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AGUA CALIENTE | water park in Villa Corona Mexico 2018

That was intense! Oh my goodness Oh my gosh this is the dumbest thing I have ever done. That was a first to have Kyle drive me on a freeway on a four-wheeler in Mexico with a 13 year old. Mommy look at my foot My arm On the blue Okay, we have two infantile kids. Sadie said they have bigger sizes but I was like no only 13 Mommy, Mommy, I am going on this! What is it? That’s a, that’s a tiny one That’s a tiny one, and that’s a jumpy one And over there is a frog all of those are like flies Ready lets go The waterpark in Villa Corona, we actually found out there’s four water parks here We’ve been at Chomolco for a couple days and now we’re trying this one out And everyone in towns telling us this is the one to come to it’s muy Grande. There’s a lot more slides there zip lines There’s a huge kids park right behind you because go-karts this is definitely the place and our entire family I think it cost us nine hundred and fifty two pesos, so Fifty to fifty one dollar fifty two dollars. So this is awesome. This is really fun me and Sydney are going back up for another ride Holy Cow I am doing it again He is going! He is coming! Tell us what you are about to do? Apparently I am going down this Drop off one apparently that’s that’s the rumor on the street the see if it actually happens Is this scarier that the toilet bowl? Oh, yeah, oh yeah for me Just turn the camera and look at it It’s a sheer drop off its Hola We just walked up the stairs of doom I call it that because boy is a lot of stairs dad’s gonna go down on This Pretty much a sheer drop then goes to loop-d-loop then lands there And I’m terrified for him. We’re all terrified Look at this beautiful view. You don’t like I just like the floor drops? The floor just drops How is that safe? Go! I really don’t want to! Kyle do it! show your father’s and braveness so courage, I remember you have a rest right there… no you don’t! Oh my Gosh! Kyle do it It was awesome it was way way amazing, but I really hurt! Know it was like just it’s fast. Your Turn. here comes Kyle do it Like my entire back in this is in pain, it is crazy. I don’t remember seeing much it is that fast Why is she not pushing the button? Just push the button You broke the slide babe She made it so terrible! She was just waiting there like…oh It hurts so bad The floor is gone and all the sudden you are…. And they listen the next thing you know it you’re on the top and then the next thing you know, you’re right here Alright mom your turn Oh mush gosh! Don’t wear them? Like this or like this Choose where it keeps your hands tucked in. Yeah, Si Si You got it babe! Singing in Spanish Today has been an awesome Day! Yeah waterpark was amazing We didn’t want to leave we wanted to stay there all day Even longer to the night and then now we’re in town. We’re gonna meet with a local pastor There is this really nice gentleman we met he really wants us to meet with the local pastor so in about Seven minutes, we’re supposed to be there. Now We’re gonna grab some chow from the best place in town like they’re right behind me. They are amazing We just finished watching Mass and parade. Then there’s gonna be a kids show at the end A magician show Ya, it is a great day! Okay, we’re here at this beautiful Catholic Church And we’re meeting with the pastor in the priest and they’re our friends now, okay And soo… someone unlock the door No, no, no don’t ring the bell to ring the bell That is the bell, don’t ring the bell Dark huh Don’t ring the bell! Come out, I am in the dark Okay, so they let us use their bathroom which we’re super grateful for and then we’re gonna Just continue talking with them. They have a lot of interesting things to say and we are really glad that they’re our friends And this Catholic Church they are not allowed to marry. Because they are dads! This beautiful bell! It is amazing It lights up! It is cool huh! They ring the bell Every day and look at the rope, the Rope it goes all the way down and Right there just where we were where you guys can ring the bell Ring the bell, open the door please The Bishop sent him here We don’t choose where to be The Bishop sends us Did he send you with a special mission? Like… do this here… or? Does that make sense? Yes, that makes sense School School Before he was a Priest, he was one here as a Deacon When he was ordained he was assigned here to run the school First helping out, then running it For the heads It is from 1679 The shell used it practical Mom, I love this picture! The lord of Divine Mercy This Silver on Silver, and it was brought from Utah Utah And ummm… Like it free market, okay This is a… I don’t know how to say in English and it symbolizes, they are 13 and the power of the priest and Then he dresses up when this one is this is…. This symbolizes martyrdom the Holy Spirit and Look, this is hope and penance So how many layers does he wear? He can wear… They all one two three Four five and a … like a hat.

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