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8 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners – Easy Workouts at Home HIIT Beginner Workouts Routine

hey everyone I’m coach Kozak and I’m
Claudia and this is a 8 Min Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners Easy Workouts at Home HIIT Beginner Workouts Routine this workouts
great for both men and women of a beginner fitness level now I’m going to
do some of the harder moves today but they’re still beginner oriented and
Claudia’s going to do some of those more low-impact movements today there’s
absolutely no equipment required but if you want to increase the intensity then
you can grab a couple of light hand weights water bottles or a couple light
dumbbells I’m going to use a two pound pair of dumbbells but again totally not
required we’re going to burn a bunch of calories today try to keep you motivated
along the way let’s get this thing started
we’re moving into either a lateral Juke or a side step so Claudia’s version is
definitely a little more lower impact where mine is a little higher impact you
decide which one is right for you today we’re not going to count any repetitions
today we’re just going to get as many reps in as we can in a lot of time
period now I’m replacing this middle foot putting the weight back on my hips
moving side to side and I just have my weight in my hips and I’m just doing a
little simple tota tap path and back that’s the name of the game on those one
arms moving in the air here exactly so throughout today’s workout I want you
to choose which version either Claudia’s or mine is right for you and if moving
your arms is too much just leave them down to your side again we encourage you
to really make this workout your own and we have five more seconds of this one
and three two one zero okay so next we’re going to do is a one two three
fourth literally just stepping forward and back this is one of the only
movements today where Claudia and I are going to be doing the same one really
just move at your own pace she’s feeling great fly through it if you’re certain
to get out of breath already take it easy making sure to breathe
along the way I want you to stay light on those balls of the feet and you’re
just going one two three four four two and back it’s all we’re doing
pretend like you’ve a rope or a line line in front of you and you just
stepping over that and back nice work keep it up breathe not much time left
nice work keeping a move in almost there and five four three two one and done
okay we’re moving on to a wall climber so it’s opposite side arm and knee
coming up I’m going to do mine with the hospital as I reach up Claudia is just
going to bring that knee up and this one is good enough even without the jump you
might not be able to bring your knee quite as high as mine but that’s okay
just bring it up as high as you can you’ll get a little bit better every
time consistency is key on this one you got
to do this one four or five more times before you can graduate to the next one
all right that’s right keep on coming back getting better every time you ever
go four five four three two one and break okay moving on to either a lunge
back and curl or a step back and curl so you see the difference in what we’re
doing with our lower bodies I’m coming down to both knees at a 90 degree angle
and pop them back up Claudia is just stepping back with a little bend in her
knee and then coming back to starting position alternate legs left then right
making sure to breathe nice work everybody keeping it up yep that’s the
pace we’re going to go just a short workout today’s we’re going to get a lot
done in a short period of time and you got five more seconds left that’s it
four three two and one all right we’re gonna I’m going to do a good
old-fashioned jumping jack next we’re Claudia is going to do a butt kick back
to see the difference mine’s a little higher impact where Claudia’s is
definitely gonna be a little friendlier on your joints if you need that for if
ethics concern and if you need to drop your hand way
for your water bottle do it because I can see where this home might be just a
little bit of a challenge but I’m going to hang on to mine for now again making
this work out your own about getting a little bit better every time coming back
just improving so it’s all about there it is come on get after it guys not much
last couple month left and five four three two one alright so we’re starting
with our arms up on this next one I’m going to do a toe touch coming down
better my knees weight my hips alternating Claudia is going to touch
your knees side to side so again you decide which one is right for you the
great one for your flexibility camp if you can’t quite get down to your toes
stop at your knees or maybe your shin again just trying to get a little bit
further every time you come back it’s all about that improvement guys come on
and you know about that that’s why you’re here why you’re here today
there’s a reason why you’ve made it this far in already because you know you have
a goal and you have to work to get at you’re going to achieve it and I take
that work you’re putting that in right here guys right here
come on get after it give me five more seconds on this one and three two one
nice okay we’re going into a high knee pulled out so not a difference between
Claudia’s moving in mind both doing the same one reaching up pull down way to
contract those ABS like you’re crunching oh pull it down squeeze those bad slowly
we’re starting to feel like you feel it yes ma’am
make sure you’re moving at your own pace trying to keep up with either one of us
nope just getting a little better on your own right here come on getting
after it focus on what motivates you focus on what brought you here today
what is it think about it I should be that first thing you’re thinking about
when you wake up in the morning and the last thing you’re thinking about when
you would have come on get after guys let’s get not
leave those eggs how much left in 5 4 3 2 1 okay so we’re going to set our
weights down for the next one not needed we’re going to the wall we’re
going to do a jumping wall pushup now I’m going to move my feet a little
further back clouds going to be a little closer to the wall but we’re jumping up
off the walls going to full push-up and then a floating and pushing back so
close to your feet are to the wall the easier this one will be you decide which
one’s right for you to start close and then move your adjust your feet if you
need to move a little closer move a little further back for more of a
challenge and when you’re doing it make sure that you’re not reaching your head
to the wall but instead reaching that check then and at the elbow getting
those elbows to a 90-degree angle before you float back up nice work guys getting
that upper body from working today hit it not much left give me 10 more
seconds on this one breathe and push you got it right there right there
and 5 4 3 2 1 nice what do we have left next we had last one so Claudia’s just
going to do a Wood chop I’m going to do a squat in which I need your weights
again so I’m going to squat and we’ll chop on the same side and I’m just going
to be in a little bit of a quarter squat she’s going to hold me yeah hold that
position with her weight back in her hips keep your core nice and tight we’re
going half and half on each side so you’re sliding down and use that
energy from your legs for state just using your core by the way you’re
getting a good burn whichever way you’re doing I’m starting to feel that with
some size and switch other side no good all right almost bare yeah getting close
there every rep guys getting closer every rep come on hit it
you got it three give me five more seconds on this method that’s it three
two one and break excellent work thank you my dear huh giving you guys a
virtual high five virtual high five boom good job thank you so much for
working out with us today do you like this workout make sure you give it a big
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yes please reach out be our friend thank you so much for working out with us
today I’m coach Kozak I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

