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a perfect spring day in seoul vlog | tea collective

Good moring everyone from seonjeongreung park these are Royal tombs. I believe I have brought you here before, I definitely have and today I am wearing this beautiful….. I’ll show you later but I’m wearing this beautiful summer hanbok thank god because it is so hot today these giant trees I told you about these huge ones these have cherry blossoms all over them so I’m just going to walk around, enjoy the summer weather and show you my beautiful outfit we’ve got a lot to do today so very excited and let’s begin {music: if you like it the credit is below… ‘TV Girl’} so the birds really want to chat in this vlog too so please excuse them this hanbok is from a luxury modern hanbok designer called ‘Ieesle’ they are located down in Jeonju and they make amazing modern takes on hanboks relatively more traditional this is a summer style as i metioned so this is like a short sleeve very light hanbok and this is a a full dress actually so these two pieces can be worn separately really beautifully, which is why I chose both of them but they also have like their winter, I wish I had heard about them earlier their winter and autumn clothing line is beautiful, she makes these coats that are very hanbok inspired and just the way that they are draped it’s just it’s so beautiful so they are a little bit expensive because they are all handmade so I’m very very honoured that they gifted these two items to me. But definitely if you’re looking for something really special, I mean’ you know me usually thrift, so when I got this I I literally could not believe how well made it was like it was just like they’re even these just these buttons alone like the amount of care and just craftsmanship that is put into this, like they are really beautiful items so definitely check them out and now we are heading to our next destination these birds do not want me to talk today, so I’m going to head to my next destination Let’s get some tea! {music} and just a side not about foriegners wearing hanbok I guess I was always really hesitant to wear hanbok when I went to Japan I was also really hesitant about wearing Kimono until my family (host family) bought me my own Yukata and it was a gift from them I typically don’t really like the Hanbok that people wear for dress up, because they are very not – they are just a costume the glitter and the sequins and all the gold that’s not that’s not normal, that’s not a typical hanbok but the fact that these were made with love and and in a very traditional. but unique way, it makes me feel a lot better about it and it’s… because it is definitely not a costume and honestly, just walking around I see, I see a lot of hate about it online from people who aren’t in Korea but honestly walking around, just in this park the amount of people who have said ooh you look so beautiful, oh you look so pretty. Just because of my hanbok is so high. so I think that people here really appreciate if you are clearly enjoying the culture and stuff like that, so just as a as long as. I think personally i think as long as you’re respectful about it I personally think it is okay, I would love to hear your opinions in the comments so far, my my hanbok has been okayed, by everyone in this park, so very happy. and now because I really really want to keep the dress in perfect condition and it is a very pale colour I want to wear it when I know that I am not going to get it dirty so I have changed into jeans onto our next destination! {music} I am so at peace, it is so beautiful, I’m so glad I came back once everything was green, because I went there back when it was kind of brown-ish haa, man, that is going to be my new favourite spot now lovely I wish it was cold enough for me to get a hot tea, because they are brewing situation looked really amazing but I had to get an iced drink I got the ‘sook’ milk tea which is…. sook is mugwort really delicious, tasted.. healthy. Which was nice but yeah, now we are going to go and check out some art mix the modern with the traditional here lets go! the cafe is also right next to Pledis Pledis, there it is so bonus, if you are a Seventeen fan music okay that is so funny. So first of all extremely enjoyed it. The mix of sketches, his finished work his sculpture work., everything they put it together wonderfully excellent exhibition, if you want to go see, you just come right into the Lotte Mall this huge thing that you can’t miss and go to the seventh floor but what I didn’t know so I just saw this artist and thought wow I would really like to go see his exhibition but what I didn’t realise is that as I was looking at his art, I started to think, ‘dang, where have I seen this before’ I have definitely, I know this style and then there was just one little figure in his in one of his pieces that, the way that the spine was bent, I was suddenly like oh my god, My Chemical Romance and so i quickly googled it, and he did all the artwork that I love for the black parade and I like, actually back in the day I thought about about getting the mother war his version of the mother war, tattooed on my body, which oohhff, but yeah, I had no idea I don’t know how that slipped my mind and I forgot it but wow what an interesting connection. Very glad that I went and I’m going to get on the bus and go home, it is really hot today I’m in a t-shirt and I am boiling, sweating hard, so what a very lovely afternoon I have had it is very bright so I am going to put down my camera catch you later! our last stop is a little cafe that just opened and it is run by a foreign couple I guess, whoa what is going on behind me, anyway, we are going to stop and see what their desserts are and then I’m going to sign off so yeah, that is a brand new cafe called ‘Evening Blue’ and it is run by a American husband and a Korean wife literally just opened and it looks delicious why don’t I try it now okay, let me give it a try, I got these salted caramel, they have some freaking weird flavours, they had bacon cheese they had red wine they had… one other weird one, they had one other weird one that was just ‘Salt’ yeah salt, so let’s try a ‘semi-normal’ flavoured one mmm, wow, the cookie the actual cookie the actual macaroon part is so good, it tastes like, almost like cookie dough its not a taste I have ever had from a macaroon before cookie excellent, middle? is thick! it is like taking a bite out of a hunk of butter oh wow, this is really good, its not too sweet at all dangerous to know that this is here, oh my gosh they also had a few that were shaped like teddy bears they had one really cool peach looking dessert basically, they specialise in desserts but their macaroons are their most famous they were super friendly really nice, tiny little cafe, but good to support a little local venture evening blue, I will link them down below as well now I’ve got to go inside it is super hot, I have some work to do I have to edit this video ASAP, and thank you for joining and thank you for joining me on this wonderful day, and links so everything I have mentioned my hanbok everywhere I went today will be in the discription box and catch you later! I am going to finish this Bye!

