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5 Completely Broken, Unbeatable Games, Thanks to Developer Stupidity | Fact Hunt

Guru Larry merch is finally now available
at order now for a chance to win one of four $50 gift cards! With the ever increasing development times
of video games, you’d think they’d be finely tuned to a T… But, as we all know in this day and age, nothing
could be further from the truth. However, some these games are so poorly made
and rushed out the door that they are literally impossible to complete. Not because of their difficulty, Oh, goodness
no, but good old fashioned ineptitude. So, this episode I take a look at these futile
formations, these puerile productions, and these naive nascencys, as I say… But, Hello You, I’m Guru Larry, and I welcome
you to Fact Hunt: Five Completely Broken, Unbeatable Games, Thanks to Developer Stupidity Aah, everybody loves Bubble Bobble, It’s
the Tom Hanks of video games. The maze crawling adventures of two devolved
overweight dinosaur children, entombing enemies with their spit has engrossed the world for
nearly four decades now. So when Taito announced an updated version
of the classic percolating platformer in 2005, gamers were… reasonably interested (I mean
be honest, this is Bubble Bobble we’re talking about here) in seeing Bub and Bob’s latest
incarnation. Unfortunately, as you can probably guess,
if it’s on this list, something’s bound to have come a-cropper with the game, and
that’s exactly what happens when you get to the 30th level. Now, level 30 is a boss fight, so, what do
you think would be the most important thing to have in a boss fight? Spikes all over the walls? Annoying constantly respawning enemies? Having a shed load of health packs before
the encounter? Nope, the most important thing to have in
a boss fight… is a bloomin’ Boss!!! Yup, In Taito’s eagerness to get the game
out in stores in time, they completely forgot to add a boss in the level, so once you get
to level 30, you’re stuck there in limbo for all eternity, waiting for a boss that
will never come, and totally incapable of ever progressing to the rest of the game,
as it uses battery back-up rather than passwords. Brilliant! On the plus side, the North American publishers,
Codemasters were kind enough announce a recall of the game, where anyone who sent their copy
of Bubble Bobble Revolution in, would receive a patched copy… …Four months later when they had printed
some. (sigh) You couldn’t make this up! let’s travel all the way back to the neon
filled days of 1982, and the launch of GCE and Milton Bradley’s Vectrex. Well, more specifically it’s bundled game,
which is totally not ripping off Asteroids, MineStorm. Now, MineStorm was a pretty decent pack-in
game for a console, probably quite mind-blowing to play a genuine vector based clone of Asteroids
in the comfort of your own home at the time. However, what was even more mind blowing is
the developers never bothered testing the thing (that or they were no good at their
own game) as once you got to the thirteenth level, the game would crash. Instantly destroying your high score and any
progression you had made. GCE and MB were fully aware of this issue,
as anyone who wrote to them and complained, would receive a free copy of MineStorm II…
which was the exact same game, just it didn’t crash this time. (Turning a less buggy revision into a sequel,
where have seen that before ladies and gentlemen?) MineStorm II is also an unbelievably rare
game nowadays, one of the holy grails of collectors in fact. So either no one who bought a Vectrex was
any good at the game, or they just didn’t want to kick up a fuss! But at least we have one of gaming first ever
examples of releasing an unfinished game. (Sobs) We had a chance to nip this in the bud people,
yet we did nothing!!! Oh, the humanity! Japanese to English translation errors in
video games have often ranged from the baffling, downright hilarious, to even legendary meme
status. But our next example of a translation error
is so stupid, it literally stopped you from finishing the game. When Crave Entertainment released Tokyo Xtreme
Racer 3 for the PS2 in the US, they thought, Hot dang!!! A game set in the Japanese capital just ain’t
American enough, So the first thing to go was the use of Yen
as currency in the game. However, you can’t use the same numerical
value by simply changing the yen symbol to a dollar sign, the cars would look ridiculously
expensive by comparison. So, thinking they were smart, Crave just divided
all yen values by 100 to give more realistic looking dollar prices. Unfortunately, what Crave DIDN’T do was
also adjust the yen to dollar values to challenge other racers, and the entry fee to challenge
the final boss, Whirlwind Fanfare is 100,000,000 Yen/Dollars, but unbeknownst to Crave, the
game caps out at $99,999,990. In other words, Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 is literally
impossible to beat as you can never physically have enough money in the game to challenge
the final boss. Of course, workarounds were discovered to
