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Abandoned Waterpark Shred Session in Mexico in a Ford Explorer

– [Dan] This still has water in it. – [Vince] Doesn’t look bad. – [Dan] That’s deep. Yeah. – I didn’t bring my swimsuit. – [Dan] No. – Dudes, really nice
water. Is that a piranha? – [Zac] Is there fish in there? – That’s a frickin’ piranha, man. – [Dan] Good call there, Vince. (Vince mumbles) – Bunch of nails and Mike said
he wanted to ramp off this. (Car engine revs) (cheering)
(laughs) – Good. (tires squeal) (car engine drowns out Vince) (upbeat digital music) (lively Latin music) – Well, it’s morning,
here, of the weekend. – (laughs) We got a little
time before the race today, so, we’re gonna go out and explore and– – Do some exploring!
– Explore. Yeah. – We’re gonna do some exploring of Mexico. – I’ve never been in this area, so we’ll just go romp around,
see what we what we can find. – We’re gonna go find some jumps. (static sound)
– We’re finally on the road. Go find some spot to go jump and do stuff. – That’s right. We’re gonna stretch the legs
on the old 8.1 liter, here. Let’s do a little truck breakdown. Got a 2002 Yukon XL, tow package, 8.1 liter big block, four
hundred and ninety six cubes, we got the Bose sound system. – [Dan] Got air conditioning.
This one’s nice. – Yeah, this one’s great. – [Dan] Munch is doing
a 5.3, no ac or radio. (static sound) – What the (rooster
sound) were those things? – [Dan] We’re just driving around, find a bunch of little cucumber monkeys, and can’t see them right
now, they kinda ran off. I think we scared them. – There’s one right there. He’s standing straight up, being still as, here, hold on.
(static sound) – [Dan] There’s our
little cucumber monkey. (wind blowing) where did they go? Hey, little, oh! They live in a hole. Cucumber monkeys!
(static sound) Back on our journey. It’s the isle of dogs out here. There’s like seven of the same dog. – Oh, you know, they do run in packs. – [Dan] Well, Michael found
himself a spot over there, so he’s got a little jump,
so, we’ll head towards it. Just watch out for stray dogs. (engine running)
– Get a helmet. Get belted up. Have fun, boys. – [Dan] Thanks! (engine revving) (Dan laughing) (intense western music) (wind blowing) – Oh, there’s some pools! Man. Gotta figure out a way to get in. But we found some pools. An
old abandoned swimming pool. Dude, that’s sick. There’s gotta be a way. Aw, dude! (upbeat hip-hop music) – So we found what we imagine is an abandoned waterpark kind of thing. It looks like the angle’s right. The
landing, not so much. (engine revving) – [Zac] Wow!
(tires squealing) – (yells) Kind of scary. (Zac laughs) (engine revs)
(Dan cheers) – [Zac] (laughing) What
the (rooster sound). (engine revs)
(static sound) Michael Cox is an American hero! – He was on one wheel
for a second, wasn’t he? At front passenger?
– [Zac] Yeah. (static sound)
– That was kinda cool. (Zac laughs) (engine revs) (Zac cheers)
(laughs) (engine revving) (slow motion revving) (static sound) – [Zac] Very Jurassic Park. How’d that feel? – Scary. – [Zac] That was sick.
(laughs) That was sick. – Pretty scary. – [Zac] I think this is
a first for the channel. We’ve always wanted to
combine skate videos– – Yeah. – [Zac] And automotive (rooster sound). – Yeah. – [Zac] Think you nailed it, here. – [Michael] Just did that. (lively Latin music) – So we were driving down
this road to go see the beach, and then Michael and Dan
saw a dude with a backhoe. Just pulled over and asked him if he wanted to build us a jump. I guess it’s gonna happen. Rock and roll.
(upbeat Latin music) – [Dan] Oh, boy. It’s a big one. Tamp her down a little
bit. Oh, she’s pretty good. (static sound)
So, this is Luis. – Yeah. – [Dan] Yeah. Got his own nice
beachfront property, here. In the process of rebuilding this spot. And we caught him on his tractor. – [Zac] Caught him working. – (laughs) He’s working. He’s like, “You wanna hit some
jumps? We can do some jumps.” So, pretty sweet, man,
to have this nice beach. This is a beautiful spot. – We’re gonna go for it. – [Dan] Going for it. This was not what you were
thinking on Saturday, huh? – No. – [Dan] You thought you were
just gonna start working. (laughs) You thought you were
just going to work today. (cheers) – [Man] Hold on, okay. – [Dan] Give him a little
spin around in there. Give him one up into it. (engine revs)
(upbeat western music) And they’re off! That’s one trusting dude right there. Have no idea how this
is gonna work. (laughs) (engine revs) (Dan cheers) Boom, right through his house. (laughs) (engine revs) (everyone cheers) God damn.
(wind drowns out conversation) How was that? – Oh, that was great, man! – [Dan] Mikey! – That was so awesome. I really felt like I had the
power of Earnhardt in me. – [Zac] Yeah?
– Yeah. – [Zac] Yeah. – That one was rough, though. – [Dan] Was it? – Like the first time
I did it first, here, and then, you know, I
clipped second this time, it was a little rough. – [Dan] Yeah? – Felt the crack, crack. – [Dan] In your back?