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  1. Thank you for another wonderful video!! That hanbok was absolutely lovely and you looked gorgeous in it! Definitely will check out everything in this video (as usual) – your eye for beautiful things never fails to amaze me!!

    Have a great rest of the week!! ^^

  2. I JUST ordered from Leesle last week 😭😭😭
    But yes, seriously all beautiful. I had such a hard time choosing.

  3. Thank you for showing beautiful korea which I didn’t know how beautiful it is.even I live in korea.I really enjoy your video😆

  4. Wow the hanbok was beautiful! Everything was beautiful! Just wanted to let you know that the Leesle link doesn't work, I think you forgot to add .co in the link 😊

  5. The designs from Leesle are stunning. The hanbok looks good on you, even with just the jacket and your jeans! Thank you for your recommendations and I’ll definitely visit the Lotte Museum next time. That exhibition looked amazing!

  6. I love your vlogs, theyre so calming 🥰 I’m going to Seoul in May and I can’t wait to visit all the places you mentioned!

  7. I felt the same way about wearing my ao dai in Vietnam. They love when foreigners wear their traditional dresses but I've seen some foreigners who adapted the style to be…less…traditional and more…revealing. Which just irks me. But to each their own…I wholeheartedly agree that you shouldn't just get an ao dai/hanbok etc as a glitzy souvenir but if you appreciate the culture and respect the tradition I think it's a beautiful tribute 🙂

  8. The hanbok is beautiful and suits you so well!! Love that it's actually two pieces and that the dress has pockets! Also, what an ideal day… really wish I could visit the exhibition as well and go to that café! I was in Korea around this time last year for spring semester and I wonder if I will ever not feel super nostalgic about it haha

  9. Omygosh. First off, thank you for another enjoyable vlog <3. Second, I am already loving all the different outfits from the Leesle website. I will def be getting a dress =)

  10. Cari you are so beautiful wearing your hanbok dress! I will deffinitelly check them out its just so beautiful and you wearing it omg! Even more!:)) and also thank you for the cafe tip, their deserts look amazing!:)

  11. Hey Cari~ I wanted to tell you your vlogs always make me so so happy~
    I came back from Korea last year in August after staying there for one year and i think there hasn't been one single day i didn't miss it, especially now when spring arrived! But your vlogs always bring a part of korea into my home and being able to experience it through your vlogs with you is just such a wonderful thing~ it really brightens up my day every time~
    Also you look sooo pretty in that hanbok!! one of my regrets was not buying a modern hanbok when i was in seoul so i clicked on that link to leesle so fast! 😀 Thank you so much~

