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Adley builds the Ultimate Backyard Water Park! New pool toys for baby brother Niko!

( Upbeat Music) – Let’s get wet! ( Upbeat music) – We’re gonna do a water
party in our backyard. First, we need a water slide! Let’s go get it. Here is a water slide. Let’s put it on the trampoline. That’s it! Weehoo! Now I need a pool for
Nico, let’s go get it. Whoa! I see a turtle and a dolphin and a crab and a turtle and
a starfish and I see a slug. Let’s go get the water! Nico you need sunscreen. Look Nico the waters on. (Excited baby noises) – [Woman] You guy are in the water! (Woman laughing) – Let’s get all the water on now! – [Woman] Should we go get another thing? – Let’s go get the pool. (Upbeat music) – Whoa! – Now let’s put the
sprinkler under the tramp! Let’s do it! Now for the sprinklers. Whoohoo! Last thing we need the splash pad! Let’s get wet! (Water noises) It’s snack time!! Yahoo! I got a cinnamon and chocolate chip. Let’s go play with Nico! Dun dun dun! – [Woman] All right Adley – What? – [Woman] We’re gonna
play Follow The Leader. Ready? I’m first! Here we go! – I’m the leader next! – [Woman] You’re the leader? – Yep! Now let’s go to the next one! Now we go dry off! – This how we dry? – Yeah. – ‘Kay – Thanks for watching! Bye!

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  1. you guys should do a day in the life of Niko bear!! P.S you and Shaun did an amazing job raising Adley and Niko!! I know you will do more amazing things!!

  2. So awesome. Could I ask what the water pool/smarter is called? The blue one that Adley first sets up. So cool.

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