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35 Min At Home Butt and Thigh Workout No Equipment – Leg Workout for Women & Men

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer
coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is 35 Min At Home Butt and Thigh Workout No Equipment Leg Workout for Women & Men while there’s no equipment required for today’s routine you may
want to grab a chair or an exercise mat for some movements follow me for the
beginner modifications and follow along with me for the more challenging
exercises if you’re ready to begin let’s do it you alright let’s start with a warm-up for
your lower body we’re going to do a good morning first so feet are shoulder width
apart slight bend in those knees go and put your hands on your head
now we’re going to bend over using your hips as a hinge I want you to drive
those hips back as you bend over and then drive your hips forward and squeeze
your gluts up at the top this is a great one to loosen up that posterior chain
which is your hamstrings your glutes and your lower back once you keep your head
and a nice neutral position on this one and again this is just the warm-up so we
want you to move at a controlled pace definitely not a race throughout the
course of today’s workout we’re not going to count any repetitions so it’s
going to be up to you to move at a pace that you feel comfortable with moving at
a pace that challenges you but also allows you to perform the movements with
proper form and if you can’t go down quite as far as we are on the good
morning that’s okay just do what you can yep while keeping that back straight
that’s the big main takeaway yeah there we go
thank you for quality for helping me out on that way that’s the main takeaway on
this one keeping those glutes tight abs tight throughout that stretch in your
back side head stays in a neutral position and driving those hips back
like you’re trying to touch your butt to the wall behind you and you might see
that as you warm up you’ll be able to go down a little further
that’s right loosening up those hamstrings let’s do this one four five
four three two one and zero next we’re going to do a step back and reach you’ll
start with your feet shoulder-width apart we’re going to step back with one
leg and at the same time we’re going to reach with that same side arm to the
opposite side I want you to reach up and look in that same direction so stepping
back big reach and on this one you’ll be stretching out that hip flexor as well
as your quads on this one again moving at a pace it you feel
comfortable with this is just a warm-up move good one to loosen up those hip
flexors quads abs a little bit as well don’t turn this into a back lunge like
coach told me earlier right yeah so don’t actually drop that back knee all
the way down while that is a great movement I don’t know what we’re doing
here we don’t want you to we don’t want you to get burned out in the warm-up
nothing worse than getting done with the warmup and being tired all right breathe
important point of this warm-up is get your heart rate up increase that core
body temperature as well as getting a little extra mobility work and at the
same time we’re alternating stepping side to side right then left and let’s
do this one for just five four three two one zero
alright next we’re going to move into a butt kick so hands are going to be on
our hips we’re just going to go side to side bring that heel back to our glutes
ABS stay tight good posture on this one great one to loosen up those quads
making sure to breathe the core nice and engaged throughout this movement yeah
it’s going to be so important throughout today’s workout that you focus on that
breathing never holding your breath excellent it’s a good time and the
warm-up here to focus on what brought you here today to begin with whatever it
was it made you hit that play button and start this workout you don’t have to
keep that same motivation throughout today’s workout keep that at the front
of your mind don’t let it go because when you do that’s when you’re going to
be tempted to quit we’re going to get through the end today together so I
decide moving at a pace that you feel comfortable with let’s do this one for
just 10 more seconds again bringing that heel back to the glute feeling that quad
stretch four five four three two one zero
excellent alright first move today we’re going to get into is a sumo deadlift you
know you’re going to be like listen yeah one of my favorite moves as well we have
our feet a little wider than shoulder-width apart and I want you to
point those toes out now Claudia is going to do the full range motion all
the way up all the way down sumo deadlift where I’m going to do the
bottom half first thing that’s going to move your hips we’re going to break at
the hips weight goes back in the hips and then the knees now clouds and come
all the way up and all the way down but I’m going to do just the bottom half so
where she’s able to get a little bit of a break at the top I’m going to be a
constant time under tension on this one and that bottom half and at the top I’m
actually you know my glutes a nice squeeze right there and I’m squeezing my
glutes throughout just keeping them engaged again at bottom half of the move
you should have your feet flat on this one you should be coming up on your toes
or falling back on your heels driving off those heels weight is
backing your glutes and in your hips we’re going to burn those legs and
glutes out today that’s alright how we know it’s going to
