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7 Jump Rope Variations

>>MARK: Hey! It’s Mark Perry from I’m in New York City right now,
the east river is behind me and I want to show you one of
my favorite cardio exercise methods which is just using a jump rope and
the beauty of the jump rope is, it costs like 10 bucks, you can
do it anywhere and you can get a great work out. The one downside is that sometimes people
get really bored from just jumping in place so I’m gonna give you seven different types
of techniques you can use to kinda spice it up. and so I’m gonna start out with the basic
double, uh, just one hop, it’s just the standard jump rope in place,
then you can actually go from one to the other from right to left. As you can see
I’m hoping from my right to my left. The next one, is you are gonna do just one one foot at a time. so I’m
gonna do my right, and you can do 10 or 20, then you do left. Then you can do side straddles. Front straddles. Then you can do running in place and finally you can do double hops. I’m doing two at a time. and so there’re a lot of different
ways you can spice it up with the jump rope, I think it’s a
right exercise and hopefully these different types of techniques
will be helpful for you kinda keep it fresh.

Reader Comments

  1. @deeptheonlyone – Thanks for the comment. Let me know if any other videos would be helpful for you.

  2. @theAmazingShire – Yes, I can. The Pacquiao jump rope is very similar to alternating jumps between your right and left foot, what I call "right to left" in the video. It's a lot easier to sustain alternating between two feet than jumping with two feet at the same time. I used to warm up for 10 minutes of straight jump rope using the Pacquiao style before lifting weights, now I use dynamic warm ups. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Nice video man. I'd also like to know how people do the criss cross thingy with their hands while jump roping.

  4. @GemininimeG – I'm using the Valeo jump rope, I think it retails for $5-$10 bucks. The buddy lee aero jump rope is pretty awesome but is more expensive around $35.

  5. is jumping without a jump rope as effective as jumping with a rope? because i tend to trip over a lot it stops for a while but jumping without a jump rope i can just do it, but not sure if its as effective?
    Any respnse would be helpful thnx : )

  6. @paktungdraft – I don't think it's as effective, but just jumping up and down still is plyometric so you certainly are getting benefits. Part of the effectiveness of the jump rope exercise is that it requires coordination and a lot of stabilizer muscles to control the rope and the timing of the revolutions as you jump over it.

  7. Yes, I have seen Buddy Lee and I embedded a video of him on my website under an article entitled "7 Tips Tp Jump Rope Like A Pro"

  8. does it help to develope good shape calf muscle ?? .. and if i does how long does takes to get a good diamond shaped calf muscle like yours ? ? (Sorry for my bad english ) 😀

  9. Jump roping definitely helps develop the calves for sure. In terms of the specific shape of your calves, that is largely genetic, but through training you can make positive changes.

  10. But my Calves is Geneticly Bad …what exercise do you recommend for me to get them bigger and in good shape ?

  11. Calf raises with weights for 15-20 reps is your best bet in addition to some jump roping. Calves are very frustrating because some people have large calves purely based on genetics.

  12. I like the left to right movement, but ugh I never get it 🙁 oh well just gotta stay focused and practice

  13. I'm just starting out using a speed rope, everything else comes pretty naturally except for running in place. Any tips on that?

  14. the guy on the video jumps slowly .running in one place is easier if one jumps faster . it is even more fun to jump faster and run at the same time from one corner to another.i jump and run from one corner of a basketball court to the other and back etc…. the only drawback of jumping fast is shoulder pain .rest is very important and never jumps everyday .

  15. @MrFilmGarage – I use a Go Fit Pro Cable Jump Rope. It's a really durable jump rope that should withstand jumping outdoors on pavement.

    Kristin, CPT, CHC
    BuiltLean Coach

  16. @sirgerry: You can definitely benefit from pretend jump rope. Whether you have a rope or not, it's the jumping action that challenges your body and produces results. The jump rope can help improve your coordination and timing. It can also add variety to a jumping routine because you can play around with the tempo and movements when using a rope. If you don't have a jump rope, you can build a great workout using jumping exercises such as jumping jacks, squat jacks, pretend jump rope, etc.

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