– Yeah. – [Dan] (laughs) Oh, yeah. – You had enough?
– No. – [Dan] He’s good, he got the cushy– (man laughs) he got the cushy side. – [Zac] You can keep going if you want. (Michael laughs) (upbeat western music) (static sound) (upbeat Latin music) – [Dan] Those look like rings. – [Michael] Those look like good parts. – This part of a rut. – [Zac] Is that supposed to be there? (laughs) – What happened, man? – I made almost first, one turn to go, (rooster sound) it up. – Really? – This is the only good side of it. – Look at the motor, it’s right over here. – [Zac] Why? (laughs) – Oh, man.
(bell sound) – [Cole] We got a fast
time on the race, though. – Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Got a fast lap! – I got fastest lap. (laughing) – [Zac] Hell, yeah. – [Dan] But you got another motor. (bells ringing) – Yeah, people will help
me out with some funds to get another motor. – That’s awesome. – I didn’t have one as of
last night at ten o’clock. – Oh yeah?
– Yeah. – Oh, wow. – We’ve only slept about
an hour and a half tonight, two hours.
– Oh, wow. – [Dan] Good day. It’s
gonna be a good day. (engine revving)
(rattling noise) (laughing) Oh, my god. (static noise) Piecing her back together, huh? – Yeah. – [Dan] Little bit of contact, huh? – Yeah. It was carnage yesterday, major carnage. – [Dan] Brutal. – Had no body to put the piece back in. – (laughs) Well, as you can
see, by the panels on the truck, everything’s a different color. They gotta quite a bit of
rough racing yesterday. Jeff worked his way from last place, because he didn’t get to
qualify due to weight. All the way up to sixth place. So he did some real racing yesterday. Worked his way up to
partially top of the pack. (static sound) – All right, I’m here
down here at the cockpit. We’re all about to head out. (engines revving) (laid back percussive music) – [Dan] Man, he’s ripping. (engine revving) Flying in that thing. – Hot damn! (laughs) – [Dan] Yo. Cole’s out there ripping, bud. – Yeah, I know. Heard him come across
the finish line on that– (engine rev drowns out Zac) (engines revving) – There he goes! Yeah, boy. Well, that truck went into the wall. Jeff went into the truck
right after him, so. – Why’d they have to run
into each other? (laughs) – [Dan] Back to work, Jeff. – Why’d they crush both my trucks? Man! – Two trucks smashed into each other. On to the snake pit. – God damn.
– Back to work. (static sound)
So, in qualifying, a little bit of contacts
with another truck for Jeff. It’s on the wreckers. That–
(drill sound) That drive shaft, pretty out of shape. You can see that shock right
there, bent pretty good. All right guys, good luck,
I’m gonna get out of your way. – All right. (Dan laughs) (upbeat digital music) – [Digital Voiceover] Trusted by the pros to take on the harshest conditions, the tough Wildpeak M/T is
built to get you there and back whether you’re on pavement,
mud, snow or rocks. The M/T features Falken’s proprietary three-ply Duraspec sidewall technology. Developed to sustain the most
punishing off-road conditions. DuraSpec also features
two high ply turn-ups that provide an additional layer of protection and durability. Sporting an aggressive upper sidewall, additional traction at low air pressures on rugged terrain is a breeze. The Wildpeak M/T also features
exceptional road manners, thanks to an optimized variable
three-pitch tread pattern and precision manufacturing technology. – Oh, yeah. Boys are pretty pumped. They stayed up all night
working on that motor, because this one’s destroyed. Cole, your fastest qualifier.
It’s pretty incredible. – What? – Cole’s the fastest qualifier. – Hell, yeah. That’s
what I’m talking about. – [Dan] That thing is
sitting on the ground. – Brand new engine, zero
(rooster sound) time. – New engine, got it broken in. – [Dan] (laughs) oh, he
broke it in out there. – Yeah. – [Dan] Number one qualifier. Hey, man, you were flying dude. Sick driving.
– (laughs) Yeah. We decided motor needed to be broken in. No better way than be fast
qualifier to set that. (Dan laughs) But you know what, when you can put a truck
anywhere on the track, it’s pretty hard to
screw up that. (laughs) – [Dan] Yeah. We’ll be waiting. (static sound) – That’s what makes racing so great. ‘Cause when you can come
back from a failure like that come back next day and
be the fastest qualifier, – [Dan] Yeah. – That makes it worth it. – [Dan] Yeah. – Just so over it when this happens. – [Dan] Exactly what the
team was just saying. The guys are all pumped because that made all night worth it. – Right. – [Dan] When you go back
and qualify number one. – (rooster sound) bad ass. – [Dan] Sick. – Man. (static sound)
– Yeah. – [Zac] Hell yeah. – You’re in a hot ramp now, you know? (hits car) – [Zac] Dude you guys, you guys nailed it. – Nothing like making it right, you know? Gotta make it out there for the main, no matter what it takes. The amazing crew that I have,
got it back together again. (power drill sounds) – [Zac] Hell yeah, man.
Well, dude, it looks good! I mean, it’s an interesting interesting delivery on this side. – We’re gonna have that all
