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A Tour Of Kings Island’s Soak City Water Park – Body Board Surfing, Drop Slides, + Fun Kid’s Areas

And off of the edge of the Snoopy area is
walkway to the water park. And this is Kings Island’s Soak City Water Park. There’s a Sandals Beachwear shop right as you come in. A Subway. Just to the right as you come in, are men’s and women’s showers, restrooms, and changing stations. Lockers down there that you can rent. And, of course, there’s lots of slides all over the park! We’re gonna walk around and look at Soak City Water Park. Rendezvous Run looks really cool! There’s a little splash pad right there. And to the left as you come in also, is the entrance to take you to Zoom Flume, Splash River, Paradise Plunge, and Thunder Falls. This is the Pineapple Pipeline. Here’s another view of the Pineapple Pipeline. And the Tropical Twister back there. And the lazy river is called Splash River. And right above the lazy river are buckets
where you could direct the water into them, and when you fill them up, they’ll
splash on people below. Or you can just squirt ’em! There’s a cool area on the lazy river where it sprays you. You get wet. Dumps water on you. And this is Thunder Falls. It starts up there, goes around, does several loops, and empties out down in the bottom here. Looks like it goes pretty fast! At Thunder Falls, they’ve got tubes for you right there at the end. When you come down, you pick them up and we go back up. Paradise Plunge. It’s got several tubes
coming out of it going different directions. Looks like about four
different tubes. And this is the Zoom Flume. And there’s somebody out in a big tube. This is where you enter for Splash River. And there’s plenty of life jackets here. All different sizes, if you want one. Or your kids need one, or you need one. So, though those are free to use. A lot of fun in Splash River. You can push a button and make the
flower spray water. It’s always fun to get people well when they’re going by in
the lazy river. This is Castaway Cove. It’s another kids area here. It’s not very deep. And a little shower there, and a boat slide. A little kids tube slide area, called Aruba Tuba. Looks like about three or four slides empty into here. And we really like this area, Lookout Lagoon! It’s got a really cool pirate ship with several slides coming off of it. And cannons that shoot water. And there’s water spraying everywhere. There’s a pirate at the top – that’s just awesome! It’s shallow water. I don’t think it’s any more than 18 inches deep anywhere in
here. Great kids areas in the water park. This is Pipeline Paradise. You can surf on this surf machine. You can do this for no extra charge. The big funnel over there is the Mondo
Monsoon ride. There’s a little observation deck where you can watch
people come down into the funnel. This wave pool is closed due to
maintenance, but there’s another one called Tidal Wave Bay. It’s been overcast and sprinkling off and on and it’s probably upper 70’s. But it’s been a
real good day to ride rides, and would be a good day to be in the water part, too. Just not a lot of people here. You can rent cabanas here on the edge of
the wave pool. $115 weekdays. $140, weekends and holidays. This is Tidal Wave Bay. This is the other wave pool. It has a countdown timer to when the next set of waves is gonna go off. Time for the waves to start! That’s some pretty good wave action! Looks like a lot of fun! This is Tropical Plunge. A lot of cool different colored water slides there. Some of those drop off into here. Some drop off into that pool over there. When you go in, you can choose tube slides or body slides. They look like some trapdoor slides up
there, where the floor just drops out from underneath you. There’s some big beach volleyball courts over here. They look really nice. I guess you can do just pickup games, make up games, or maybe they have competitions sometimes. I don’t know about that. This is Kiwi Court, the kids beach volleyball court. That’s really cool. A
little short net, little short court. And it’s all enclosed, so they’re not gonna
lose the ball. They’ve got fans and misters going. There’s something you don’t see in
Ohio every day – a palm tree! I think it’s pretty far from home. There’s plenty of lockers for rent. They use these machines to rent your locker. Credit card only. And it says Standard is $10, Large, $15, and Jumbo, $20. One thing you notice here is some really beautiful landscaping. Trees, and shrubs, and flowers,
and foliage that they brought in. Looks really nice. You can tell from this sign here that there’s a lot to do here. This is their Coconut Cove kids area. There’s a little water park here. There’s little wave pool here. This is Splash Landing. I can see why they call it that! The siren went off, and I think the buckets
about to drop! Here it comes! That’s cool! It’s a really cool kids area. Water squirting
everywhere. There’s some water slides for kids here. And there are lifeguards. There are water guns you can shoot people with. I like this shark gun. Plenty of places to get wet! There’s a couple more slides on this side. From the water park, you can get on the train, and go back to the regular park. Thank you, and enjoy the rest of your day at Kings Island and Soak City!

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