  12. I agree with everything you said about hanboks, especially what you said about the ones you can rent around the palaces being costumes. I’m half Korean/Norwegian but don’t have a hanbok, only a Norwegian Bunad, and while Korea is obviously more ethnically homogeneous than Norway, you see Norwegians (and foreigners/immigrants) of all ethnicities wearing the national dress here. No one is telling you can’t wear a bunad if you don’t have blue eyes and blonde hair….so like you said, if you genuinely love the culture and/or the country, people are just happy if you wear the national dress😊

  13. Cari…the Tea Collection is sooo prettyyyy and the flavours of the macarons sounds scary! ahhahahah

  14. Oh my God! This vlog brought me so much JOY 😍💕 The flowers, trees, your beautiful dress, tea, art, everything :') 👏

  15. 개량한복은 잘못된표현임 한복이 구려서 개량했다라는 일제시대 식민사관이 들어간 한복을 격하시키는 표현임
    생활한복이라고 표현해야함
    한복만드는사람, 입는사람 알고 있어야함

  16. I was not expecting the jeogori to look that good matched with more modern items that weren’t specifically designed to go with it, but it looks amazing. I fell in love with modern hanboks awhile ago and told myself it was something I could treat myself to in the future. That time has not come, but I don’t know what I’ll do with myself in the meantime now that I’ve been reminded!
    I’m curious, do you think if you were to move from Korea in the future you would continue to use your modern hanbok pieces as daily wear?
    Also, I completely understand the pockets excitement. I buy thrifted clothes online because my health makes it hard to shop in person, but my first thrifted skirt and dress both had pockets. It will never get old.

  17. Literally the best thing about these vlogs: You do so much alone and it's freaking AMAZING. So many people would never do that and miss so much in life just because they want to do everything in groups but my gosh this is very motivational ♡♡♡♡♡

  18. Oh, wow… I followed Leesle on instagram for some time. So amazing you just mentioned them ^^ I was really into that design and of course this "traditional vibe". Hanbok aesthetic is so beautiful and all of these pieces are just amazing! I think yours is super pretty and it looks nice on you 🙂
    I agree with you that as long as we are respectful, it's okay to wear hanbok like this and I think most of Koreans appreciate that ^^ As we enjoy and share their culture in this way – isn't it great? 😀 haha

  19. Your hanvok is so pretty. I think if like you said be respective when wearing traditional clothing than it should be fine. Sometimes I think the people getting upset are not from say Korea or Japan, if Koreans or Japanese are not upset by foreigners wear traditional clothing than no one else should be. That Tea Collective you went to is so beautiful, it reminded me of something out of a really amazing sci-fi movie. I'm so happy spring has finally come, everything is green and colorful once again. Thanks for the brilliant vlog. Have a Happy Easter!

  20. the hanbok is absolutely beautiful 😍 so simple but so so pretty! also that one café at the top of the building was amazing! omg it looked like it was a continuation of the park down below 💖💕💗💖

  21. I really enjoy watching your vlogs! Not only are they super relaxing to watch and inspiring; but they also add places to my list of places I’d like to go to next time I’m in Korea 🙂 thank you~

  22. I don't know how many times (while watching your vlog) I've been thinking 'ok, that's it… I'll just pack my bags, take my passport and hop on the next flight to Seoul' – and I know I've said this lots of times before but you have the talent to capture the mood/vibe of certain places or situations is just perfect!
    And that hanbok looks absolutely gorgeous on you! I like the soft, natural style of it. Just checked their IG and omg their colorful pieces are just as pretty as the more natural ones. I'll definitely try to save up money and get one when I'm visting Korea (hopefully real soon).

  23. Wonderful vlog 😭😭😭 wish I was there. I’m adding many of the places you show in a list of things I want to visit

  24. The complaints definitely come from the issue of non-Koreans discriminating against Koreas but then picking and choosing which parts are cool just because of ~aesthetic~ which obviously wouldn't be an issue in Korea. You're wearing it with pride and respect and that's definitely appreciation, and not appropriation :))

  25. While i was i watching u introducing the hanbok, david hasselhoff intruded to introduce his happy socks. Very bizarre

  26. James Jean is an awesome person. My older brother went to art school in Italy. But was in New York one time, ended up becoming friends with James. When I had my first stroke, I couldn't move or get out bed. All I could do is stare at the wall. My brother got James to paint me some wolves, to help me out. It hangs on my wall in my bedroom. Everywhere I go it goes. Nights I couldn't sleep, I would stare at it. I swore it was like they moved. When I'm down at times, it helps me out. He wrote such a sweet note for me. I'm glad you got to see his work.

