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5 Exercise Home Ab Workout (GREEN BAY STYLE!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, As you noticed, not my usual surroundings.
I am here at winter meetings, major league baseball again as we all always do here at
Athlean-Rx. The idea is, I don’t even have enough time
to do Washboard Wednesday. I know you’re going to see already, by the time this is out it’s
going to be Washboard Thursday for some and overseas, Washboard Friday. I’m sorry I didn’t have time to write the
workout, but I’m going to do something pretty cool here. I’m actually going to take a team
Athlean member – this could be you at some point – but I’m calling up one right now
because I saw one of his workouts that he put up on one of our Facebook pages and I’m
going to rip it off from him right now, put it to practice right here so we can all benefit
from it. So let me give him a call and let’s get this
thing going. Kyle, Jeff Cavaliere. You are in a YouTube video, my friend. I’m here, actually
just notifying you that – first of all, you’re going to kick yourself when you get
this, I can guarantee. Secondly, I’m notifying you that I’m stealing
your workout. You posted your Green Bay Packer tribute with your Go-Pack-Go plan tonight.
We’ve got each uniform number corresponding to a rep range. I’m going to steal your workout
for a Washboard Wednesday and I’m going to post this. Maybe you’ll hear this message first, or maybe
you’ll see the video first. It depends on how fast I can get it up. Thank you for writing
the workout for me. Now go try it. Good luck. See ya. So there you have it, guys. Five exercises,
courtesy of Kyle. Send the hate his way after you’re done trying them, but the idea is this:
remember you can do this anywhere. I happen to be in a hotel room right now and
it allows you to get the job done. The benefits of having two queen beds instead of a king
in one room. With that being said, you could do this at
home, pick your furniture, pick whatever you’ve got around you. Use your surroundings. Don’t
let there ever be an excuse that you don’t have anything around you to get a workout
in. That’s never the case. All right, if you’re
looking for a complete training system that has all the ab work you’ll ever need built
right in – in fact we have them built into the exercises themselves – then head over
to right now and get our Athlean-X training system. Give this one a try. Remember, send the hate
Kyle’s way, send the thumbs up this way, and I’ll be back here again in just a couple days.
See ya.

Reader Comments

  1. Love the exercises, I will defenitively try them out, I can't get 100% into your way of training because of funds and my age, but I'm still doing my best by exercising only at home, with nothing but my body, and my surroundings 🙂

  2. Hey jeff, im cody. I do your workouts. And i have lower back pain , i play baseball, and i play around with punting a football. Idk wat to do? Ever since ive been messing with the football, ive had hip pain. Like in the back of my hip. Can u give me advice of how to get rid of it?

  3. Love your work man. What is the mic you use? Is it wireless?im really looking for something to make some videos while I'm moving around and contorting. Thanks man.

  4. Stop making these killers stars
    The news has a lot to do with why it keeps happening again
    Not gun control. Focus on the victims and ignore the shooters
    Because the next guys will want same fame and do it again …

  5. Jeff!! you forgot to "double check"….. Run through this circuit twice to double check that your abs are torched!

  6. Hey Jeff, me and a friend bought your body weight program. It's been about 2 weeks and I still get sore(stay sore for days even) but when I'm done with the workout I feel like I'm not doing enough, is that normal ? Or is it all mental.

  7. I can't do most of these exercises and many others you show because it hurts when my feet are in the "push up" postion, because of my problem with ingrown toenail..

  8. Not too fond of the pistons – I'm recovering form some toe sprains done in Tae Kwon Do class. The rest looks fantastic; can't wait to try these exercises!

  9. Jeff, I want to ask you something (I don't know if you gonna read this but a gonna ask you any way). There are some days when I go through a hard training session, like a do to day ( pull ups superset with straight bar dips: 7×3 with +33 pounds, 6×3 with +11 pound, 5×3 with only bodyweight, all with 1' rest between set, and, to ending the routine, one hand hanging 5"x4. All of that took me like 30' to 45' and I do my best, good form and all. So here come my question, after 2 hours of rest after the workout I feel like I can workout again, should I? (sorry if the english is not good)

  10. How about a Marine Corps style ab workout?
    Max 90 degree crunches 1min
    Side plank 1min each side
    Flutter kicks 1min
    Starfish 10-20
    Ruck get-ups 10-20 (find your household weight…Example, books in a backpack)
    Finish max 90 degree crunches 1min

  11. [Jeff calls]

    [Kyle actually answers phone]

    Jeff: (in low, mysterious tone)"I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for Athlean-X chocolate fudge post-workout , I can tell you I don't have many. But what I do have are a very particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my program go now, that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you, and I will kill your workout."

  12. All that hate won't matter, since the Packers won in amazing fashion last night. Must suck to be a Lions fan this morning. Oh, and GO COWBOYS!…Even though our season is beyond done. 🙁

  13. as a lions fan all I have to say is it takes everything in me to not dislike this video because the Green Bay in the title haha

  14. Hi Jeff, i've followed you for a while now and i think you do a great job with your informative videos, how ever i think you're doing too many videos on "ab workouts" i mean come on …please could we get some different content, maybe go out on the track and show us some HIIT or what not, thanks keep up the good work

  15. Jeff, one thing I've always been told was if you're sore the next day, and your muscles are sore, that it's a good thing, you're building muscle. And my question is, is that statement true? Sometimes I workout hard and intense, and never end up sore. Does that mean I'm not gaining muscle or I didn't workout hard enough? Or does does being sore have nothing to do with gaining muscle?

  16. My left shoulder pops when I am really fatigued and doing pull ups. It kind of feels like its sliding in/out of place and if I keep doing it. Eventually, it starts to hurt. Is the solution the same as your previous shoulder/rotator cuff fixes? I start working out for about 2 months (skinnier side). I used to have this issue when benching but that is no longer the case. Is this just a weakness until I get my shoulders stronger?

  17. Do an "Ultimate Stretch" video , stretching as most muscles as you can and the best stretches of course!!

  18. thank you jeff so much for your vids man i watch them all the way from iraq and i found them very very useful so thanks and keep up the good work man thanks

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