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45-min Full Body Fat Burn HIIT at home with NO JUMPING (Arms, Abs, Back, Thighs & Legs) ◆ Emi ◆

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  1. I also post what I eat everyday on my instagram stories – hope that would give you some meals ideas and tips!

  2. recording my progress (if i remember)

    day 1: (56.4kg) surprised i survived, took a LOT of five second breaks on some exercises I haven't done before to figure out how to do it or to just catch my breath

  3. does this workout tone your body or make you lose weight? Because i would love to do it but i want to lose weight and not stay at my weight but get toned yk? I know that toning your body will make you lose fat obviously but i want to lose weight and but not get "bulky"

  4. Ms.Emi, I have a question that I have to do multiworkout videos in a week in order to achieve my goal or follow just only one video. Could you please give me some advice? Thank you so much.

  5. I am so proud of myself… First HIIT and i got through all of it. Took more than a one minute break at some points but I did it.

  6. #changewithemi just completed the whole workout. Feeling amazing after that. I am following Emi's other workouts too on daily basis. Loving it thoroughly 🥰

  7. In a month I lost 10 pounds thanks to this video and many others videos.
    Thank you Emi for motivating and helping me. You are very special 🥰❤️

  8. 😫 omg I did it

    I do two of her videos every day except for Thursday and Friday, I do a full body workout.
    And Saturday and Sunday are rest days.
    Friday has a shorter workout, about 15 minutes so if I’m up to it I’ll do a random one

  9. S I tried it from 10 days I m doing this regularly I got changes in my body my back reduced when I wore a dress previous I felt very bad for my back fat ..I m very happy now looking forward to continue for 1 month to see drastic changes..Thanq EMI

  10. My school schedule is really hectic during the week and since I have roommates, it's hard for me to exercise everyday/every other day because of it, so having this comprehensive video for me to do at the end of the week is a blessing! I really enjoyed the snippets pf your vlogs during the 1 minute break. It definitely helped ease up before another set. Thank you again for another great video Emi ❤

  11. Ok, this video is exactly what I need
    Emi I love you, understand it girl
    Day 1: Complete (tbh I can't believe that I reached till the end, guys we got a progress here!!!)
    Day 2: Complete (stretching before it's as important as do it after, but if you do it before and after, the tomorrow pain will be drastically reduced – it's important to say that I have the habit to exersise like that, so for me the aftermatch pain was almost zero – but you can do it!)

  12. It's been a long time since i did a 45 min work out. I thought i wouldn't do it, but i did the complete session. It was funny💖

  13. I used your Workout video in almost a month and ive seen the result.Thanks Emi for the tips and motivation.More power😊

    #no Pain no Gain
    #We stronger than we think


  15. Since this year began I've been trying so hard to lose weight, tried different workouts but could not see any results, not even small progress… then around October I clicked on one of your videos, tried the 30 Minute no jumping workout and I loved it. Since then I've been doing your workouts, they burn but they are fun, they are my daily drugs. Everyone around me says I've lost weight, my posture is better and I'm a little taller hahaha, I just love how I feel after working out with you. You are a blessing Emi, I love this channel and I love you. Thank you!!!!!!

  16. Day 1: Done
    Day 2:done
    Day 3:went skating
    Day 4:done
    Day 5:skipped
    Day 6:done
    Day 7:progress


    Week 2:
    Day 1:
    Day 2:
    Day 3:
    Day 4:
    Day 5:
    Day 6:
    Day 7:

  17. After doing quite a few 30 min HIIT of yours…especially the no jumping ones as my mom always complains about the noise…I have decided to do this one and I love it!!! I’m super obsessed with watching you daily and even excited to get home to workout!! Thank you so much Emi for doing this! So far I’m 20lbs down from 2.5 months ago

  18. hello everybody! i'm debating about doing this workout as we go into 2020. i feel like this is good enough for morning workouts, because it's not high impact, but it's still intense and will make you feel every muscle.
    i''ll try to start in three days, so on the 27th of December, but right now i strained my lower back muscle while doing another intense workout 🙁 so i'm thinking of updating you guys in three days, or hopefully less than that. i'll wait until there's no pain in my back.
    i''ll leave my measurements soon!

  19. Just did this workout on the first day of the year! Starting the year right – hope I can find the discipline to keep doing this regularly! (:

  20. Hi Emi..i have a small doubt. This workout does not involve any jumping. Would it still be quite effective in reducing the weight? Or does this workout mainly just concentrate on toning?

  21. Just started doing your no jumping workouts (due to neighbours thinking we make too much noise) they are perfect! No jumping, no noise but still incredibly tough! Loving them! Thank you Emi xx

  22. The lower abs and legs were killer but I’m still proud of myself for making it through all the workouts for the first time! I was really discouraged cause I thought I was more out of shape than normal but it’s giving me motivation to do your workouts and realize I’m way stronger than I thought

  23. havent even done this for 2 weeks and im already seeing results and feeling a lot stronger. nothing has ever made my abs BURN as much as emi's videos. thanks 🙂

  24. was doing it since 1/2. wish I can keep doing it xd
    day 1: done
    day 2: donee
    day 3 doneee
    day 4 : didnt finish it (only did the warm up bit)
    day 5 : doneeee

  25. Yo. Omg I just wanted to say that this workouts is really good. I did this workout for one week everyday. Even tho the first day was hard because it was actually my first ever rally workout. Then it got better. And in one week I lost 2 kg. I'm so happy I could throw a party. But then there would be so much food soo:) yeah.
    The Emi for your hard work.❤👍
    I'm going to continue. It might be hard but that's how you learn right✌❤

  26. i'm not doing this to lose weight or to get a certain body, i'm doing this because i want to get stronger and healthier + as a bonus getting better at dancing bc i'll be getting the strength needed. working out shouldn't be a punishment for eating food, it should only serve as a tool to live your healthiest life. as i'm also struggling with depression i'm using your workouts to actually exercise whatsoever, bc it's quite easy to just put your video on, listen to some music and work out in my bedroom. thank you for these videos! i just don't know if some of these full body workouts are for losing weight or actually getting stronger, i don't wanna lose weight as i want to work on loving my body instead of changing it, however i definitely want to make it stronger so i can avoid pain etc. would be nice if you could create a video/program that isn't focused on burning fat at all, only on becoming stronger & healthier overall! i think too many people hate their bodies so it would be nice to just focus on loving our bodies & helping them become healthier :')

  27. the stretch right after made me feel soooo good and sooooo relaxed. i definitely needed it after all the tension in my limbs. thank you! i couldn't have started this weightloss journey without you! <3

  28. Just turned on the notifications, because girl you're fire🔥so great, so helpful, and those comments for every exercise really helps going on. Keep going on💖

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