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35 Min HIIT Workout for Fat Loss – Home HIIT Workout with Weights – High Intensity Interval Training

hey everyone it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is 35 Min HIIT Workout for Fat Loss Home HIIT Workout with Weights High Intensity Interval Training a hiit workout with weights this is a
great routine for both men and women of a beginner all the way through advanced
fitness level I’m going to be doing the intermediate to advanced techniques
today and I you’re going to see me doing the beginner modifications so you choose
which ones are right for you along the way sorry I don’t know why we just got
together it’s been a long day okay so equipment you are going to need
some dumbbells the weight that you choose is gonna be totally dependent on
your fitness level just remember it’s always better to start light and work
your way up you’re actually gonna see me using two separate oh that’s a weight so
I’ll be doing some switching in between you have a couple you have a lighter
pair and a heavier pair make this workout your own choose the movements
that work for you now a warm-up is not required for this workout but if you’d
like to do one and help reduce the risk of injury feel free to click up top
where you can start our five-minute workout a five minute warm-up otherwise
let’s go it’s what it would weigh try to stop talking let’s start working out
okay we’re gonna do a dumbbell posterior swing we’re actually going to both do
the exact same movement on this first one she’s just going to use lighter
weight our feet are wider than shoulder-width I’m going to interlock my
fingers this one is all about the hips start with a slight bend in your knees
then it’s going to go but back but forward so you’re going to use your hips
as a hinge and your arms are really just along for the ride so your butt goes
back and then your butt goes forward I want you to try to bring those arms up
until they’re parallel to the ground but again it shouldn’t feel like you’re
using your arms to pull the weight up instead it should be all in your hips
trying to keep a consistent slight bend in those knees along the way and I
always like to give myself a little or get my glutes a little squeeze right at
the top just to make sure I’m emphasizing those glute muscles back
there and track them up at the top now you’ll notice we’re not counting any
reps today we’re just going to complete as many repetitions as you can in a lot
of time period so make this workout your own push yourself but it’s
time work at a pace that you feel comfortable with good let’s go for five
more seconds that’s it on this first one and three two one all right so we need
just that one dumbbell again we’re going to the ground for the next one Claudia’s
going to go a high plank on her knees I’m going to do a bare plank either way
core is tight we’re gonna bring our elbow up or we’re doing a tricep
kickback on this one arm only bending at the elbow so the lot going on in this
movement see I have both knees bent trying to keep them at a 90 degree angle
with Claudia’s bringing her hips forward keep your back straight either way on
this tricep kickback you’re only bending at your elbow extending your arm back
definitely trying to keep your shoulders square
yes square round and parallel to the ground exactly and you also don’t let
your hips sink nice and tight let’s switch sides here in five four three two
one switch sides good elbow up and hit it good again this
one get your legs shoulders core almost there let’s go last five seconds and
four three two one and done okay we’re going to need your second dumbbell for
the next one so go ahead and stand up with both dumbbells feet a little wider
than shoulder width we’re going to start with the sumo deadlift weight back in
your hips and down I’m going to curl on down here and then press where Claudia
is actually going to come up and then hit her curl so I’m using my legs to
help press up and I’m staying down here for a little bit longer right because I
got to perform that curl long I’m down here where Claudia’s going to come up
right away anytime we’re doing a sumo deadlift like this really emphasize
putting your weight back in your hips as you sit down try to get your thighs
parallel to the ground that’s the point you’re trying to reach good
making sure to breathe keep pumping them out that was a few different parts on
this one requires a little bit of concentration tration for sure anytime
Claudia is quiet cheater concentrating or I’m hurting or she’s hurting entire
who wants to talk while they’re hurting at me well you know part of the job I
suppose keep it up guys are doing great let’s go
ten more seconds on this one keep it up again another total body
movement everything’s getting hit today you got
it four five four three two one and done okay we need just one dumbbell for the
next one I’m going to do a shot put Plus split squat split stance right hand up
on my chin I’m going to do a split squat where I drop this back knee and I’m
