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Ab Workout At Home 2018 đŸ’Ē Upper Abs. Lower Abs. Oblique’s (Abdominal Warriors)

what’s up trainer be here and just
because it’s wintertime that’s not an excuse not to be focusing on these AB so
if you’re tired of the love handles If you’re tired of that
jiggly bubbly fubbly fluffly is that even a word? Fubbly… I don’t know if it is but we’re
gonna go with it. Tired of that fubbly fat in the back right here. You
want to get those obliques for that V cut? No reason you can’t have that sexy
six-pack in the wintertime so today’s workout is gonna focus on the upper abs
it’s gonna focus on the middle abs right here in the middle. You can’t see but
whatever and then the lower abs we’re also going to focus on the obliques
which is the side of the ABS that’s the love handles as some of you may call it.
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description for more details we got six exercises that are all going to focus on
the ABS. The upper middle lower and the obliques or the love handles. we’ve
officially made it a week into the new year and I hope you’re diggin it the
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challenge part of this so today the only thing you’re gonna need is a weight we
aren’t gonna be doing Russian twist I’m gonna be using the slam ball that I made
for the Halloween workout which weighs about 30 pounds use a dumbbell and you
can also use a kettlebell not only will you need a weight you’re also gonna need
something like these paper plates we’re gonna be doing a slider movement we’re
gonna be doing it in a Tabata style for eight intervals Tabata is 20 seconds of
work and 10 seconds of rest we’ll go through six different Tabata switch is
your six different exercises fast we’re gonna get this thing done quickly you’re
gonna burn about 300 calories and then you’re gonna go and you’re gonna plug
your points into that home finished challenge page that way we can update
the leaderboard see who is on top okay so we’re gonna start the warmup
so you clear your space we will start with some like cardio that’s gonna be
the best way just to get the blood flowing for today’s workout so let’s
start as always with a light jog just to get the heart rate up so make sure your
shoes are tight tight make sure you’ve got some water clothes I don’t I usually
don’t drink a whole lot of water when I’m doing ab workouts I’m not the best
habit but I never do I don’t know you drink water it goes to your stomach and
it sloshes around so let’s drink it before and after so I don’t have my
water out here today but keep some clothes just in case you need it during
the rent okay so let’s keep it going I want you to raise your knees a little
bit higher a little bit faster good loop it momentum going in this and you might
be a little sore from our Wednesday workout we did some heavy weights
working the hamstrings and the legs I know my chest is a little sore and my
hamstrings the back of my legs you definitely store okay so now what I want
you to do is I want to take it into a jumping jack now the two crazy here good
and this is just gonna ultimately get the blood pumping throughout the entire
body we are solely focused on the ABS today but we need to get the blood
flowing overall there you go good so we’ll do about 20 seconds or so on
this that’s it you got it then we’re gonna drop it down into a mountain
climber do it keep it up keep movin so we’ll be about three to five minutes
of warm-up nothing too insane here that’s it you got it now let’s go a
little bit faster with these jumping jacks straight arms straight legs moving
with a little bit more intensity good come on you got it in three two one
let’s go ahead just drop it down the stick it into our mountain climbers so
switching back and forth nice and quick there you go
we’ll only do about 30 seconds on this just gonna keep that heart rate up
keep this moving if you go do it from this will take you into some regular
basic spoon up I already got a shoe coming
whoo that’s okay we’re not personally started good now five more seconds all
right so on your back let’s take it into just a regular sit-up and I’ll tie up
when we’re done okay so for this sitting that back down that this is going to
trigger the blood flow to get into your abs which is what we want
good there you go so up right back down nice control this will be the last thing
actually we make the dish with the high knees I like keeping the heart rate fast
when you start I’m going to finish the warmups I think it’s better for you
better put your muscles that’s more I’m going to paint it then in fact though
just to keep that clear okay let’s do ten more seconds if you use three more
reps up come on it’s a little bit faster one water and go ahead in up to your
feet so last say that high nice we’ll do 20 seconds of this it’s really trained
down a week fast good come on that’s it even faster let’s go let’s go let’s go
