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  1. As an author this video hurt my entire soul, it was hilarious but I kept crying from the strange directions

  2. The way I screamed no out loud but was screaming yes on the inside, I love these but they physically cause me pain to hear them read out loud

  3. Can you do the tiktok trend where you put three pens between someone's fingers, then ask with each pen for ex. what sound does a dog make? Then lastly you ask: what sound do you make in bed and squeeze the person's hand really hard… ? 😂😂

  4. I've got one.

    The Smosh crew are filming a video.
    Shayne: AHHHHHHHHH! does 3 front flips
    Everyone laughs.
    Olivia appears out of literally nowhere. She wasn't there two seconds ago. She has her hair in pigtails and is wearing a backwards tank top, and two baseball caps on her feet as though they were shoes. A faint scream can be heard from somewhere far away.

    Olivia: I don't get it.
    Damien slides into the scene doing a weird voice and tries to explain it to Olivia like a big brother.
    The camera pans over slowly while this is happening and suddenly you can see Courtney practicing various poses just out of frame. She attempts to play it off as though she was just rehearsing for a bit.
    The camera pans back over and Damien is concluding his explanation to Olivia with: "And that's why you're my favorite pizza place!"
    Everyone runs up and performs a dancing group hug, except for Shayne, who is silently seething while glaring daggers at Damien.
    Noah Naruto runs through the scene at three times the speed of light, literally breaking the laws of physics. Nobody notices except for Shayne, who starts scream-laughing until there are tears in his eyes.
    The end.

  5. 25:45 when Shayne says Noah leans forward and kisses Keith. It was cute most probably expected he kiss his lips, but the cheek kiss is even better how adorable 😍😍😍

  6. The Disney land one was some kinda realistic. I could imagine the opening scene happening pretty similar in a vlog. And Olivia wanting churro but being sad because they're unavailable. Not gonna lie tho, it was pretty sweet

  7. Y’all should do this again, but have the parts played by other people. So I mean Courtney play Shane, Shane play Olivia, Noah play Damien… ect. It’d be hilarious to see them play each other.

  8. court looks like dwayne johnson, damien looks like emilia fart ( 2:20 ), noah looks like steve jobs, kieth looks like a catholic school boy, olivia looks uncomfortable, and shane looks too comfortable

  9. 35:57 it's cute that Sam pulled the churro cuz he saw Olivia was gonna share it with Shane, I love a possive sam.

  10. I see you, Damien, putting your turtleneck over your face and imagining you're Best Jeanist.
    To be fair, I would do the same.

  11. I couldn't believe how invested I was in this😍😍😍😍😍😍. I need more😱😱😱😱😂😂😂😂😨😨😨😨

  12. I wish these "reading fanfiction" videos would actually read the stories you want them to, the one rhett and link just did was HILARIOUS because they actually read the dirty ones lmao

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