fix this issue, namely an infinite money code via a Game Shark or Action Replay, but if
you have to personally fork out $60 to fix such a schoolboy error, is it even worth purchasing
the game in the first place? One of my all-time favourite gaming anecdotes
this story… Now, despite going down as the worst selling console
in history (yes, I did a video on that) The The C64GS’s biggest bone-headed move wasn’t
trying to release an 8-bit console based on nearly decade old technology when 16-bit consoles
were hitting shelves. Oh, no siree… It was Commodore trying to ship the system
with Terminator 2. What could possibly be wrong with that Larry? I hear you ask, bundling a system with a video
game adaptation of one of the most popular movies of all-time would be a sure fire hit
and would guarantee sales. And well… yes, you’d be completely right… If it wasn’t for one tiny, overlooked issue… You see, deep down the C64GS is literally
just a regular Commodore 64 without a keyboard, it didn’t even innovate having a cartridge
port, as the C64 had one of those since IT was first released back in 1982. So when Commodore commissioned Ocean Software
to develop a cartridge based port of Terminator 2 for their upcoming console, Ocean simply
used a normal Commodore 64 to develop the game on, as both systems were 100% compatible
with one another… …Well, 99.9% compatible. Developing the game like any other C64 title,
Ocean always let you start the game by simply pressing the Return Key, just like every other
game they ever developed on the system. And as the C64GS didn’t have a keyboard…
that was a bit of a problem. So you literally couldn’t progress any further
than the title screen in Terminator 2, simply because Ocean programmed a start button the
C64GS didn’t have. Of course, Commodore and Ocean didn’t realize
this massive fubar until after the game had gone to print, So Commodore quickly pushed
an incredibly cheaply made flimsy cartridge for the C64GS’s launch instead, consisting
of old games such as Flimbo’s Quest, Fiendish Freddie’s Big Top O’ Fun, Klax, and the
by then, ancient 8-year-old C64 game, International Soccer. Lumbered with thousands of useless Terminator 2 cartridges, Commodore simply bundled them with a regular Commodore 64 instead. Which in a huge twist of irony proved so successful
it destroyed sales of the C64GS, (as who wanted a system without a keyboard and wouldn’t
let you play thousands of super cheap cassette and disk based games for just £50 less?) In fact, it got to the point they recalled
the C64GS to convert them back into regular Commodore 64’s to meet demand and recoup
all their losses on the failed console. And people wonder why Commodore went out of
business! However, for a list of unbeatable games because
they crash or glitch out, you’d have thought one where you can’t even get off the bloody
title screen would be our number one entry… But our final title even manages to beat that! Hi everyone, welcome to JOHN MADDEN football! We’ll end this episode with a story I’m
surprised has fallen out of memory, especially with the publishers constant track record
of treating their audience like utter dirt. In the days before scamming their consumer
base with Loot box… I mean “surprise mechanics”, Electronic
Arts thought it would be far more profitable to just release unfinished games instead. And one needs to look no further on this,
than their second biggest sports Franchise, Madden NFL and its 2006 incarnation for the
PSP. Now, playing Madden 06 in exhibition mode
is perfectly fine, but dare you have the audacity to play the franchise mode, and every single
time you turned the ball over, (for instance, throw an interception), the game would crash
so hard, it would literally switch off the PSP, essentially soft bricking the handheld
and losing all your progress. Now, for something that is reasonably common within
an American football game, you’d have thought EA would have picked up on this during playtesting,
but only after mass protests on the Madden forums did the house of Hawkins finally acknowledge
and respond to this massive issue. So, what did EA do? They obviously offered a heartfelt apology,
immediately released a patch fixing the issue and recalled all copies of this literally
broken game right? (Laughs) No, of course not, this is EA we’re talking
about here… No, they put out a press release telling people
to “deal with it”. Yup, EA decided that this game killing bug
didn’t receive enough complaints to warrant wasting their time on fixing, and anyone who
WAS affected could go screw themselves… it was their problem now, not EA’s. Players did finally discover a rather exhaustive
workaround to the crashing issue, which was to quit out of the game and create a brand
new save EVERY SINGLE QUARTER to minimise any potential loss. But it’s insane why anyone would want to
continue using a completely broken product at full price, sold by a publisher who demanded
they sort out the issue themselves. Wow!!! Hi folks, welcome to John Madden football Get ready for some real hard hitting action! Subtitles created by Larry Bundy Jr

