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Alcohol lover Sikyung’s playground is World Liquor Museum! [Battle Trip / 2017.04.30]

Alright, we have arrived. The octopus is hidden there. It’s a rock octopus. I ran into Yoon Jinseo during another broadcast. – She lives in Jeju-do. / – I see. – She recommended this place to me. / – Did she? Yes. – It’s good, right? / – It’s fantastic. It’s fantastic. The first fantastic meal I enjoyed in Jeju-do is the duck and octopus soup. A rock octopus that represents Jeju-do, caught by the female diver. – And local duck. / – Those are such grand ingredients. Octopus and duck go really well together. They even include abalone. It’s plentiful and enticing. This is the small size? That dish is good enough… To provide Hwijae with stamina to have more kids after Seoeon and Seojun. How did you decide to put duck and octopus together? A person I know asked me to try it. After tasting it, it seemed to represent Jeju-do locals well. The octopus is so big. But isn’t this particular octopus tough to chew on? Yes, the suction cups are a bit hard. If you store it in the fridge, it gets a bit tender. It seems tender enough. It’s easy to cut. (Gulp) Enjoy. Gosh. This is great. I’m going to try the broth first. Will you impersonate him now? (Slurping) This is amazing. I wasn’t impersonating, it was that good. (A deep reaction that requires no words) When it’s really good, there’s no talking. Yeah, you start to frown like that. Right? Yeah, you get that wrinkle right there. That’s the expression when something is really good. It’s a taste I’ve never had before. Do duck and octopus really go well together? I kind of regret not having drunk more yesterday. This is the perfect accompaniment to soju. Eating this without soju is like walking into the bath with clothes on. With all your clothes on. It felt kind of strange and awkward eating that without alcohol. Earlier, as you saw, they were alive. You know what this is. I’ll pretend this is soju. Here’s a shot for myself. Let’s work hard this year as well. (There is no better soju pairing than abalone) The abalone disappeared. I’m not imitating Kim Junhyeon here. It’s really so tender. It was alive. It just melts. The specialty of this restaurant is that you eat with this. Like I’ve said, get the duck, some chives… And the octopus. It’s a bit sweet and sour. The dish can be quite rich but with that, you can eat on and on. Did you go to eat as soon as you arrived? As soon as I arrived. He didn’t have dinner the night before. The duck meat and the pickled leaves go really well together. It helps you handle the greasiness. The octopus is also very tender. Have you ever had duck stew at Gwangju? It has a lot of perilla seeds. It’s a bit lighter than that but heavier than seafood stew. But it packs a lot of flavor. It’s sweet because there’s a lot of cabbage in there. It’s amazing. It’s very tasty. It’s health food. You don’t use just water for the broth do you? – We just use water. / – Really? – I see. / – As I explained briefly earlier… All the ingredients just permeates flavor into the broth. – You seem like a great liar. / – I’m not lying. Adding some red pepper seasoning makes it better. I cook too, right? They definitely used a flavored broth. (That is not when he first started to doubt) I’m a regular at a restaurant in Seoul. My father used to eat there. The bean paste stew is always amazing. But it seemed like they used seafood stock, whether it be anchovy broth or herring broth. So I asked the owner since I’m close to her. I asked, “How do you make the broth?” She said, “Of course we just use water.” But there was a huge pile of herring near the entrance. – I saw the pile there. / – It was a meat place. I suddenly felt betrayed. Oh, that owner… – He refused to say, right? / – Yeah. – It’s a secret. / – Can I have a bowl of rice? This won’t do. – For broth like this… / – You have to mix some rice in. There you go. Just like that. – It’s very flavorful. / – But you spent $36… Already at that restaurant? But as you can see, it’s large enough to feed three people. (This is the best) You have to mix in the rice. (Now that the broth has united with rice, it’s inspiring) – It can feed about 3 people? / – Maybe even 4. If you think of it as alcohol accompaniment… It’s a perfect combination. It’ll be perfect for about two and a half bottles of soju. Two bottles and a half. (Sikyung’s alcohol) That was a great first dish. It’s time to go. We’ll be off now. We’re in Jeju-do. What song should I play? Good music for driving. When I think of Jeju-do… I think of “The Blue Night of Jeju Island.” I think I sang it in the year 2000-something. I think it’s already been more than a decade. It was a remake then. “The Blue Night of Jeju Island,” originally by Choi