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Air Playground Love (from Virgin Suicides soundtrack)

[instrumental] I’m a high school lover and you’re my favorite flavor love is all all my soul you’re my playground love [instrumental] yet my hands are shaking I feel my body reeling time’s no matter I’m on fire on the playground, love [instrumental] you’re the piece of gold that flushes all my soul extra time on the ground you’re my playground love anytime, anywhere you’re my playground love

Reader Comments

  1. this brings back nye memories, whoa. i still get goosebumps when i hear this song. lol. 😉 nice to see captions with it! i never knew the lyrics til now!

  2. this movie is so petty, i like so much !!! im from in argentina your video is so good =)
    thanks for this beautyful moment, i looove this song ♥

  3. @54321nicolaskurtf No, the girls did not only commit suicide because their parents were overprotective (because they could have escaped whenever they wanted, for example right before the moment when they commit suicide). Read the book before you start to make comments like that. The story goes way beyond that simplistic description of yours.

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