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6 HIIT Workout At Home Moves | Trainer of the Month Club | Well+Good

– What’s up, it’s Meg
here with Well And Good Trainer Of The Month Club. So today we have six different
plyometric movements. Plyometric means that it’s
a total body, Hiit workout. Think speed, agility, and
really getting off the ground in an explosive way with
some of these movements. So for this first, full
round, like I said, six movement, 30 seconds each,
but on the isolated movements we’re gonna be using your left leg. Second round, we’ll use your right leg. So we’re gonna go ahead and
jump in to the first movement, one bounding jump into
backward high knees. (bell chimes) So big
jump, land in the squat, back into the high knees. Straight back, land,
high knees, tall posture. Now if you wanna modify, here,
jump up, high knees in place. Right here, up, high knees in place. And then if you’re doing
the bounding jumps. Big scoot, air squat, high knees. Last one here, land,
high knees. (air swoosh) So next we have pulse lunges,
(bell chimes) static lunges, just stay in place. Right here, back leg comes straight, front leg will be a little bit bent. So the goal is to really
use this left glut, coming up, to full extension,
torso stays upright here. 30 seconds, gotta little bit left. Now make sure that back leg
is coming all the way up. Last one, nice. Next up, hip extension jumps. These are tough so I’ll
give you a modification. Send your butt to your
heels, (bell chimes) right up to your feet. Back down, use that hip extension here, straight up, back down. Modification, stay in
the hole with the squat, stand up to full extension. Back down, stay in the hole, back up. Send your butt to your heels,
into that squat, nice job. So next up, (air swoosh)
burpee into a tuck jump. So here (bell chimes), hand release, tuck jump at the top, back down. Tuck jump, now if you don’t
wanna jump, totally fine. Just do the burpee into a small jump. Couple more here, last one. (air swoosh) Next up, two pulse lunges, (bell chimes) into a curtsy lunge. Left leg’s gonna be in front. Remember we’re using that left leg for this whole first round. Torso stays up, using this
glut, square to the side. Right back in it, nice job. Two lunges, last one here, good. We got one more movement. (air swoosh) So these are gonna be
your single leg RDLs. So (bell chimes) left
leg stays on the ground. All the way down, into a jump. Back down, into that jump. Now if you wanna modify,
put your foot down, jump up. Back here, jump up, you’re doing the RDL, leg comes up, jump through,
one more, and up.(air swoosh) So look, we’re gonna go
through those six movements one more time, 30 seconds each one. Second circuit here,
bounding jump, (bell chimes) back into high knees. Remember with your landing in
these jumps, be really soft. Allow yourself to really get agile, jumping through your toes on the way back. Really nice, tall posture,
remember if you’re modifying, you’re gonna come up, halfway, high knees. Hinge your hips back, hip
extension, high knees. If you’re doing the
jumps, heel to your toes. Last one, (air swoosh) remember
we’re switching to the right leg this round (bell
chimes), pulse lunges, right leg in front. Kiss the ground with your kneecap. All the way up to full extension. Make sure that your torso stays upright, your spine is in line with your neck here. So you’re really using that right glut. That’s what’s stabilizing
this entire movement. Face straight forward,
hips squared, almost there, and then we’re back into
your hip extension jumps. On the floor here (air
swoosh) (bell chimes), send your but to your heels, right into the squat,
back down, hip hinge, all the way up, be really
light with your feet. Allow the least amount of body weight to be absorbed into each one. If you’re modifying, step back, into the hole here in the
squat, stand up, last one here. And then we’re back into
your hand-release burpees, (air swoosh) into a
tuck jump (bell chimes), release your body weight. So these kind of burpees allow you to get full range of motion when it comes to developing push ups. If you wanna modify,
jump through your toes, both feet back, same
time, through your toes, nice job, almost there,
last one, nice.(air swoosh) Two pulse lunges (bell
chimes), into a curtsy lunge, right foot is in front, and side, so we’re using that right glut to really make that nice, tall posture. Remember kiss the ground
with your kneecap, try not to really hit the ground. Nice job, almost there, I
know you feel that right glut. And side, nice job. (air swoosh) Last one, using your
right leg. (bell chimes) Single leg RDL, into that jump. Back down, single leg, jump
through, if you wanna modify, reach back, right back
through that right leg. Barely hit the ground,
back up, RDL, jump up, touch the ground, jump up. Last one, (air swoosh) nice job. So those are gonna be my
favorite plyometric movements, six of them, 30 seconds each, two rounds, and these kind of work
out, so I really like, because it’s a great way to maximize a minimal amount of time. So all of these movements
recruit total body motion which means they’re compound,
using all the muscles in your body, so this
is gonna be really good for a burnout after a run. Or if you wanna string these
kind of body weight exercises with an ab workout, perfect exercises. Thank you so much for tuning in, and I will catch you next time. Can’t catch my breath.

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  1. I had maintained a weight loss of 90 pounds for the last 5 years until my daily routine was disrupted, now I'm struggling to adapt and lose the 25lbs. gained. I appreciate having the video to show proper form and to follow along with and subscribed because of the clear, no-frills manner in which it was produced. Keep up the good work.

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