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5 Exercise Ideas For When You’re At A Playground

The first exercise we’re going to do — if
you’re hanging out at the jungle gym with your kids, you can do some box jumps
onto the platform. just find an elevated platform that’s maybe
twelve inches off the ground. Higher is harder. What you’re going to do, is you’re going to start
in a squat besides that platform. You’re going to jump up and forward onto the platform,
and land in a squat as softly as possible. You’re going to aim for 10 to 15
repetitions of that, and that’s going to focus mostly on your legs,
your glutes, your calves.
And it will also get your heart rate up. So, for the second exercise — say you’re watching
your kids play a game of soccer, or in the sandbox. What you’re going to do,
is you’re going to use your bench to help you do inclined push-ups. First you’ll put your hands on either the
flat part of the bench, or on the back of the bench. And your feet are going to be on the ground,
you’re gonna be a little bit on your tiptoes. You want your body in a straight line. Second step — you’re going to lower your chest
to the bench, bending your arms. And then you’ll push yourself back,
away from the bench. That will be one repetition. You’re going to keep doing that 10 to 12 times. Your third exercise is going to involve the swingset. You’re going to stand a good
stride’s length away from one of the swings, facing away from the swingset.
One leg is going to go into the swing, So the foot will be cradled in the swing.
The other foot will be on the ground. You’re going to bend both legs
pushing through that front foot, lowering yourself down to
about an inch above the ground. And then you’re going to push back up through the front leg, until you’re close to standing. You’re going to repeat that 10 times on one leg, and then you’ll switch feet and do 10 on the other leg. While you’re at the swing set,
you can also work your upper body by doing an inverted row. This time
you’ll face the swing set, you’ll put both hands on either side of the swing,
a little bit higher above the seat. You’re going to walk your feet
underneath the swing, so that you’re leaning back a little bit.
Try to keep your body in a straight line. Let your arms straighten out all the way
so you’re kind of hanging. And then you’re going to pull yourself up
to almost standing. Then you’re going to lower yourself back down
until you’re hanging again. That will be one repetition,
and you’re going to repeat 10 to 12 times. If you want to make it a little harder,
just walk your feet under further, so that you’re more parallel to the ground. If you haven’t run out of energy yet, I actually have a fifth exercise you can
do at the swing set too. This time you’re going to get on the ground,
put both feet into the swing, and then lift yourself up onto your hands,
so they’re kind of in a plank position. Straight body, with the feet hanging. Then you’ll bend your knees to pull your legs
up towards your chest, and then straighten
them back out pushing your legs back. Repeat that 10 times.
You’ll get a great ab workout.

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