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A new inclusive playground for Waitara Park

We’re loving it. We’re here for five minutes and we’re loving it already. It’s great, they’ve done a great job. There’s excellent areas for small kids, big kids. We love it! It’s awesome! I live in an apartment which makes it harder for me. That’s why when I hear about the park I feel like, oh wow, that’s good for them to run around and have fun. Just for the safety aspect for my son with his special needs. He’s got dyspraxia so he falls and tumbles and he’s uncoordinated a lot. So I need to make sure that it’s safe for him to play. This is about creating open space and communities, but more importantly open space that is accessible, regardless of people’s age or ability. I think that it’s very cool because lots of different people can come here. It doesn’t mater if they’re different they can still come and play.

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