Reader Comments

  1. People: "You are horrible for selling us unfinished games! We will boycott you."

    EA: "Deal with it."

    People: "Oh I will show you deal with it…..Oh look a new game." buys another unfinished game

    That's why they don't finish games. They know people are stupid and will continue to waste their money and bitch.

  2. Whirlwind Fanfare isn’t the final boss in TXR3, she’s a type of rival known as a “Wanderer”, basically rivals that are not in any team, therefore are not significant to the game's.. “plot” and have a set of special requirements such as playing the game at 2-4am in real life time (Death Driver) or honking in a specific location for a few minutes.
    The requirement for the final boss is to beat all 599 rivals including wanderers(which is impossible to achieve in the US version as stated) The final boss is drum roll …a literal ghost of yourself

    Sorry for oversharing, but I just love how mystical this game feels sometimes, encountering a random wanderer just because you’re playing at midnight in real time in a specific car, it feels like you’re racing a myth when you race them

  3. I was pissed when I couldn't complete Arkham City due to a crashing bug 1/3 of the way through, but at least that was PATCHED within a few months.

  4. 1:19 – Bubble Bobble (Nintendo DS)

    3:19 – MineStorm (Vectrex)

    5:04 – Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 (PS2)

    7:01 – Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Commodore 64)

    10:34 – Madden NFL '06 (PSP)

  5. There was also a glitch in the US version of Turok: Rage Wars (N64). The Monkey Tag game was unbeatable and since there was a required Monkey Tag game in the campaign mode, you couldn't reach the final boss fight.

  6. I'd just like to point out that in order to face off against "Whirlwind Fanfare" in TXR3, you have to defeat every other rival in the game.
    All 500 of them.
    And some of them have very specific requirements anyway, so good luck. I've had this game for 15 years and still haven't unlocked him, but it's still fun to play.

  7. Whelp, I guess that's what it takes. Program it, test it, edit it, test it, produce it, then distribute it, yep, four months. They could probably have **hurried**, but then we risk getting something just as broken but in some other way. The real mistake was (obviously) letting it through the first time like that. Not to mention the programmers were probably already working on the next game by that point. Seems somebody flubbed up in the testing phase. Hey, job opening guys!

  8. I must be the very last person to notice that Fact Hunt is a play on words, or at least sounds a lot like something else

  9. Skylanders: spyros adventure was unbeatable, right? I remember my brother and I couldnt get past the final level. We couldnt figure it out

  10. I finally found your channel thanks to this video. I was subscribed to you for a long time but couldn't find your channel on my list due to the fact that I am subscribed to tons of channels. Anyways, all the best to ye.

  11. Not surprised that Terminator 2 is made with help from LJN, those diarrhea dumpsters!
    -Signed Avgn
    -PS: He's gonna take you back to the past!
    To play the shitty games that suck ass!