work good again getting as many repetitions as you can here and it’s a
lot of time period being careful not to allow your knees to collapse in keep
them strong and out out actually I’m already feeling this little
meet you come on keep it up guys let’s go ten more seconds on this first one
almost there almost there and five four three two one zero excellent next we’re
going to move into either a Bulgarian split squat or a traditional split squat
so I’m going to grab my box for this one if you’re using a chair now is the time
to do it if you want to perform the more challenging movement so I’m placing that
back leg up on the box you need to repent with your ball your foot or the
front of your foot you decide what’s more comfortable we’re both in clutter
just as in a staggered stance that’s right we’re both going to drop that back
knee straight down so both knees get to a 90 and back up doing one leg at a time
both of these moves are tough there’s not easy and hard it’s tough and tougher
so you choose which one is right for you today making sure to sit back you don’t
want your knee way over your foot on it definitely nice keeping good posture and
dropping straight down keeping your balance and that helps on this one find
a focal point for your eyes something to focus on and look at throughout and if
you’re doing a split stance one you find yourself having a hard time balancing so
you may want to just move this foot out a little wider and get back into the
movement you might see that widening your base really helps definitely full
range of motion there we go keep that foot flat not coming on to your toes not
allowing that front knee to travel too far over your foot a nice and steady and
five four three two one zero let’s go ahead and switch sides now that
one leg is burning with it loose one leg wrestle sure is well there’s gonna
definitely alright right back Burhan today’s workouts very efficient we’re
going to get a lot of work in in a short period of time performing a lot of
compound moves today so like this one for instance he’s working your glutes
your hamstrings your quads all getting worked on just this one exercise good we
were sitting back good posture shoulders back core tight you got it guys when
those legs start to burn that lactic acid starts to kick in so important for
you to remember that’s just that muscle fuel that energy source that your
muscles use to create that nerve response that burning sensation but you
can push past it you can choose to ignore it right here let’s go
you got it last five seconds on this one four three two one zero who shake those
legs off in this good work next we’re going to move into a hip
hinge abduction so go ahead and have your feet your legs shoulder width apart
feet shoulder width apart we’re going to bring those knees in and
then we’re going to rotate those knees out and come up on the outside of our
feet squeeze those gluts and then they come back in we now have squeeze pause
squeeze those boots and then bring the knees back in please come out squeeze
those gluts and back in so every time you’re pausing boom right there squeeze
the gluts and back in make no mistake about it our legs are burning just like
yours are we’re right there with you rep by Rep putting in the work let’s go guys
think about what brought you here today to begin with what is it
come on let’s go when are you trying to lose weight get more fit or just kick
about it life whatever it is rep by Rep you’re getting closer to that goal come
on hold and pause on every rep you got it let’s do this one four five four
three two one zero nice job so the next one we’re going to do a drop squad both
of us are going to start with the same move and then I’m going to continue on
to a slightly harder variation both of us are gonna start with your feet
together now we’re going to jump out spread our legs put those toes out
weight back in the hips and then jump back up feet together and I’m going to
continue with that movement right now I’m going to drop into a reverse launch
split back up and now opposite side reverse lunge and split so mine is a
triple drop squat where claudi’s is just the singular drop squat again they’re
both difficult it’s harder and hard and harder on this
one make sure to put that weight back in your hips keep those knees out and I’m
the reverse lunge variation make sure you’re not bouncing that back knee off
the ground but instead come up right before it hits the ground have those
knees pointed out on that first initial drop squat toes pointed out it’s just
ever so slightly weight back in the hips good
again another compound movement on this one getting multiple muscle groups and
just worn the efficient exercise you’re not imagining things this is a tough one
guys keep fighting keep pushing and you will get there remember everything you
want it’s just at the top of the staircase and every repetition is giving
you just that much closer to the top keep putting in the work and you will
get there keep breathing keep moving you got it guys not much left on this one
keep fighting through and five four three two one zero excellent job that’s
over I’m still have this over to or moving into a one leg stiff leg deadlift
this one’s not only going to test our strength but our balance as well feed it
together hands are out at our side we’re going to bend over using her hips as a
hinge and I’m going to touch my opposite side toe with opposite side on and I’m
actually only coming down to my knee so again using our hips of the hinge down
to our knee keeping our head in a neutral position bathra the entire