let’s go and faster ten seconds come over eight
seconds six more five four three two one okay I’m going to tie my shoe you tie
your zucchini too as well put like three knots in it
okay so we got about 25 seconds so we started the first exercise is going to
be a plank on the forms we are going to do a variety variety of different planks
every 20 seconds or so okay so just kind of follow along but
we’ll start with a basic for our planks so let’s drop it down in position we’re
gonna start here we go alright so drop it down and keep it tight now with a
plank a blank blank blank you want to keep your butt down and you want to keep
your hand so ideally you want your head to be
higher than your butt that’s what you’re striving for okay all right that’s ten
seconds so now we’re gonna do a soft link which is where you’re sawing
forward and back you can kind of see me on the screen all right so you’re gonna
rock forward and back forward and back just like that not too fast not too slow
good steady pace there you go keep your abs really tight on this also keep your
back tight when somebody says keep the core tight that’s the back and the ABS
all right ten seconds rest this time we’re gonna do a hip side to side with
the hips okay so this is called a rolling hip plank it’s where you go side
to side with your hips it engages the obliques on this good and that’s the fun
thing about planks because you can really engage every part of your
abdominals good but I have exercises just focus on one specific part planks
hit everything okay now we’re gonna do a knee to elbow plank so this one you want
to bring your knee in towards your elbow and then stretch the body back out keep
it as clean as you can perfect so bring that knee in right back out you
really got to keep the abs tight for this one very good next one we’re gonna
do sue on a plate we’re gonna do a push-up plank done this one’s a little
bit easier but that’s fine okay now what I like to do a push-up
I like to lean forward slightly on my hands okay
makes it a little bit more challenging versus just straight up and down so kind
of roll forward your wrists may be tight so this may not be the easiest that’s
okay you can do it on your knuckles as well perfect
okay so we’re going to go back into a regular for our play nothing special
just a forearm plank all right here we go it’s back to the form now we’ve
almost went through our eight intervals with the plank which means we have a
rest coming up soon not yet listen and then we’re going to be moving up from
there all right keep it tight good good tight
keep it tight keep it tight okay now we’re going to go back into our stall
plank the very first one that we started with so rolling forward and back we’re
solving forward so forward and back you still want to keep that head up higher
than your butt good forward and back keep it up you got this come on we got
one more interval up lead perfect so for this one we’re going to go ahead we’re
gonna do the rolling plate where your hip is touching the ground okay so here
we go roll the left roll the right try to get
that hip to the ground don’t rest it on the ground just tap it just a nice tap
real quick good come on you can do it that’s it all
right so we got 30 seconds to rest so catch your breath to bone up winded yeah
but we’re going into a slider pipe next that’s where you’re gonna need paper
plates or a t-shirt okay and your feet will be on those objects okay so we’ve
got 15 seconds to rest it’s not a long time just enough get your feet in position and you’re
going to be pulling using your lower abs for this exercise okay up right back
down now you want to try to get your feet closer to your hands every time and
then fully extend back out do it don’t rush through this make sure you’re
keeping your back tight as well just like when we were doing the play perfect
all right that builds up some static electricity right there I’m going to be
shocking myself in a minute all right ready number two all right
here we go so now back in perfect okay I’m kind of
playing with my feet on this one where I’m doing more of a wide stance going
out that works the ABS a little bit different but not a whole lot good
perfect okay that’s two down six more to go on this I’m going to do one plate
this time both feet on one plate okay so I’ll bring it back out bring it back and
you’ll notice it gets harder and harder do it perfect it’s definitely harder
with just one plate maybe those feet work together not the
easiest thing hi got about one more sets on this if you are using paper plates it might
be getting slowly torn up which is okay but if they completely tear up on you
possibly work out do a couple more good you also notice this in your shoulders
you’re having to isolate it stabilize your body all right go ahead doing
perfect on this one doing perfect alright here we go next up alright really bring them up
extend them out nice and far bring them up
it’s do them out nice and far up kick them out come on you can do this under
