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5 Min ABS WORKOUT – No Equipment Home Exercises

Welcome to today’s workout today. I have the ab workout that is gonna change yo life Let’s get started with a very quick jog in place If you do not have your warmup done yet pause the video check the description box. I have recommendations there for you Otherwise just jug with me all fancy-like because this workout is about to get real. You’re gonna love this one. It’s so good you Look good. Are you doing something different? You look good. Let’s get started. Yes. Yes. Yes We are going to the floor. These are called pulse drops. We’re gonna do this on both legs The secret is to control your leg when you’re taking it down and do not let your heel touch the floor. Let’s go Very good now, make sure your lower back stays on the mat. You don’t want to arch your back This is not the time or the place Switch legs very good That looks awesome when you raise your leg up to the ceiling you pulse Very good. Take it down back up. Pulse take it down control your leg by contracting your abs You’re doing awesome that went by really fast. We’re going straight into crust crunches. You’re still on your back Your lower back is still on the mat and you’re just raising one knee at a time and touching your elbows to your knees Make sure you are engaging your ab muscles as you do this That is perfect when you take your leg down make sure your foot is flat on the mat Awesome. Oh so good. You are killing it. I love it. Keep going Just keep going. You can do it. There you go. Just a few more seconds. It’s gonna be over before you realize Less than five seconds to go That was fantastic Next up we have straight leg sit-ups It’s exactly what it sounds like if you’re unable to keep your legs straight. You can bend your knees like a regular sit-up Remember to contract your abs as you sit up it’s intense, but it’s worth it. You are worth it Keep your arms at your side your palms should be sliding up and down your thigh. Mm-hmm You’re doing awesome after this You’re gonna get a quick break and we’re gonna come back and do two more exercises and the workout is complete This goes by so fast Contract your abs sit up go back down do it again. Make sure you’re doing it when that timer hits zero. You’re almost there Awesome, go ahead and take a quick 30 second recovery while you’re catching your breath I just want to quickly mention that on my website I have planned your whole year of workouts for you January through December You never have to think about what workout to do ever again all the work done for you You also get access to my booty program You also get access to my 30-day challenge and my belly fat program, which is launching somewhere of 2019 All of this is available to you to try for free on kabocha fitness comm so go ahead check it out I think you’ll be very glad you did Welcome back. We are taking it to the streets with track steps You’re going to be in a plank position, but you don’t just stay there You’re stepping your feet in and here you are going for speed Your goal is to move as quickly as your body will allow you to go Step step step steps one two, one two, one two, one two, one two one two forward march soldier You are doing so well. Just keep pushing. Keep going. Don’t stop. Can’t stop won’t stop But wait, how does that song even go? Just keep stepping you’re doing great suck your abs and keep that core engaged Last move of the day we have regular Regular sit-ups if you struggle to keep your legs stable during sit-ups find a chair find something to tuck your toes underneath it will help keep your leg stable so you can focus on using your core to raise your upper body I Know it’s 45 seconds, but it’s also the last move of the day and guess what the timer is just a suggestion So do what you got to do, but do your best That looks awesome contract your abs to sit-up Control your body this is not about speed at all. It’s all about control this particular movement. Ah, There you go. You’re getting it engage your core This whole workout is focused more toward toning Make sure you also combine it with some cardio exercises to help burn fat. Keep an eye on your diet Keep being flawless keep being gorgeous. I love you you worked out today you did that nobody else, but you ah Yes, thank you so much for working out with me today Tell your friends and family about kabocha fitness subscribe to my youtube channel and I will see your fire beautiful gorgeous sit up straight leg crusts crunch pulse dropping South in my next video

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