Reader Comments

  1. Lol I'm kinda ashamed to admit this,😅but this is definitely my level. I really need to take my time to getting back into working out,so thanks for this. Maybe I'll try a 15 minute one later😊

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  3. Love this! It is sooo hard to find a low impact beginners workout!! Everyone I find is jumping up and down and doing backflips on their beginners workout lol

  4. I have a quick nutritional question to help with my weight loss, answer if you can Thanks. So I'm 5'8" 235 pounds so im obese, and I was wondering if I should count macros or just calories first starting off since I have so much weight to lose. I am going to try and do some of your 450-500 calorie burn workouts about 4-5 times a week. But by only counting my calories and not my macros will that make a big difference in my weight loss considering how much I have to lose?

  5. HASfit Hi.I wanted to ask a few questions regarding the 30 day teenage workout program that are that should I do the old dynamic warm up that is linked there or some other one?The cool down workout linked there is a bit too long.I know that a cool down is important but can you suggest some other cool down video that will be suitable for teenagers?

  6. I dunno if it was wise, but I did this after doing the 20 minute back workout and my arms were hurting… 😂

    Nevertheless, Im starting to go back to working out after 5 months of lull… so this was real neat!

  7. How to Lose Weight Fast:
    1) Eat a high-protein breakfast. …
    2) Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice. …
    3) Drink water a half hour before meals. …
    4) Choose weight loss-friendly foods (see list). …
    5) Eat soluble fiber. …
    6) Drink coffee or tea. …
    7) Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods. …
    8) Eat your food slowly.


  8. Can you please throw some light on how your calorie calibration is based upon ? Should we do any adjustments for ourselves based on our weight or Is what you mention universal for all weights and ages ?