going to stand up and shot put press Claudia is just going to do the press
you decide which one is right for you but notice how we’re rotating our bodies
pivoting our feet and using that energy from our legs to help press the dumbbell
up so again the name shotput press just like the Olympic event right so pretend
you’re launching that shot put up into the air opening at the feet stay in
balance yes definitely requires some concentration on this one for sure
five more seconds on this side three two one ok opposite side so again the hand
stays up at the chin you’re doing the squat drop the bolt knees until they’re
at a 90 degree angle and back sorry guys little confusion on my part that’s okay
I know this is a complex movement a lot of little moving parts going on here
again you really have to concentrate right yeah I always hear people giving
coach Kozak a hard time on comments about not being able to keep his balance
and so on and so forth it’s like he’s got a lot going on well I’m also human I
don’t don’t pretend to be perfect out there come on guys
not perfect it’s getting better a little bit everyday just like y’all just
working right here putting in the work let’s go home five more seconds that’s
it almost there three two one and done no
you can set that dumbbell down we don’t need any weights for the next one we’re
gonna do either a 180 jump squat or 180 squat we’re sitting down weights under
hips for doing a squat but at the same time hands are out we’re gonna pivot
reach down look up I’m gonna jump Claudia is just going to come back up
into the squat you decide which one of the two is right for you either way get
that weight back in your hips on that squat pivot good one for not only core
strength but also for core mobility good one right into the next I know
legs are starting to burn this workout starting to work it’s okay
how do we know it’s working keep it going let’s go 10 more seconds on this
one almost there breathe and three two one
zero nice alright moving into the battling ropes next so we need two
dumbbells Pilates just going to use lighter weight we’re putting both
putting our weight in both our hips and if you haven’t seen a battling rope
actually performed before we’ll post a little video up here on the screen so
you can see what you’re emulating but getting a nice little wave pattern going
with your arms straight up and down working those shoulders good I’m not
imagining it it’s not fun no it burns baby go ahead keep that weight back in
your hips keep your core tight think even move
when you’re doing great good about that time of the workout you start
remembering and focusing on why you came here right
what’s that goal you’re looking to accomplish focus on it that’s the only
way you’re going to achieve it got to make it your focus 24/7 three two one
whoo my well I’m going to do a side lunge
plus curl next quad is going to do a lateral swap so I’m stepping out real
big keeping both legs straight popping up curl Claudia is going to step to her
side and basically perform a squat on the step so on this one keep that inside
leg straight and we’re all doing one side first on the curl curl those
pinkies in palms come up and breathe either way make sure you’re getting your
weight back in your hips yeah it doesn’t matter which move you’re doing either
way that’s going to be your key driving that hip back so you don’t have your
weight way over your knee your hips are like the strongest muscle in your body
let’s use them the three let’s go five more seconds on this side we’ll switch
last one good okay hit it up opposite side now everybody big ol step up and
curl another great one that isn’t just working strength but you’re also getting
some good mobility and stability in at the same time working on that balance
where can I get that nice stretch on the inner leg in her thigh all the way down
you’re growing in gracilis you got one in the next guys breathe
no it’s starting to burn we’re pushing through that we’re not going to listen
to that burn today we are stronger than that burn let’s go five four three two
one last one zero okay we only need one dumbbell for the next one and guys I’m
losing it no dumbbells so sure that’s the modified version so we’re gonna load
our legs we’re doing a diagonal cross body chop or Wood chop loading our legs
reach it on the side we’re going to twist and then big power slow down
twist look up explode down to the outside of your leg it’s getting a
little pivot with your feet on the way up and then using that energy from the
dumbbell putting it back into the ground and
thrusting it down use that core boom big power again like
your wood chopping hence the name woodshop good three big power engaging
your core and your hips on every rep last one and let’s switch other side so
your left up reach big power up reach big power good one right into the next
your machine you can do this all day long
good work way back in the hips every time you don’t want you coming forward