you can I know you can do it second hit play work with me
alright I got a light sweat going so I know the workouts working and I’m just
trying to get tight here three seconds here we go
come out back up boy I’m doing my white feet again there you go
you can also get real fancy I’m going to do it
now nobody hold it oh okay we got one or two more sets on this then I rest
they’re moving on the next exercise hang with me on this all right come on here
we go let’s get a little bit faster this time bring those feet in kick them back
out speed in kick them back down do it in back okay I believe this and last one it
should be should be number eight then we got our thirty seconds to rest okay you
ready here we go so this time I’m gonna kick my feet out to the side real in the
center out to the center and then out to the right side that triggers me oblique
but definitely not easy we’re pretty last few seconds okay 30 seconds to rest
you can get rid of your plate how do the scene here so next is our Russian twist
this is where you’re going to need some type of weight or like I said you can
lock your hands together do you need to get some water positive work out grab
you some water alright 30 pounds
choose your weight we’re going to be going from side to side leaning it back
slightly that way it engages your bleep okay so I’m trying to go over touch the
way to the ground getting that twisting movement in there perfect let’s see if
we got it come on keep it up it’s only 20 seconds definitely not a lot of time
we’ve got to give 110% all right relax ten seconds that’s one down seven more
okay you ready okay you’re late here we go so to the side I’m gonna
check a little bit faster this time good get as many reps as you can in
there keep leaning back trying to keep you like straight you can also keep your
feet off the ground I hardly ever do but you can it does that to be intensive o2
down six more if you haven’t done the pumpkin workout with this guy go back to
Halloween it’s like a two-hour workout here we go next it’s a little over an
hour all right come on keep twisting side to side
perfect ooh you got this okay screw down world war together we’re moving on we’re
almost halfway with the workout right now almost halfway okay twist twist
when you start get tired focus on that tell yourself to keep your pace up come
on Oh starting to regret not having that water close man can go grab something
with the rest okay here we go you ready let’s get it and one thing I
try not to do is balance the weight off the ground specially padded floor like I
am okay if you’re doing this on one floor you’re not gonna be bouncing
weight but if you’re on a gym floor you can get in the habit I’d bounce in the
weight which takes away from the actual exercise itself so don’t bounce the way
whoo it gets harder at the top when you get tired okay here we go
set aside working those obliques good you’re gonna love the next exercise we
got coming up it’s one of the best ones specially for overall and work I’m
slowing down so let me drop some weight on this next one okay so that last set
was real sloppy I’m gonna drop the weight to my hands because I don’t have
any other way close side to side nice and quick all right so just like I knew
don’t be afraid to modify if you get too sloppy with your exercises instead of
being super prideful and trying to look cool especially if you’re out
house by yourself drop the weight down who get more out of it promise you the
results will happen okay relax I think we got this one and then our
thirty seconds of rest should be coming up all right here we go come on
so set aside twist you can also throw your hands up or your weight if you’re
still using that weight sonson touch the hands to the ground or your dumbbell
weight to the ground whatever you use in seven seconds you play them back okay 30
seconds now next we’re gonna do burpees burpees part of these Barbies clear your
way down the lane you don’t need it anymore okay so now burpees do as many
as you can into 20 seconds I want you to at least over 4 reps of burpees every 20
seconds okay that’s all the way down a full pushup and then jump all right okay
here we go five seconds sit down oh boy shot back up jump throw your
hands overhead that’s two that’s three that’s four come up fine all right
he’s got five that time to see one get six on this next one simply get six I
know you can we’re going to be pushing it up here we
go one two three four five six seven hey all right we got eight let’s set the
buck pretty time let’s see what we can do on this next one you got it again see
what you do hi good you work your place with you do a double
six seven four of them three of them give it your best move
that’s it okay I put this about three animals in five minutes let’s do we’re
good here we go go get those hands on right hand every
time full push up jump come on jump jump all right boy four more you can do it