Seongwon. This is Gil Eungyeong’s “Beautiful Days.” Please enjoy the next song. (Smirk) (“Beautiful Days” by Gil Eungyeong) I turned on some music acting like a radio DJ. That’s nice. An old popular DJ. It was fun picking songs when I was a DJ. (DJ Sikyung concludes his first destination) (Duck and octopus soup) (What is his second destination?) We’ve arrived at the liquor museum. I didn’t know there was a place like that. I’m so full. So let me tell you where I am. You dressed like that on purpose, right? – Yes. / – I see. It’s like coming to my own habitat. It’s like a playground to me. Jeju-do has an international liquor museum. – Liquor from around the world? / – What? You will be shocked. There was a place like this? It seems new. (It’s a place Sikyung wanted to visit) (International Liquor Museum) I can purchase the ticket like this, right? How much is it? – It’s $5. / – $7. If you use an app, it’s $5.20. – $5.20. / – First off. You get a gift. – What is this? / – It’s a mini soju bottle. Is it real? It’s from Gyeongsangbuk-do. This must be the sentiments of the locals here. It feels great from the start. The liquor is categorized by region. What’s more surprising than the variety, is that all these bottles are unopened. Cognac is expensive. Louis XIII Cognac? – That’s expensive. / – A World Cup commemorative. But I think the slightly elderly crowd will appreciate this. They have all the old famous liquors. – Even the ones that changed their names? / – Yes. It’s fantastic. – Vodka and tequila. / – They’re all unopened. – Non drunken? / – That’s right. – What an amazing person. / – What’s more amazing is… – He doesn’t drink. / – If you don’t drink… It’s like buying a designer bag and not taking it out. Or did you buy spares after drinking one? I just don’t drink. You don’t drink? He needs to be on “Hello Counselor.” – For me… / – That alcohol… And the same goes for Shin Dongyeob… We can’t collect alcohol. We just drink right away. And just… It’s gone not long after. – But if you have this much… / – He doesn’t drink… – At home… / – How did he collect so much? – That’s how he collected them. / – He’s a collector. – Just to collect? / – That’s how he collected it. People who like to drink can’t collect. That’s right. They can’t help but drink it. But he collected all 8,000 bottles alone? So this is balloon flower whiskey. – What is this? / – The old one? It’s even mentioned in Choi Baekho’s music. – It does? / – It mentions balloon whiskey. It used to be Korea’s finest. It was probably one of the first. That’s not really whiskey. I think I’m seeing that for the first time. (♪ Sipping on balloon flower whiskey ♪) That’s right. So this is the famous balloon flower whiskey. This is actually fake. I heard from my father. This isn’t really whiskey. As you can see… It doesn’t even contain a single drop of whiskey. Fake… – It’s bad for you. / – It was before dad went to college. He said he drank two bottles on an empty stomach. He said he still can’t forget the suffering from that. My father is really… Rather than the young people, people who remember these drinks need to come here. They’d say, “I busted my head drinking that once.” “You wouldn’t touch that in this day and age.” They’d say that and have fun. I actually wondered what balloon flower whiskey was in that song. But now I know. Korea has quite a bit of variety, too. Don’t you want to try? It was so difficult to just look at all these bottles. It was very torturous. If you keep drooling like this, something’s wrong with me. Right? I think I need to go drink right away. Jang Mihui. Remember the old liquor advertisement calendars? At the time, only the top celebrities… – Advertised alcohol. / – He collected these, too? Kim Youngran. (Kim Boyeon) (Jung Aeri) (Lee Kyungjin) (Lee Hyochun) Does anyone know her name? – Who is it? / – Who is it? We’ll put her picture up. The director of the museum is very curious. He doesn’t know who she is. If you know her name, please give us a call and inform us for a prize. – The first person to call… / – She’s really pretty. – The director will award you. / – She’s so pretty. We’re looking for this actress’ name. The problem is, there’s another one here. If you know this actress’ name… – I’m not sure. / – Isn’t it Im Hyejin? No… We will make sure that you receive a prize. Finally… There’s a free sample corner. – Oh, there is. / – What can I drink? There are different varieties of rice wine and soju. There’s wine and liqueur as well. Should I try the rice wine first? It contains dekopon extract, so it tastes a bit like a juice. (This hits the spot) What a clean taste. (He’s craving drinks) All of this is included in the discounted admission fee. My stomach is really getting warm.

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