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A day in my life Hello Spring @San Francisco | Startover, Japanese Cheesecake | ASMR Cooking Vlog

In 2020, one-twelfth of the time passed. The fig tree in the house has saved energy through the winter All ready to go As getting older, I don’t oversleep in spring sleep any more I quit lazy on weekends, always get up early As the saying goes that one-year plan lies in spring, and the one-day plan lies in morning It’s better to plan in spring This year, I plan to get a California landscape architect license, and now I only have one final exam California plant atlas is really suitable for reading in spring Beef Potato Curry + Rice Cake What kind of cuisine is this? Got roommate approval Walking out in spring will unconsciously hum the nursery rhymes learned as a child Where is spring♪ Where is spring♪ Spring is in that green mountain forest♪ There are red flowers here♪ There is green grass here♪ And the little singing yellow cricket♪ Time for snack Hayes Valley Salt & Straw handmade ice cream shop Here my favorite flavor is sightglass coffee I’ll try a new flavor today – strawberry tres leches Spring breeze Dusk, picturesque If you ask, what was my biggest gain last year The answer may be that I learned to challenge the unknown in life Action, is more important than planning Don’t make perfectionism an excuse for procrastination We tend to better ourselves through continuous reflection and adjustment in action I learned it as I started using vlog to record life three months ago I learned it as I started challenging Japanese Cheesecake now The last time I made cakes was a few years ago. That’s a birthday cake for someone This time the cake is for myself=D Hope it will succeed! First time trying water bath baking method Hercules help Make tea and wait Uh, the cake tastes so-so But I silently summarized at least three ways to improve Give it another try next time I ate too much today, so I only had a salad for dinner Thank you for listening to my story=)

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  1. Thank you for watching, please let me know your thoughts!
    🌈How to turn on 【ENGLISH SUBTITLE】?
    For smartphone: On the top right screen ➡️tab[︙] ➡️ tab[CC] ➡️ turn the subtitle [ON]
    For computer: On the bottom right screen ➡️click [gear icon⚙] ➡️ turn the subtitle [ON]

  2. Quality of your videos are seriously amazing. Watched it early today and watching it again whilst making dinner! Appreciate the hard work and all the details <3

  3. Hey guys, did you check out the spring scenes of San Francisco at 2:32? THAT background music is my nursery rhyme (very mesmerizing ha). Also my first try on Japanese cheesecake at 3:48. Personally I really enjoy watching this part. Hope you like it too! Enjoy!

  4. OMG I love your lovely videos. It makes me relaxed 🥰 Thank you so much for visiting my channel. I subscribed your channel.

  5. Ok, I finally got a chance to leave you a comment! First of all, I didn’t know you guys have beared papa in SF! And was that your cheat day? You had lots of sweets on that day, huh?! 😋 I love your Camera work as always. And also your music choice is excellent for the spring vibe. Your cheese cake looks great although you said it’s so so, I’d like to taste it. I like people who value simple and cozy life and enjoy sunlights and greenery. I like the footage that you’re shopping yourself from the ice-cream shop. Thanks for sharing 😊❤️

  6. I so love your vlog, being able to hear the sounds is like I am right there with you, your transitions between scenes are so seamless too. 🥰 your dish is so pretty and looks amazing!

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