  27. Oh my I love everything you did in this vlog. James Jean is one of my all-time favourite artists. Glad I could see this exhibit through your lens 🙂

  28. Today's video was so good. Everything from the vibrant blossoms and other flowers to that scenic tea house was just so therapeutic to watch. And the perfectly timed classical music with the exhibition really helped to create the mood

  29. Oh wow, the hanbok is beautiful!!!!! and the James Jean exhibition is awesome too, hope they show him here in the Netherlands sometime. It also kinda reminds me of Lauren Tsai's work (but his is more beautiful I think). Thank you for another super nice vlog, its like walking around in Korea myself :)!!!

  30. Cari, you maybe sleeping, but now it is very late and quiet early in the morning(?). I think I start my day by watching this beautiful, luxurious and elegant video. This is really satisfying!!

    It's also sad to see all the cherry blossoms falling off while the weather has been really warm lately and I live in the same Seoul! And it also seems that the beginning of summer is not far away ㅠ..

  31. Your hanbok is lovely! As for the cultural appropriation agreement I agree with your opinion. In most cases, unless it’s used in a disrespectful way most people of that culture aren’t offended. Most of the cases of actual cultural appropriation are related to those cheesy and disrespectful ‘sexy Geshia’ Halloween costumes or when a model is wearing a Native American head dress in a high fashion photos for no reason. It’s not from people enjoying and respecting cultures. Enjoy your hanbok! You look lovely!

  32. i’ve always been scared to wear a hanbok (like the one u have) out in public bc idk if koreans (idc about foreigners lol) but like idk i just didn’t want them to see me wearing it and think i look dumb or something lol 🤥🤥 but thank you! it’s nice to know they appreciate it, i guess i just always had bad anxiety about it

  33. That hanbok is soooo pretty and suits you so well!😍 I really love these ‚modern‘ takes on traditional clothing & that you can combine them with just normal clothes. Just checked out their page and they have amazing pieces. I‘m in love. Also that cafe/tea room….the view is beautiful…..definitely need to go there 🙂

  34. I want to go to Korea so bad! So many things to do, and I love how you are all by yourself and still have such a good time! I have one question for you, I hope you see this but do you record only with your phone or do you use a digital camera? Because every time you pass by a mirror I see your iPhone there! Just curious!

  35. Omg I loved this vlog! Your hanbok was super cute. I’m actually really excited that you went to James Jean’s exhibition! I was happy to be able to experience his art through you. I purchased his Descendants pin sets and I really love them. I’m glad you mentioned he did the art work for The Black Parade! I couldn’t figure out where I had seen his style before. MCRmy rise~ 🖤

  36. I was thinking of asking how the locals there reacted to a foreigner wearing hanbok but then you've already answered it hehe.Thanks.

    I'm from the Philippines and we do have a national costume too (we call it Filipiniana) and they make modern ones too here. I only got to wear those in my elementary/high school days, or on choral competitions but I always wanted to wear the modern ones (too expensive too). I must say, when I see foreigners wear our national costume (even the modernized ones), I feel proud and thankful that they wanna wear it. 😁 So that's probably how the Koreans felt too when they saw you wearing hanbok (plus you are really pretty!).

    I knew of Leesle thru one of the Youtubers I follow, checked them out before coz I really wanted to buy modern hanboks but yeah, they are so expensive… I guess I will be able to buy one now, thanks to you!!!