you’re gonna get a hundred reps of burpees in for sure hi it’s actually one
of the best exercises you can do if you ever have to pick one exercise you
should I have a lot of time whoo make sure you choose burpees you can do
burpees all day long wait by far the most efficient exercise if you do okay I
think I got three reps on that one time all right enough talking Ben we gotta
get these done let’s go whoo okay I think we got a
couple more for the last one reducer for that eight reps again hi
I think this our seventh interval right now hunger peas you look so good thing
is it means we’re being close to our breasts and we’re halfway through the
workout only a couple more exercise okay let’s see I think this is our last one
coming up can’t tell what the timer yeah let’s see if it rolls up yeah here we go
let’s do it one two three four five six seven all right we’ll call it quarter
the next one is a flutter kick good leg raise we’re gonna do a flutter kick for
four count and then two leg raises a flutter kick for count two leg raises
okay go ahead and lay down on this one give me a 10-second nap all right your
hands try to keep them on your stomach here we go
so one two three four and the two leg raises one two here we go one two three
four one two one two three four okay this done let’s do straight flutter
kicks we’ll mix and match keep it interesting all right here we go
Twitter site shrimp flutter kicks kick kick kick kick kick
that’s it cool thing about – keeping your hands on your stomach it is a
little bit hard but you can feel you can feel the muscle under there you might
feel a layer of fat but that’s okay you’re human I’m human it happens but
we’re gonna part it up okay this time we’re going back to our floor count and
our to count so for flutter kicks – leg raises hands on your stomach there we go
one two three four one two one two three four one two one two three four what oh
that puts three out so this time we’re gonna do for the leg raises
– flutter kicks we’re gonna start with our leg raises here we go one two three
oh one soon here we go one two three four what – Barney okay
this time we’re gonna do four plot of kicks for leg raise let’s do it here we
go okay 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 oh oh it’s in seconds okay let’s do ten –
ten – flutter kicks ten leg raises superb you
20 seconds gonna be easy here we go 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 see it what – 305 keep
breathing seven well I got seven I think we got what we’re interval this time mix
and match whatever style you want to do I’m gonna go back to the original pour
in – you do what you want though here you go actually a lot I’m just doing
flutter kicks we got one more anyway miscounted this way three okay so yeah
there’s one coming up is there last one okay dunno what you doing last one let’s
do four and two for two for two okay here we go yup this is it 1 2 3 4 1
2 1 2 3 4 1 2 1 2 3 4 1 ah ok 30 seconds this is our last
exercise go ahead and stand up do some lip line whoo this one is that halfpipe
split lunge so you’ll see when we get to it but it’s like the halfpipe which is
if you’ve done my work best for the last two years at all you know I hate half
pipes not because they’re not good but because they hurt so we’re gonna do
a half pipe but your legs are gonna be split in the air when you do it you’ll
see what I’m talking about honey back alright soup here split the legs back
down split up bring them back down what this does is it engages the oblique to
work right along with your lower abs good
excellent at work whoo all right come on 10 seconds still that exercise for an
all-star cheerleader so you know it’s good for you look back down and you can
put your legs back together when they’re down if you want or leave them apart
your choice it doesn’t matter ah whoo there’s that bird told you I
need these all right let’s – down six more believe me I’m counting my
intervals on this one whoo all right we ready here we go try to get about four reps on this one
ah ah okay ah it’s three days huh thirty means you
got five left yeah ah okay we got this ooh can’t talk
believe everything back up but a tuck makes me throw back
oh yeah that puts us halfway four levels down four more left to go I may be
crying or cussing at the end we’re almost there come on we got it no pain no gain
all right not really that’s probably not the best thing we don’t need to injured okay
five down pretty sure only got three reps on that but that means you’ve got
three more of these three more and then dump it Friday okay come on there we go good move the pastor’s gonna move it
how you feeling good good good okay whoo we’re almost there almost there meeting
you let’s give these last couple good bring those legs that split up whoo just
wait till the next Friday’s that work already brother work it out it’s gonna
be good fun go really kill the obliques huh definitely make sure you’re back
next Friday so you’re just going to gradually get harder with these workouts