blue here in just a minute. – [Zac] Hell yeah, man. – We’ve gone through
four bodies this weekend. Yeah, been a really interesting
weekend with bodies. – [Zac] Hell yeah. Well, it’s looking good, man. Hey, we’ll let you get back to your work. – Thank you very much. – [Zac] We’ll see you out
there, man. Good luck. – We’ll see you out there. See you soon.
(static sound) – So while it might be
battle tested, scarred up, starting to actually look
like an actual truck. (upbeat Latin music) Hey brother. (engines revving) Oh, shit! (applause) – No truck leaves fine. Everything’s just destroyed at all times, This has to be so expensive. It’s always broken. Headed into pro two right now. Truck’s back together. The Falcon teal and blue,
looks real good again, but I know by the end of the
day it’s gonna be smashed. (lively Latin music) (engines revving) (static sound)
Well, I don’t think that is the way that Jeff
wanted anything to go, but they did get the truck together, and they got it back out there. Looked like an animal to drive. – While I was over there, they were putting the truck back together, one of the things they
were battling with was so much stuff is bent in
the rear of the truck, that they were like, “I’m not sure this could even go together, “much less drive straight.” – Yeah. For me, this is crazy. This is an insane event. I’ve never been to anything like this. I even got to drive that
truck. Which was sick. – Yeah. So now we’re– – Oh my gosh. What is wrong with you? – [Zac] Yeah, that’s (mumbles) – [Dan] This is how our day went. – What’s wrong with me? – [Dan] Yeah. What is wrong with you? – So you know what? We did some racing, well, we didn’t do some racing, they did some racing. What?
– [Dan] No. – [Teague] Are you gonna do it now? – No. This is the out, right here. Goddamn. Wait, turn
around real quick, though. Bam!
(Dan laughs) – What happened? – [Zac] Yeah! – What is it? I got another tattoo? – If you didn’t think Vince was
the real deal by now, well– – You should know. – [Zac] Yeah! – [Dan] Here we go!
– (cheers) We got two! We got one for each day! – [Dan] Nice! – Or one for each shoulder,
whatever way you wanna put it. – [Dan] Yeah, south of the border. (static noise)
(upbeat Latin music) (cheering) – It’s the end of the weekend! It’s been a really good time so far. Boys, get up here, let’s, come on. Let’s assemble. (laughs) – [Dan] Dude, she leaning! Oh my god. Vince give her a little shake over here. – Tip it over. – [Dan] (laughs) Yeah. Just flip it. Bronco 3 made it pretty good this weekend. Just for one thing.
– Yeah, Bronco 3 nailed it. – [Dan] Bronco 3 did pretty good. – Dude, Bronco 3 was
the hero of the weekend. You know what? This weekend
has been so much fun. It was my first short course race, I think it was yours, too, right Dan? – [Dan] Definitely my first. Short course is just insane.
Those guys are crazy. – It’s so fast. – [Dan] I see why you’re into it. – Yeah. – [Dan] You know? Like,
it’s so fun to watch. – Yeah. – [Dan] It’s just carnage the whole time. – Well, all in all,
this was a good weekend. Hang with the boys, jumping
trucks, watching some racing, (dog barking) making new friends, and being in Mexico. – [Dan] Eat a bunch of tacos. – I don’t think we could
ask for a better trip. I think, on that note,
we need to do that thing that we always do with other videos. – Oh, my god. Oh, shit, she’s coming over. – That’s a wrap!
(static noise) – [Zac] Well, luckily, they got big Mike Cox here
to rebuild this engine. No big deal. Have it running– – Baja update! Oil pump’s coming out. – [Zac] Well, now that we
got extra clearance here, could probably make a
few hundred more horses. – Well, it did, that’s how
it set fastest qualifying lap and fastest lap. (engine revs)

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  1. You guys are great fun to watch and all but… Cole is a certified A1 grain fed Farm Boy with the neck as thick as a tree stump and has probably been jumping trucks all his life. Obviously it shows. What an absolute weapon on the track you are sir. I'll definitely be keeping up with you. Cheers

  2. Well God Bless, Vince the dapper bi-baller, fire bird chested, mustache twirlin-ist BAMF North or South of the San Andreas. What a LEGEND, that's a full commit on the brands you love.

  3. THat was flipping Beautiful !!!! Best Hoonigan yet , Explorer flew with purpose like an arrow from a long bow…. Best jump Ive ever seen done with you all.

  4. Is there a Build Biology or anything on this truck? It sounds almost stock (especially the infamous power steering pump lol), with just a lot of nice suspension and cage. Still tho id like to know what all has been done to it anyway. Definatly a Send It! & ask questions later kinda truck tho. I love it

  5. Why would anyone sully the name of Dale Earnhardt by putting his number and nickname on a pos ford…I can tell you from personal knowledge he hated ford junk. Maybe put a 2 on it for crasholowski.

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