onto the balls of your feet at all good fighting through that burn that shoulder
burn you got it three two one ah zero nice we got next
next we have our humps our halo so we need to one dumbbell claudia is just
going to use lighter weight we’re coming around your head all the way around the
head and whip down opposite side whip down opposite side whip down they’re
keeping a little bend in those elbows again another good one for your
shoulders back to back right here good use that core use your shoulders we’ll
work together whoop straight down grabbing at the ends
of each dumbbell for the each end of the dumbbell I should say good you got it
keep a little bend in your knees and hips along the way good fighting through
guys fight through all right here in the end
let’s go last five seconds on this one breathe a little bend in the hips you
got it – one last one zero good okay let’s grab both dumbbells for the next
one I’m doing a reverse lunge Plus curl drop them back both knees at a 90 back
up where Claudia is just going to go ahead
and that staggered stance and she just going to drop her back me down into a
split squat that’s right we’re gonna do one side for half the time and then
we’re gonna switch legs so I’ll let you know I let you guys know when whichever
version you choose really the key is to try to get both those knees to a 90 you
can’t quite do that on the split squat that’s okay
just know that that’s what you’re working for all right and we’re going to
switch legs here you’ll get come back do this workout
again you get a little bit better every time that’s how it works
putting in the work and you’re going to see the progress you’re gonna see the
results let’s go got put in that work though so
what we’re doing right here work work work
let’s go cue the Rihanna work soundtrack you know just kidding we won’t do that
here good drop that back knee let’s go horrible song elbows are in only bending
at the elbows on that curl don’t get a bunch of momentum involved five four
three two one last one nice alright we only need one of your two dumbbells for
the next one we’re headed to the floor we’re going to do a high plank dumbbell
transfer Claudia’s going to do it from the knees I’m going to do it from up top
so we’re reaching through grabbing the dumbbell we’re switching side to side so
we have one arm on the ground at a time just moving that dumbbell back and forth
it’s pretty simple in application but hit up leg catches up to you keep a
little bend in both elbows along the way and again keep that core tight if you
are doing the one from your knees like Claudia notice how she has her hips down
to the have her butt way up in the air keep your hips forward and down so
you’re basically drawing a straight line with your torso from your shoulders to
your knees good that little bend elbows side to side core stays tight keep that
belly button drawn in and keep breathing this isn’t easy one to hold your breath
if you’re not careful and all of a sudden you wonder two minutes from now
while you’re dying while you’re about to pass out
so keep breathing we don’t want any breaks we want no video pauses we’re
going to just going to keep fighting through this you and thousands of people
home doing the same thing all fighting together let’s get it guys 5 4 3 2 1
okay dumbbells to the side moving into a classic but effective one we’re going
I’m going to go mountain climbers switching cloudy’s going to do a
modified version and I’m basically just doing a little toe tap right at the top
but difference between the two she gets a little break in between where my feet
have to go right back and forth anything you a little bit of a longer break but
just slow it down a little bit nothing wrong with that
again making this thing your own that’s what it’s all about core stays tight you
got it good moving at your own pace whatever that is remember doesn’t matter
how slow you’re going Silva happen everybody on the couch come on let’s
fight guys fighting right here it’s where it’s getting hard that’s where you
got to get tough mentally tough not just physically good fight and fighting let’s
go ten seconds breathe you got it three two one and eat both Dumbo’s for the
next one up on our feet combo move funny it’s just going to use lighter weight on
this one bend over to 45 pensees them together going to row home back on our
elbows down reverse fly so bent over row pull back in those elbows reverse fly
yet a little bend in both elbows and then you separate and squeeze the middle
of your back so two separate movement one two one two one into the next good
and this one it’s nice to Majan on that reverse fly wrapping your arms around a
tree keep that little bend in your elbows along the way good core stays
tight weight in your hips one to the next you got it
grinding through guys grind it through right here what do you made up put it
out there whoo reverse flies are probably one of my
least favorite of all time and of course usually those least favorites are your
weaknesses oh yeah my back is always been my weak spot sore working on those
