here. Just trying not to die whatsoever. Ouch! All right. Go! I’m going to back up. I can hear my neighbors yelling
over a football game right now. So I’m trying to like not be
distracted by them, but you know, it is what it is. OK. Cool. It’s strong. Dunked on nerd! Uh, what? What is that nonsense? Damage level exceeding 50%. All right. Oh, and deleted! So you want this frame, don’t you? Maybe. It’s my frame. You can’t have it. Even if you’re BAHRAM, that’s too rough. Enemy walking tank, Spider. Walking tank, Spider. What the heck is that? Can I just like delete these? Why did they jump? What is this? Enemy reinforcements are confirmed. To switch lock-on targets, use the LT. Rick! This is such crap. I don’t– I’m just
spamming X at this point. I’ve given up on life and all hope. I don’t know what’s happening. It’s just– it’s a little too much. All right. So those dudes you’ve
got to be close to. Hello, friend. How is? All enemies have been cleared. All enemies have been cleared. Oh, man. Don’t give me a flying sim. I’m not good at this. Ending training. Ending training. Destroy the Cellar generating enemies. Oh, OK. How do I– can I just punch you? Cool. Confirmed destruction of Cellar. I’m sure I’m supposed to like
actually play the game for real, but I just enjoy spamming the X button. Obtained Metatron. That’s how we’re just
going to play this game. Destroyed. Anybody else? Anybody else? No? OK, cool. When do you use Metatron? What’s the– I mean, it deleted– what’s that? What is that? Enemy approaching. Long-distance support type, Mummyhead. Be careful. Enemy destroyed. Please die. Confirmed destruction of Cellar. Raptor destroyed. Cellar, I don’t know what that is. Enemy destroyed. I appreciate it telling me, but I just
don’t understand what the words mean. This way? Oh, yeah. There we go. That’s going to be it for me
here today on The Zone of Enders. Hopefully, you guys had a good time. I have no idea what’s happening,
but that was actually a lot of fun for a button smash and grab. Is it considered a smash grab? I don’t know. Anyways, if there’s any other
games you guys want to see, make sure to leave a comment in
the comment section down below. And I will see you guys all next time. Bye, guys.

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