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5 MIN LOWER BELLY FAT Tabata – No Equipment | Home Workout

Welcome to today’s workout today. We are playing no games We are doing a Tabata workout for lower belly fat or jumping straight into the warm up with butt taps suck your abs in pull your heel as close to your booty as You can if you don’t have a proper warm-up done pause the video check the description I have suggestions for you Get your warm-up in and let’s jump into the first exercise Our first move today is going to be cross jacks You’re going to jump your feet out Cross your legs at your ankles and cross your hands in front of you if you’re unable to do cross jacks do step jacks Which is the modification you see on the right? Alright, don’t think too hard. Let’s go. We’re going 20 seconds That’s what we’re doing on the left if you’re unable to jump exactly just like that You’re gonna cross your legs at your ankles when cross your arms in front of you. That’s good. Keep going Five more seconds. Hang in there. That was perfect. Catch your breath for 10 seconds Get ready we’re gonna combat Give me another 20 seconds glass Jack make sure your core is engaged that is beautiful go Raise your arms just a little bit. Very good. That looks good maintain that it’s just a few more seconds. You can do it You’re doing it almost there Perfect. Catch your breath again ten seconds Get ready we’re gonna come back Or another 20 seconds This workout is an amazing tablet a workout that will help you burn belly fat You see technically it burn fat all over your body But if you combine this with some other exercises that I have in my belly fat program, you cannot go wrong Catch your breath 15 seconds this time Enjoy this 15-second break because when we come back is gonna be 30 seconds Are you ready? Let’s go. All right, first move of the game you’re doing it That’s what’s up your abs in if you’re good. Keep those ABS nice and tight. They are supporting your body. We’re gonna do this Good good, raise your arms. Just a little very good You look amazing. I Like it. Keep going push through don’t worry about anything You have one job cross jacks or step jacks Depending on the level you’re doing that was beautiful. Catch your breath You have 30 seconds to recover and we come back while you’re catching your breath I just want to quickly mention that on my website I have planned your whole year of workouts for you January through December You never have to think about what workout to do ever again all the work done for you You also get access to my booty program You also get access to my 30-day challenge and my belly fat program, which is launching somewhere of 2019 All of this is available to you to try for free on cocoa fitness comm so go ahead check it out I think very glad you did Welcome back We are starting this round with but taps if you’re unable to do the version on the left do the modification on the right Pick your level and let’s go 20 seconds Welcome back we are going into what We like he’ll go see your booty as you can and go at your own lace. You can go faster or slower than moose I pick the level that goes for your body wing as quickly that looks good. Keep going Perfect catch your breath you have 10 seconds to recover Let’s go 22nd back make sure your core is engaged that means I want you pull your abs up in you’ll see your core is supporting to the body left Is your armor in that active position elbows bent of going very good you are doing awesome at this workout Like killing it Very good catch your breath You are almost done with this workout Almost done come back and give me your best work Twenty seconds. I think keep your arms bent in that active position Good is your core engage, right? Okay. Okay. Keep going This might even burn a little bit in your legs, that’s not a bad thing. That’s a good thing catch your breath After this you’re gonna have 30 seconds and you’re done with this workout that went by so fast Let’s go give me all the energy you have left your stories have cpg yourself. I want it all Doing good, keep moving keep breathing if you’re moving you are winning instead of going I Love that. Yes, you are doing it, right keep your arms active abs engaged legs moving Some people are about to not be able to recognize you by the time you’re done with your transformation Keep going and time you did it you Worked out today, and that is awesome. Thank you so much for working out with me today Check out my website if you haven’t done so already subscribe to my youtube channel, and I will see you in my next video

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  1. It would be nice if you could blend the music with your voiceover so that the music doesn't stop when you talk.

  2. This is random but anybody interested to be my fitness buddy. We will do it together to get to our goal weight / body

  3. For those who prefer music, here's what I do:

    I usually mute after the first round/listen to music since we have the example before each workout. Once you get acquainted with Kola's styles, it's easy enough to follow along without voiceover.



  5. I'm not sure if you have done already but can you do a video on breathing cuz i always find myself either holding my breath or panting??

  6. I did this and before I started this workout I was 125.6 and after I was 125.2 this actually works!!! Thanks for helping !!

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