over the next six weeks as we get conditioned okay here we go that separation we got this one in one
more I believe I think this has this app six or seven believe it’s seven what
setup I lose count but of course I did oh okay you should be our last one last
one make it count do your best I’m gonna make it my prettiest it’s still gonna be
sloppy looking but I’m not judging you you don’t judge me let’s just get it
done no I lied that’s okay even better sleep when it sneaks up
you finish and you’re not even expecting it you can’t beat that
okay so that finishes our Friday workout but we’re not done yet let’s get
straight into these stretches and let’s finish this stretch out okay I was I was
really anticipating that last one all right so let’s start with our feet
together we’re gonna get this butterfly stretch in here alright so forehead down
to your feet and hold it you know the routine if you’re brand new to this we
pretty much will do the same stretch every single workout so whether you’re
jumping over the first time or for the 500th time this is going to be your
stretch at the end so alright and legs straight out in front
let’s get the hamstrings loosened up from our Wednesday workout now when you
go to add your points to the home fitness competition to the leader for
today a lot of the points on Friday are worth more you get more for them even
though it’s some of the same challenges throughout the entire week you get more
because I know from everybody Friday it’s a lot harder to stay on track with
your goals that’s why I made the points more valuable so you can really take the
lead making sure that you do everything right on Friday all right putting it
down to the ground just click hurdler stretch I’ve got my right leg in front
my left legs kick back forehead down you may be super tight right now
your wills are set up as the week’s go on this will finish up our first week
which means we have five more weeks of this series and the home competition so
going to the next week we’ll see who’s on the leaderboard all right we’re gonna
switch it around here we go all right pouring it down very good singer your stretch from this stretch
we’re gonna flip it under it back and now take it under your back but you
wanna do bone this shoulder blades stay flat you take that knee pull the knee
across your body now I’m trying to get my knee down to the ground
physically pulling down on my knee but I’m keeping my shoulder blades flat on
the ground you’re gonna fill this in your back your lower back and also on
the glutes here in three two one switch it over same side or switch it over same
exercise same stretch just stops the side and five four three two one okay so
now flip it on your stomach this is gonna be our ab stretch we’re gonna hold
it a little bit longer than we normally one so for this what I want you to do is
you’re going to walk your hands back to your hips you’re trying to relax your
stomach in towards the ground okay so relax your hips towards the ground and
go ahead and look up at the ceiling and then I want you to breathe out and while
you’re breathing out push your stomach out like this and just relax okay relax
your back and out of it we’re gonna take it one more time into that AB stretch so
go ahead and slowly go back down relax your hips into the ground one more time
we’re only going to hold it at two seconds and three – boy go ahead stand
up to your feet go ahead let’s do a standing quad stretch and five four
three two one switch around other side these would be a little bit faster
five four three two one now feet together you’re going to reach down
touch your toes keep your legs straight on this this is going to get those
hamstrings stretched out see if you can touch your fingertips to the ground my
hamstrings are definitely tight in three two one all right two more stretches so
arm in front of the body like we always do alright just gonna get those
shoulders which may be a little tight for Wednesday workout so hold it here
second three two one switch other side all right now definitely make sure your
back with me on Monday we got our hits
high-intensity workout doesn’t mean it’s the hit interval training but it will be
high intensity okay so don’t get confused on that it’s not always going
to be the hit training style just fast pace in three two one other side percent
elbow down little finger that’s fine is three two one alright fit body nation
you and me we made it through today’s workout this wraps up our first week of
the six week series so go ahead lock your points today make sure that you get
them in there so you can get your name on the leaderboard whether you’re just
starting out with us or you’ve been with me for the last couple years I love you
guys please subscribe share this video most importantly comment below I love
seeing your comments reading your comments and responding to your comments
I will see you next week boom

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