  12. Wow. That Bubble Bobble Revolution cover is… stunning. And so is maxing out your money in that Tokyo Racing game and then seeing that you are 10 dollars away from your goal and can't get it. Whoever experienced that back in the day: I feel sorry for you. As for the Terminator game… I just can't believe it. Did nobody try to even start the game? Was there zero playtesting? Incredible. 9:30 Oh, LJN. Now I'm not surprised anymore.

  13. I bought a game like that a while ago, I regretted it
    if you see "Sim animals: Africa" in stores, don't buy it, it softlocks at 75% completion, why? a developer error of course!

  14. I got past level 13 as a kid when playing Mine Storm. When it cut back to the Player screen, I didn't think anything was wrong; I assumed I had just beaten the game!

  15. Tokyo Extreme Racing 3 has to be the stupidest of these. The game is literally called TOKYO Extreme Racing! It's set in JAPAN! Yet somehow, the company thought American gamers would find the game "too Japanese" if the currency used was the Japanese yen?
    "Hey bro fuck this game.. I can't relate to any of this. They don't even use real money, like the US dollar!" Is THAT how they think people buying a game called TOKYO Extreme Racing would react, upon seeing a yen symbol?

  16. Having bug on Donald Duck Goin' Quackers Dreamcast(pal version) before end,last level,with original cd,copy,can't finish the game. And Need for speed hot pursuit 2(pal version) on PS2,big bug before end on original cd,copy,other copy,same problem.

  17. I hate how time padded your videos are to play games with YouTube metrics and expect viewers to use 1.5x speed to even make them tolerable. Your delivery is awful and your "jokes" embarrassing.

  18. whirlwind fanfare is not the final boss in txr3, the final boss is a transparent version of whatever car your driving that can phase through traffic. whirlwind fanfare is just one of many wanderers in the game, wanderers being factionless opponents that have specific requirements in order to race them such as having a certain car or in fanfare's case, having a lot of money.

  19. No.1 on the list, ouch, and I mean ouch. to keep soft bricking I would imagine would make players put an actual brick to their psp out of frustration.

    I ain't even gonna comment on what EA said about it. it's EA they literally only care about money, not satisfied customers

  20. Elder Scrolls Daggerfall technically counts, but it got patched by both Bethesda and the community. Even the Unity remake (called Daggerfall Unity) fixes the game breaking bugs.

  21. It kind of sounds like a few strict football coaches. "You made a turnover? UNACCEPTABLE! START OVER! WE DEMAND PERFECTION!" lol

  22. 5:33 YES!!!!!! I was so hoping you'd cover that, because I can't F'IN BEAT IT BECAUSE OF THE ERROR!
    6:48 1. That isn't to beat the final boss, it's to fight one of the last special cars to get to the boss. 2. Hmmmm, action replay will work you say? HMMMMMMMM.

  23. Kinda of a unespected surprise at the end.add that to the list of reasons to shutdown EA from ever touching the gaming market again.

  24. Wow… When EA does shit like that it makes me wonder how the hell their still active.
    Then I remember they milk us of our money as much as they possibly can and people are gullible enough to throw the money at them.

  25. I remember Larry talking about how Dennis on the Amiga 500 couldn't be finished due to a bug that stopped you going further. I wonder why the bug happened when the 1200 and Snes versions were fine?

  26. Why didin't i think of this before! I could just make a product that doesen't work and tell customers to go fuck themselves! I'll be rich!

  27. "Is it still worth purchasing the game in the first place?"
    YES. Tokyo Xtreme Racer 3 is still one of the best street racing games ever released.

  28. Diablo 3 on PS3.
    It hard crashes as soon as you reach the single pathway right before the final boss. No fixes, no way around it.
    I had to watch the Diablo fight and ending on youtube to "finish" the game.

  29. Ah gotta love EA Sports' PR…"Why would we spend OUR money trying to patch our '06 game? You'll all be spending YOUR money to buy our '07 game next anyways"

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