movement back stay straight and we’re just keeping a slight bend in the knee
of that base leg so you’re not bending over like a squat but instead you’re
bending over using those two as a hinge and if you’re like me your legs are a
little fatigued so you might find that balance is a little harder during this
movement so go at your own pace don’t feel like you need to keep up with us
and it’s not about being perfect on this one no
both of us are and I have a hard time with this one at this point in the
workout and that’s alright it’s not about being perfect it’s just about
putting in the work getting a little bit better every time you perform the move
and you really just want to focus on the movement that way you can feel the
stretch in the squeeze during the entire course of the movement here so the
hamstring stretch at the bottom and I’m even feeling it right here up to my
glute yep and squeeze those glutes up at the
top as you use them to stand up all the weighting sighs we’re feeling it too
guys not a learner I come on let’s go not much left on this one nice and
controlled on the way down and the way up you got if you mentally to keep your
core tight as well yeah a lot of stuff to think about during this movement all
right like I said if I come back you a little bit better at it every time let’s
do this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1 0 excellent nice I like that one all right now for
moving into a squat plus a leg lift I’m going to do a squat jump closure and do
a traditional squat feet are shoulder width apart weight goes back in our hips
squat down I’m going to jump clutter is just going to stand up now we’re going
to go leg lifts leg lifts back into the squat you decide if the jump is right
for you or just a traditional squat or if you start with one variation and you
feel you need to switch that’s great too we want you to make this work out your
own on that leg lift we have a slight bend in your knee and you’re using those
glutes to lift that leg and squeeze those gluts up at the top fight through
that burn guy Yeah right there with your has to try right there with you rep by
Rep putting in the work remember thousands maybe even millions
of us at home doing the same workout you’re doing feeling this thing burn or
in it together getting a little bit better every repetition would you come
here for stay focused on what are your goals what are you working
toward come on don’t forget about it each repetition getting you just that
much closer you got it you got it keep it up keep breathing keep moving it’s
the name of the game again not competing with us nope just competing with
yourself getting a little bit better than you were yesterday look in the
mirror that is your one and only competition ten more seconds on this one
come on don’t give up don’t give up almost there and five four three two one
zero last home job we’re grabbing our mats for the next one because we are
headed to the floor and to the ground totally optional though go ahead move to
the floor we’re lying on our backs we’re both going to do a hip up I’m going to
do with the one leg variation Chloe’s going to do the two or moving our heels
nice and close to our gluts I’m going to use one leg to drive off my heel squeeze
my glutes up at the top and return where Claudia is going to do both legs at the
same time and I’m sure to squeeze both of us are to squeeze our gluts right at
the top if you’re doing the one leg variation we’ll switch and do the
opposite leg halfway through if you’re doing the two leg just keep moving with
both legs all the way through the set we’re driving off that heel squeezing
both glutes up at the top grabs nice and tight on this one and
also I don’t want you to fully relax when you come down to the ground come
down tap the ground and then back up but we’re trying to keep constant tension on
those glutes always driving off that heel you’ll notice a big difference in
the effectiveness and the burn if you’re not relaxing every time you come down to
the ground drive off that heel for that glute squeeze the hamstring squeeze up
to the top and again we also don’t want to hyper extend our lower back
like white that’s why it’s good to squeeze your abs to at the top just keep
them nice and squeezed and then right back down
a great point if you’re doing the one leg variation let’s go ahead and switch
and keep it moving there’s no downtime guys we’re doing both legs just keep it
moving yeah not totally relaxing once you get
down to the ground but keeping that tension that contraction on the glute
drive off and squeeze up at the top you got it
make sure to breathe and I hold in our breath breathe in on the way down
breathe out on the way up so when it comes to breathing
we’re always exhaling on the hardest part of the move so for every exercise
it’s going to be a little bit different excellent big deep breaths in and out
you got to keep driving off that heel squeezing those glutes think about how
good you’re going to feel when this workout is all done think of the
consequences if you were to stop working out and you never came back
not something you want to deal with much easier to just be healthy and stay on
the wagon than it is to try to get back on the wagon come on keep it up you got
it let’s do this one four five four three two one zero
I don’t like goodness alright let’s turn to our side next just roll over to your
side we’re going to move into a clam shell great one for your gluts with your
feet together knees start together now we’re going to open up those hips
