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4 EASIEST Shoulder Exercises to STOP Pain At Home: Frozen Shoulder, Impingement, & Arthritis

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  1. The chicken wing is the best shoulder stretch ever invented. I first saw it on one of your guys' videos like a year ago and have used it ever since. It's the only one I've ever felt comfortable utilizing for internal rotation stretches. Thanks guys!

  2. When I take my 66lb dog for a walk he was constantly pulling on the leash. My right shoulder aches a lot. It’s just below the joint on the arm, it feels like it’s the top area of the Deltoid muscle. It comes and goes throughout the day. I bought a head lead and his pulling has gone down considerably. The pain is still there. What can I do to fix this? Thank you. Changing arms is not an option, as I do not want to ruin both sides.

  3. thank's Dr. Bob & Dr. Brad eve learn a lot on your channel thank's alot # stroke survivor for 2years❤❤❤ from phillipines

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