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7 Minute Basketball Dribbling Workout At Home! [New 2018]

Hi, I’m Jon from and
in this video we’re going to do a seven-minute dribbling workout that you
can do from home and it’s unlike many outdated training methods that are
common today, because you’ll be able to do this workout right along with me on
video. You won’t have to take notes on the drills and then go read the drills
off a sheet of paper and try to remember how I demonstrated the drill. You won’t
have to do that! Instead, just press play and do the workout right along with me
on video. Does this sound good? Well, go ahead and
grab two basketballs and get ready, because it’s coming up next! As you go through this workout, count your successful number of repetitions. Then
set a goal for a higher rep count the next time you do this workout. Are you
ready to get started? We’re going to start this workout with two balls same.
Pound the balls knee high. Ready, set, go! Sit down low!
Eyes up. Make some noise with your dribble! Stop! Now we’re going to do 2-ball Alternate. Let’s go! Position your weight on the balls of your feet. Keep going hard! Sit down low! Eyes up. Dribble quicker! Stop! Now we’re going to perform the “Go”
drill with the hard crossover in front. Whenever I say “Go!”, cross both basketballs
over in front and be sure to alternate the direction of the ball that is
crossed closest to your body. Ready? Start dribbling knee high, let’s go!
Eyes up. Sit down low! Stop! Now we’re going to do the “Go” drill with the
between-the-legs dribble from the inside. When I say “Go”, drop, split, and pound your
main basketball between your legs from the inside while crossing your other ball
over in front, then bring your feet back to an even position and repeat under
your other leg. Ready? Keep counting your reps. Start dribbling! Eyes up!
Pound your dribble! Go! Sit down low. Go! Eyes up. Dribble harder! Sit down low. Pound Your Dribble. Pound it through your legs. Stop! Now we
have the “Go” drill with the V behind the back dribble. Cross your main basketball
behind your back while maneuvering both hands low below your butt and crossing
your other ball over in front. Be sure to alternate the direction of
your V behind the back dribble. Drop, split, and pound your dribble hard behind
your back. Start dribbling.
Pound it! Eyes up. Eyes up. Sit down. Pound it!
Stop! Now we’re going to do some one ball drills. When I say “Go”, push pull and cross
the ball over in front. Then knee-high dribble, and when I say “Go!”, push pull
crossover. Count one rep for each successful push-pull crossover. Ready?
Start dribbling the ball! Eyes Up! Be quick! Eyes up! Back flat! Pound
your dribble! Sit down! Be quick! Sit down!
Stop! Now we’re going to perform push-pull between the legs dribbles from
the inside when I say “Go!”. Ready? Start dribbling the ball knee high. Sit down. Put a 90 degree bend in your legs. Eyes up! Stop! Now we have the “Go” drill again, but this time we’re going to execute the
push-pull V behind the back combination. Ready? Start dribbling the ball. Eyes up! So, how many reps did you do? Go ahead and
write this down along with the date, and then set a goal for a higher rep count
than you were just able to achieve. This should help motivate you each time you
do this workout and it can also empower you to achieve skill mastery in the
skills we were drilling in this workout. This is a serious stationary workout and
I hope you brought the heat like a fire pit. Now, if you liked this workout, I think
you’re really going to like our free Crazy Handles Workouts DVD. This DVD
includes three instructional 20 minute workouts that you can do right along with me
on video. And we drill over 15 game tested moves in these workouts. To learn
more about this free DVD you can head over to, click the
link that’s on the screen right now, or click the link that’s in the description
of this video. So what was your favorite drill from this workout? Let me know in
the comments section below. Thanks a lot for watching, be sure to subscribe to
this channel if you’re new, and gain the Superhandles Advantage!

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  1. I do his drills everyday. No matter where I’m hopping I usually have the best handles in the gym! You gotta be in incredible shape to do these. Pound your dribbles go hard keep ya head up!! Go for it

  2. Great video this is what I need instead of going through the hassle of memorizing drills and timing myself and also can you do a video with one ball maybe

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