squeeze your gluts and then return back down keeping your feet together on this
one again this one is controlled not a race on this one and every time as you
open those hips up squeeze those glutes this is a great one for your gluteus
medius which is that outer glute muscle excellent you got to keep
moving keep fighting every time you come back and complete this workout you get
just that much better we do a few more repetitions maybe do some more of the
challenging moves it’s always just putting in that work success isn’t going
to come overnight if you keep showing up day after day you will get there that’s
what you’re doing right now we appreciate you guys showing up and
working out with us today we know you have a lot of different options out
there and we appreciate you coming and working with us today it’s squeezing
those gluts we’re going to switch sides and five four three two one zero squared
and rolled over hit that opposite side now trying to eliminate the downtime you
want to keep moving on this one and right into it now we’re hitting that
opposite glue keeping that glute burn going that’s it keep them burning my
glutes are on fire I’m feeling it no don’t ever sing again put that sorry
guys I won’t be starting on YouTube singing channel anytime soon I thought
you promised you that much come on I didn’t that was mine yeah I’m
Alicia Keys but yeah that was me stealing Claudia’s line and Alicia Keys
whoo come on open them up and squeeze those glutes you got it guys whoo come
on stay focused iron it up again not a race staying under control on this one
it’s a lot easier to just kind of flop that leg right but instead really focus
on staying under control on this one opening that leg nice and wide and
squeezing that glue you’ve got it not much left on this one
let’s hit this one for just 10 more seconds excellent job keep breathing
four five four three two one zero all right let’s roll over onto all fours
for the next one into a kneeling position I’m going to do a kneeling leg
extension so with their right leg we’re going to bring that right leg up extend
back behind us and point with your toes bring it back down but don’t rest your
leg in between right back up again pointing with your toes and squeezing
your glutes up at the top again nice and controlled on this one it’s easier to do
this trust me all right you did it all day long believe it or not oh you might
be getting more reps in but you’re not feeling the same effect so this one’s
all about control the way down and the way up making those glutes work making
those glutes fire and contract squeeze and I’m up at the top one wrap into the
next you got it every repetition getting just that much closer to the end these
are my favourite down on the ground like this it’s so simple yet so effective
especially when you take your time with them good taking your time for you and
that glute catch on fire good especially for me because I also need these type of
isolation movements so it really helps ya quiet when she does more compound
exercises your quads have a tendency to take over so for her it’s important to
incorporate these more isolation group exercises as well good everybody is
different right that’s right keep it up here four five four three two one zero
switch it up opposite side now whoo right and again again no downtime just
keep it moving I don’t know if it’s just how effective
today’s workout is or if it’s because it’s warm in the gym man I am getting
sweat going or it’s just you maybe that is why you have the tendency to sweat
really what know who told you okay it’s true I do and it’s just because I’m
working hard come on guys let’s go keep it up squeezing those glutes up at the
top again now don’t rest your leg at the bottom lung keep that constant tension
not allowing it to rest not allowing it to break
just keep moving right there with you come on they don’t have a whole lot left
today we don’t your legs don’t have much left here so let’s fight through make a
count everything with it that’s it make it count guys come on that’s it let’s go
ten more seconds on this side that’s it staying under control and breathe good
let’s go five four three two one zero staying in this position next back to
that opposite leg back your right leg your right leg out straight now we’re
going to do a kneeling hamstring curl curl back on that heel and then
straighten your leg out curl back on that heel squeeze your hamstring and
then straighten the leg out trying to rest keep that leg straight back stays
straight core stays straight core is engaged not turning your hips but just
extending I’m flexing at that knee squeeze that hamstring same thing is the
last one not a race on this one or not here but instead under control
you got a control really focusing on the movement that’s it focusing on those
muscles that are working making sure the right muscle groups are contracting get
those hamstrings contract and then your glutes are and actually do an isometric
move on this one just to keep your leg elevated your glute sir firing and
working good keep it up not much left hand the
side 10 seconds here and five four three two one zero
Oh am i stationary leg is on fire you know it’s working when your leg that’s
resting is burning come on let’s go opposite side here one wrap into the
next I can think about huh good you’re going to feel when this workout is all
done you can cross this off your list no matter what you do or don’t do for the
rest of the day you’ll accomplish that you got your workout in it’s always a