weaknesses not avoiding them you got it let’s go last five seconds on this one
almost done three two one and done okay Dumbo to the side
no wait need it for this one you do need to find a wall though well I’m gonna go
one leg wall sit with my arms overhead ha Claudia is going to do a two leg wall
sit with their arms out other side you decide which variation here is right
for you breathe and you’re not imagining things you just did that ridiculous and
horrible reverse fly and now you just have an a3 on your arms up I know I’m
like a terrible person terrible probably pologize who does this I’m not that mean
in real life I promise but I tell you what you’ll be telling him a nice
comment in about a month sweet if you’re doing one leg switch you
got your shoulders popping there you go hey I don’t know why when it starts
paying off and you’re getting the results it’ll all be worth it right Lulu
think about the end result don’t think about the process think about what we’re
moving towards where we’re going oh man I wish I could quit right now
come on no quit in us don’t do it come on get that weight in your heels almost
there 5 4 3 2 1 okay both dumbbells are needed for the next one Oh going to the
ground we’re gonna Lionel fly back or lean back on a 40 hoops I’m sorry
lean back on a 45-degree angle I’m gonna have my feet up Claudia is going to have
her feet down it’s the difference between the two and we’re going to do a
fly with our chest a little bit in those elbows ideally you’re leaning back on a
45 degree angle in order to do so really put your core to the test
oh my goodness don’t ever if you can’t quite
get there that’s okay do your best come back get a little bit better every
single time you got it come on guys finish this round outs wrong finishing
strong that little gold in your elbows ah stay focused try not to collapse core
stays tight you got it ten more seconds that’s it breathe
everybody breathe come on fighting with you you’re fighting with you right here
five four three two one zero nice work is into the first round oh
gosh all right so it’s a 20 second break in total we need just one dumbbell for
that next for the next one we’re going back to the dumbbell posterior swing if
you want to water towel down hose off you got a itch scratch it right now
because we’re getting started here in five seconds let’s go halfway done it’s
all here from here all in your head from here on out that’s it
three two one posterior swing through the legs and forward interlock in those
fingers remember this one’s all hips right using those hips as a hinge and as
a lever go back and forward three so it’s really easy and tempting on this
one to turn it into a squat we’re coming down every time don’t do that instead
just start with a little bend in your knees and then maintain that same bend
in your knee good your back straight head up popping
those hips off the top I’m like Claudia said squeeze those glutes yes for this
one you’re definitely to feel it in the back of your or your hamstrings for sure
so that area in the back of your legs if you feeling a stretch back there as well
another indicator that you you’re doing it well yeah when it right you gotta
stretch in the back of your legs you’re probably using good form let’s go five
four three two one okay to the ground I’m in a bear plank position Claudia is
going to be on her knees we’re going tricep kickback again either from on the
knee high plank or from this bear plank position you decide which one is right
for you trying your best to keep your shoulders square I know it’s hard but so
much stabilization going on but just focus on my form here trying to have my
90 degree angles all over the place only bend at your elbow on that tricep
kickback it’s a good shelby’s on form whole swing
here but instead just bend at that elbow nice you got it three five four three
two one switching sides oh my goodness halfway I know not sure what’s hurting
more my upper body on this one or my legs
nothing don’t think about it no that’s right I think hurting that’s right I’ll
see I knew I married this woman for a real good only Bend at that elbow one
into the next go to your happy place it’s all mental on this one and this is
the last one that you’re doing for the day that’s it last set of these right
here almost there and 5 4 3 2 1 whew need both dumbbells for the next one
we’re going to stand in a wide stance we got a sumo deadlift similar deadlift way
back in the hips toes are pointed out curl press I’m curling and pressing at
the top you decide which one of these two is going to be right for you today
either way really put that weight back in your hips on that sumo deadlift keep
your elbows in throughout the whole move nice and breathe just thank you yourself
as a machine 1 rep into the next all looking uniform all looking the same no
pain machines don’t have pain and all looking strong Oh looking strong and
confident yes you got a great work everybody keep it
up breathe let’s go 10 more seconds on this one that’s it then it’s just set
