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A Playground Fight Changed My Life – Austin Evans – storybooth Stars

When I was 10, I got pulled out of school.
I used to be a nerdy kid who loved sneaking my Gameboy onto the
playground to play Pokémon with my friends, and I would spend hours a day
writing stories. Now school was actually a pretty fun place for me. But it didn’t
take long before I started having problems with a classmate – let’s call him
Mike. To paint the picture here, I used to be way, way shorter than the other kids,
but this was not a problem for Mike, who even though we were about the same age,
was a full foot taller than I was. One day when we were on recess, he walked up and called me short, which I proceeded to call him big and dumb – or something
like that. I mean, obviously the details aren’t super important, right?
Needless to say, Mike was mad and I started running. Know I was in trouble,
I ran up to the jungle gym and was immediately trapped. Without saying a
word, Mike grabbed me by the neck and threw me
straight off onto the gravel below. Now I wasn’t really hurt, but when the teacher
came we both pretended like nothing had happened, which seeing as she just saw
the whole thing go down, didn’t exactly work out. When my mom came to pick me up from school later that day, my teacher pulled me aside with her and explained
that I had gotten into a fight with Mike. My mom did not like that at all and
decided that I should be pulled out of school and she started homeschooling me instead. I’m not gonna lie – I really, really hated it. I mean, I had friends at
school and now I hardly ever saw them. Instead, I was stuck at home studying
boring books all day, as opposed to studying boring books with my friends in
school every day, I guess? What I did have were my stories. Every afternoon, the
second I was done with schoolwork, I sprinted to our giant, old computer and
got lost writing story after story. It was all I really cared about, living out
fantasies of an awesome life and dreaming about being able to write an
actual book one day. This is pretty much how he spent the next few years until we
finally got the glorious Internet. Suddenly, I was online and there were
communities of other people everywhere who are just as passionate as I was
about writing, about creating these big and small stories to share with the
world. For most of my teenage years, I
legitimately thought I would become an author – that is until I discovered this
new website called YouTube. I started by narrating my stories and uploading them
to share with the friends I had made online. It felt just like it had when I
discovered other people who had shared my love of writing. Video just felt so
new. It was just different, and it was, it was exciting. It was just a really fun time.
Before long, one of my online friends pointed me in a different direction – tech
videos. I loved tech since my very first Gameboy,
and the idea that I could use my incredibly basic video skills got me
amped. I jumped headfirst into making YouTube
videos every spare minute I had – all of which I conveniently failed, you know,
mentioning this to my parents. After about a year and over a hundred videos, I
was finally accepted into the YouTube Partner Program and I was able to
proudly tell my parents that I had my first job – as a YouTuber – and of course I
had to explain to them what YouTube was. But, well, you know that kinda worked out,
I guess. Sometimes I think back to that day on the playground and wonder how
different my life would have been if I hadn’t gotten in that fight. As sad as I
was being homeschooled, I honestly don’t think I’d be the person I am today
without the time to really focus on my passion. But I mean, who knows – right?

Reader Comments


    Me: No I was here first!

    Kid: pushes me off

    Me: starts beating the shit outta him

    Kid cries

    Me: L

    Also me: I never got in trouble lenny

  2. Dang. If I would have gotten in a fight my parents would say


  3. My school says if we get in a fight like a big fight the principal presses charges. There was a group of girls fighting and they got in handcuffs and the principal pressed charges and they weren’t allowed to go to any other school in the county but yet these two boys just got in a fight 2 days ago and one pinned the other dude against the wall by the neck. But yet…they both only get suspended for 3 days…

  4. My mom and dad would not care if a was in a fight and did not start it they said that because they didn’t want me to be a pussy

  5. Fuck homeschooling its shouldn’t exist it is the reason there are social outcasts all over who never had friends as a child I was homeschooled and I haven’t even spoken to my parents since

  6. Austin: Gets into fight
    His mom: hippdy hoopidy you are my new property

    Me: gets into fight
    My mom: DoES SchOol LooK LikE MOrtAl KoMbat To yoU?

  7. I beat up a kid during recess in school once I was 9 he was 11 he kept picking on me every day he would hit me I was the quiet kid I had enough of course I didn't go all out but I did make him stop picking on me from then on I actually got confidence (you can hate on me it's okay)

  8. I get my temper easily I hate it
    Cause he got the blame
    And the bully is not in trouble
    Its just about the school they
    Give the blame to the victim


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