  9. Awesome workout! I like the different levels of intensity you both did and how you both motivate the viewers!

  10. I really like this routine. Since I'm obese (not for long 😉) I can't perform a lot of routines but this one is strong enough for make me sweat, elevate my heart rate and make feel that I'm doing something! Thanks guys! I admire you! Blessings

  11. today was my first day… some questions
    1)should I repeat the sets again the same day?
    2) if needs to be repeated how much gap should be there between the sets of this 8 minutes exercise

  12. I just tried this and I love it, thank you so much. at my age it's getting harder to do the longer cardio step workouts, but this is something I can fit in to my daily routine, at least three times a day. my heart rate increased and I got a sweat going so it's all good. Thanks again x

  13. hey guys, I was up at this morning, doing this again. my legs and butt are really feeling it, even now 4 hours later. I never had this after an hour long step cardio session. I've just seen the abs workout and I'm gonna incorporate it in with the other workout. I want to thank you both again, fantastic video's x

  14. Thank you so much. It was a great start (again) for me after a long term not going to the gym. Your encouragement and your simple workout really helped me get over my laziness 🙂

  15. " Tony Buoi Sang " brings me here. Really good, thank you!!!
    ( )

  16. awesome guys, thank you. realistic and achievable for any weight and many physical limitations…subscribing. 🙂

  17. Thank you!!! That was great! Enough to build myself up and not too long where my kiddos get jealous for not playing with them. I know if you added a cool down, it would no longer be 8 min, but I look forward to finding a vid with one.

  18. This is exactly what I was looking for! Perfect for monitoring my stamina and easing back into working out. Thank you guys so much!

  19. I used to jog about 30 miles a week, but had a heart incident at age 37, and haven't been okay since that time, two year ago. I've been trying to slowly get back into shape after this long period of inactivity, but I've been very frustrated by how everything just seems so hard, when it was all once so easy. Then I found this channel. I feel like these beginner videos are exactly what I need to help me get started again. Thank you!

  20. Hey guys thanks 👍 your pep talk has kept me coming back for 3 weeks in a row lol. I lost 6 pounds the 1st week and 9 pounds the 2nd and so far 7 for the 3rd. 👍 My goal is to hold the water bottles from beginning to end and i do the workout 5x. It's really challenging and looking forward to graduating to the next level. 👊🤛

  21. This was so perfect and great for an old obese woman who trying to get fit. This is literally the first video that I could do and show just how uncoordinated I am. I think this is something I can stick to until I get better, no I know I can stick to it. Thank you.

  22. Just finished my third 8 minute workout and starting to feel better. Working great after my 20 minute lower back Rehab video.

  23. Hey guys! Here's an update….i been doing my workouts with you long enough to get into good enough shape to have a baby…..expected in September! Thanks!!

  24. I so love this workout. I'm just starting and it was perfect. I will check out the others as well. Thanks

  25. Never is late. I just found your channel. Love al this exercises. Good for me since i am a beginner. Thanks so much.

  26. First work out i've done in years. I had my 2nd baby 3 years ago and i quit smoking. I've gained about 50lbs. This work out was perfect i was following the easier moves with the water bottles l almost didn't make it. I figure i'll keep doing this every day until it gets easier then i'll bump it up. Plus my 3 year old was able to follow along. Thanks

  27. Thanks for posting! Today was really a super low impact but workout day for me…I walked 3mi and then came did this video with ultra modifications, but I kept going and finished! Thanks

  28. Just what I was looking for to start a new journey. At this time I am dieting and now have a great exercise to go with it. My starting weight right now here is 210 lbs. My goal is 155 lbs. I CAN DO IT !!!!! Thank you

  29. Thank you for this workout. I am a driver, and am on the road for many hours at a time. I have been really exhausted lately, and realized I need to get back into the exercise game. This low impact workout is just the ticket to get me back into a regular routine, and the time it takes to complete it is just right for my busy schedule. I love it. Thanks guys. Cheers! 🙂

  30. Thank you so much for this video… I have been struggling with a heart condition and heart palpitations. I've been needing to strengthen my heart with a low intensity workout and this workout was so perfect I cant wait to get back into shape. ❤

  31. i’ve recently started to work out, and this video is one i do every day! (sometimes even twice a day) thank you guys!”

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