strong finish it strong five four three two one zero
good next when we just need the one dumbbell you got a shot put press Plus
splits why or just the shot put for us you decide which one remember we’re
pivoting using those legs core shoulders getting it all involved
nice I’m starting to slip and slide over here
you can tell it’s working something must be working for me right now
good so it’s really complex move here so stay focused and every rep don’t let
your brain wander off good focus on that twist and that movement whole body’s
working together and switch opposite side you got it trying to take my wife in the face it’s
what you like try to figure it out here I got it I got it
this one’s throwing it a little bit of a curveball today you know what we’re just
gonna have to come back and do this one again until we can do it perfectly
that’s right it’s not about being right it’s about getting it right
get it right putting in the work making the necessary changes nice good hope you
guys can’t hear me I’m squeaking off it’s over here all over the place whoo
let’s go five four three two one zero all right what do we got next Oh
Dumbledore down 180 jumps 180 squats or squat jumps hands out the side I’m not
jumping down reach you neither jump or squat up look back at your hand that’s
in the air rotate working on that mobility at the same time that spinal
mobility super important very often overlooked in the lot in today from
strength endurance stability mobility posture hitting it all today this is a
one-stop shop right here yes ma’am come on coz all everything you need right
here efficiently put together for you good we
left ten more seconds on this one Oh greed flying through five four three
two one zero nice all right we need both dumbbells for the next one moving into
those dumbbell battling ropes burning out those shoulders a little weight in
the hips bending the elbows don’t have to get them going whoo we’re gonna
finish strong today we’re hurting you’re probably hurting if you’re using
appropriate weight we’re all going to fight together fighting through this
thing because we know we have that goal that bigger goal that we want to
accomplish only thing standing between us and it is finishing this workout
let’s go whoo don’t stay in your own way let’s go come on your
biggest obstacle should not be the one between your ears come on burn it out
burn it up I was a good one five four three two one
hello Oh side lunge and curl horrible or hey lateral squat and curl and a curl
the top you decide which one’s right for you if you start at one and decide the
other ones better that’s okay take this workout your own we just want you to
keep moving don’t hit that pause button that’s our goal to just get through this
come on you can do it right here getting a little bit better every workout
getting stronger more confident you can do it right here three you’re doing the
side lunge keep that leg nice and straight till a
big ol stretch one into the next you got it switch other side keep it up and if
you’re doing the squat with me here sure to put that weight back into your hips
every time you don’t want to come forward onto your toes definitely not
definitely a common squat mistake when you hear people say squats are bad for
your knees usually that’s only if you’re not performing them correctly yep come
on forward on you and your toes like this you’re right that’s not good for
you again focus on Form you got like that exactly right here one to the next guys
almost done five four three two one whoo only one dumbbell for me none for
Claudia we’re going to cross body woodchop we reach down we load up big
power reach up a little pivot big power down good so your power doesn’t come on
the way up comes on the way down you’re thrusting chopping on the way down hence
the name wood chops good every muscles getting hitting this
one core legs shoulders you name it total body one boom one to the next
let’s go five four three two one opposite side now no break load him up
and chatter little twist and chop come on you got it guys don’t give up don’t
slow down one into the neck my goodness even with no weights you’re really doing
it right and you’re focusing on it it’s a brutal one definitely feels like rebel
waiting room uh-huh you should try it with away really beautiful I’m good come
on guys you got it five four three two one ah goodness
halos one dumbbell needed hmm coming around whip opposite who is it – brutal
shoulder ones back to back ha fight through everybody I’m right there
burning with you you can’t tell from this pool a sweat underneath me come on
you got it nice work guys alright guys let’s go but halfway
through this movement this is the last time you have to perform these halos
keep it going keep a slight bend in the elbows and
your knees core stays tight oh yes you got it rock it out guys rock it out almost there five four three two one
zero hi both gumbo please we’re going to reverse
lunge + curl or hey split squat + curl you decide which one of these is going