    Lastly, I just wanna say that I loooooove your videos so much! Thanks and more power!💜💜💜

  37. Cultural appropriation occurs when you position yourself as a culturally “superior” or “enlightened” being and objectify foreign cultural symbols as, literally, cultural objects to consume merely for entertainment. Obviously from the context of her channel, she’s not condescending to Korean culture, so, no, I don’t call it appropriating my culture lol (btw your video is so aesthetically calming…… if you know what I mean)

  38. Never been to Jeongneung Royal Tomb. 🌸Wow it looks great ! Love your hanbok, great on you 🤩 Lots of cool places to check out ! How do you know all these places haha awesome ! Love your channel 👍🏻

  39. I wanted to see this exhibition so badly!! I saw a lot of posters about it when I was in Jamsil so I get so curious! I'm so glad you did something about it! Plus I'll definitely go to this beautiful coffee shop, it looked so peaceful I love it! I'll probably go there this weekend to study my upcoming exams ahah Plus, have you been to Seoulism and Blüte already? Because as you love chilly coffee shops I was wondering if you knew those two~

  40. That hanbok is gorgeous and omg I love when you used it as a jacket with the jeans!! Argh this vlog was on point and so aesthetically pleasing

  41. Don't ever stop doing what you do with this channel, I love it and you as a person, whenever I want to relax I just go to your channel and binge watch videos of just you showing us how you see the world.. You make it look magical with your aesthetics. Keep up the good work <3

  42. Your Handbook is very pretty yet simple, I totally love it!! I tend to feel shy wearing traditional clothing of another country in general, but it's good to know that Koreans appreciate that 🙂 thank you again for sharing with us something new, really enjoyed it & would like to follow same footsteps whenever I get the opportunity to visit S.Korea!!

  43. I really like your hanbok!!! So nice and refreshing, simple but also very stylish. Already starting to make a budget to buy one ;P
    Also, Those trees and flowers are so beautiful 🌸 make us want to go outside and enjoy the most of it when we can~~
    Thanks for your videos~

  44. your videos are such a treat to watch, there’s something indescribably beautiful and soothing about them! your hanbok is stunning 💓 also the tea collective & exhibition look incredible, thank you for capturing them so well & for sharing!

  45. cari ~ the hanbook looks amazing on you ~ im moving to korea in june~ will be the code still available? i will buy something for sure ♡

  46. Oh, that modern hanbok looks awesome on you! No wonder, the people in the park say you look beautiful, you do, especially with this colour in combination with your beautiful hair. 🙂

  47. Thank you for sharing one of your favorite parks with us. It proved to be an enjoyable place to wander this morning.

  48. In Korea currently enjoying the last bit of spring and I just wanted to say thanks for your wonderful content ❤️ I met friends here through your videos and the community they provide and we took a lot of ideas for what to do from your vlogs 🙂
    Have a great day everyone! 🌸

  49. You're so cute in that hanbok! Loved it! Would love to buy one for myself too or definitely something from her line!

  50. as a Mexican/Japanese person, I sometimes do feel offended when big brands (cof h&m cof f21 cof) use other cultures traditional clothing to create their when. but when its produced by the locals in a more modern way I really love it!! It just depends whether the person who creates it actually knows and respects the traditional version

  51. Traditional hanbok is beautiful. The new style traditional hanboks take away all the beauty of them. I really like modern hanbok too. I have so many modern pieces. I actually had a modern hanbok penguin dress made for me.

  52. 7:09 harry potter? 👀 much respect hehe, i just recently re-read the entire series (at 24 years old), never too old for harry potter <3

  53. Whaaat? I went to the James Dean exhibition a week ago and I had no idea he did the art for The Black Parade!

  54. Like your outfit very much. Luv the last pieces of the art. The colors used in the art amazing/vibrant.

  55. i love the way you approach the subject, you generally are quiet respectful of the clothing and culture and educate yourself on it, the problem arises when people do it for "aesthetic" and wear it as a costume whilst disregarding the culture and the meaning behind the clothing so kudos to you

  56. lovely dress. Modern HanBok for women looks awesome. You also can see hundred of girls wearing that dress at palaces in Seoul.
    By the way, you really well know about Seoul in and out. I've never been such a nice spot before, even I've lived in Seoul so long time. 🙂

  57. Can you please make a video about your favorite coffee shops and where they are located? In example, coffee shops that are for aesthetic pics and ones that have the best tea and sweets???? Would be so nice ^^

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