to be right for you dropping straight down remember get net well both knees
actually to a 90-degree angle yes we’re gonna start on one side for half the
time if you are following me try your best not to bounce that back knee off
the ground it’s okay if it touches the ground they don’t bounce it woo say nice
and control you got it right here guys stay focus not a lot left alright switch
sides guys one wrap into the next you got it breathe good you’re a fighter
you’re not a quitter remind yourself tell yourself I’m a fighter not a
quitter supplies it not only your workouts but everything in life whoo
right here use that mentality almost there
five four three two one zero nice okay we’re going to the ground for the next
one we only need one dumbbell high plank position Claudia’s gonna be from your
knees we’re going high plank dumbbell transfer so that means reaching
underneath switching sides with that dumbbell get that core tight this one’s
definitely feel probably a little harder then they do the first time but a
greater fatigue level here come on fighting through though don’t give up
come this far now’s the time to push it into high gear it’s not the time to quit
or slow down you got it right don’t let your dumbbell troll away from you
whatever you do oh here dumbbell roll with me those who
think they can do it and those who think they can’t are both right which one are
you right here come on get after guys get after it
breathe finishing strong you got it let’s go ten more seconds
here that’s it just ten more seconds breathe five four three two one dumbbell
goes to the side I got mountain climbers claudia has her Mountain Mountain class
it’s our modified mountain climbers let’s go guys let’s hit it pick up the
pace a little bit on these modifiers core stays tight you’re feeling it your
body is warm you got it go for it let’s go put it all out there this is it no
holding back you can do it let’s go come on breathe you got it guys you got it
don’t slow down don’t give up you better don’t stop give it everything you got
right here go go go go go come on come on core stays tight you got it
breathe good you move in key move in ten seconds
almost there five four three two one RUP hold dumbbells for the next one we’re
bent over 45-degree we’re going row reverse fly row reverse fly you’re
pulling back on those elbows and then a little bend in the elbows and you’re
flying your wings with bent elbow good you got a core stays tight alternate
between the two how many can you get with good form in this a lot of time
period that’s your goal right there don’t focus on the burn don’t focus on
the pain focus on your goal what brought you here today something made you click
on this workout half hour ago what was it go back to that moment why are you
here what do you want what’s your goal
visualize it will not happen or come on sitting only through hard work and
perseverance come on let’s go put it in right now
put that work in right now ten second sit sit breathe
almost there fight to the end guys like then five four three two one dumbbells
are down man come on keep the pace up to the wall let’s go you got it one leg
squat arms are up you decide dear they’re off to your sides or if they’re
overhead get there right here guys this is it no
excuses just close your eyes it’s you versus you that’s all it is go to a
different place nothing else matters this is it right here focus breathe push
there’s tough son of a gun groove it to yourself right here prove
it to yourself good you’re gonna switch legs I’m gonna
do it five four three two one otherwise stay put
that’s it here we go this is it homestretch on this movement I know it
stinks but stick with it don’t give up you got it how proud are you gonna be
when you finish this thing that’s right how good are you gonna feel about
yourself stick with it come on come on stay there let’s go five four three two
one we got one last one third round let’s finish strong everybody let’s
finish strong we’re leaning back 45-degree angle feet her up we’re there
either feet are up or on the ground you decide and we’re flying a little bend in
those elbows this is it everybody last one for the day you got it
act like you’re hugging a big tree trunk right here breathe you got it stay focus fighting to the end let’s go no giving
up right here one in the next you got it go ten seconds that’s it last ten and
five four three two one zero aah I made it and so did we
barelly behave something matter my shoulders oh thank you for working out
with us today yes thank you you did like this workout I’ve been
working out for for a while starting to see some results we’d encourage you to
go check out our patreon page and consider pledging and donating to our
cause to keep this great service free for those around the globe yes and we’re
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us giving us the privilege to serve you I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and we
will see you at your next workout

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