good feeling nice sense of accomplishment whoo-hoo I’m gonna feel
these tomorrow true I like it not complaining I like it that’s how I know
it’s working good legs straight the best you can you know nothing it’s not about
being perfect on this just about putting in the work rep after rep excellent you
got it not a whole half a lot left on this one squeeze that hamstring squeeze
that glute one into the next go ten more seconds on this side we’re almost there
jeans and the longest are four three two one zero
okay no more of those huh let’s go ahead and move to our side max you can relax
in that kneeling position lying down on our side it’s going to have one leg out
straight and our leg that’s on top going to kick it over and have that foot down
flat now with our inside leg we’re gonna do adductor leg lift pulses this is a
short range of motion on this one I’m not moving all that much just about
I know what three to four inches maybe Tufts up and down just pull so the great
for those inner thighs those adductors
good that’s opposite of those glute muscles those inner thigh muscles
definitely I feel like it mimics that machine at the gym where your it does no
we haven’t erosion we get that same work in right here from home without any
equipment that’s it now we’re not doing a lot of time on this pole so just 10
more seconds keep it up how many can you get it good four inch of motion four
five four three two one zero whoo all right let’s flip over top with the size
flow let that leg wrap for Hale the other one come on guys right there with
you you can tell we’re feeling it too you’re not alone make a count right into
it there we are free to the movement do not
hold your breath and if your legs are on fire like mine are like ours are just go
to your happy place hogs you know us what I was going to say
right focus on work motivation that’s it command
focus on that goal whatever it is it motivates you whether it’s a more
aesthetic goal whether it’s a atletic goal whatever it may be focus on it be
anywhere but here don’t focus on that burn focus on what motivates you what
drives you what’s your purpose come on let’s really full range of
motion let’s go ten more seconds on this make a count make a count come on almost
there five four three two one zero oh my god turn it over to our backs next
we’re going to do a frog a pump warning this one looks funny but it is effective
let me tell you what so be are together then let’s open those legs spread them
up I’m going to bring your chin or your head up off the ground tuck your chin
elbows into the ground now driving those elbows into the ground driving your feet
into the ground we’re going to do a frog pump and squeeze those glutes all the
way down all the way up again we’re not bouncing off the ground were just
tapping the ground with our glutes not actually relaxing in between repetitions
squeeze those boots up at the top on every rep as many as you can here this
is it this is our last leg move of the day but to make a cow you’ve come this
far you can finish strong your legs are almost done you go again
driving those elbows into the ground keep the chin tucked and squeeze those
glutes you got it one rep and the next keep breathing
learn to push past that burn remember everything you want is outside of your
comfort zone how to get comfortable with being uncomfortable here we are here we
are let’s go ten more seconds pushing through guys pushing through right there
with you four five four three two one zero
Oh excellent job Sarah we can actually stay down on the ground we’re gonna do a
little thankfully right thank you thank you alright we’re going to do a we’re
going to do a quick cool down and the point is cool down is to allow your
heart rate to come down gradually and at the same time get a little extra
mobility and flexibility work in so lying down straight on our back screwed
into a straight leg hamstring stretch so keep one leg glued to the ground and
including that knee we’re going to bring your opposite leg up keeping this leg
straight so as you come off you’re going to be tempted to bend that knee but
instead when you try your best to keep it straight bring it as high as you can
and just hold keeping that opposite leg glued to the ground anytime we’re doing
a static stretch we’re trying to bring that leg to about 85 to 90 percent of
what you’re capable of you want to get a good stretch but you don’t wanna go so
far where you’re inducing pain or you’re actually hurting yourself so feel a
stretch I’m a little shaky I am too if you’re right here that’s okay right if
you’re here it’s fine do what you can well again coming back in a little
better every time let’s hold this one for five four three two one zero
max come down slow and opposite leg again keep the leg that’s on the ground
glued to the ground opposite leg comes up trying your best
to keep that leg straight to that stretch all up and down the back of that
leg answering in your calf all this leg and glute work and I’m finding it hard
to keep my leg up oh yeah that means I can leave the work
on work today did nice big deep breaths take a second here to be a proud of what
you’ve achieved so far today I told it four five four three two one zero
hi next we’re going to move into a figure four stretch to bring one leg up
opposite leg comes up and cross it over now you can use your hands to get it up
there if you need to I’m going to reach through grab and that knee my chin up
I’m going to bring that leg and that hip to my chest now if you can’t quite reach
through and do it you can just go ahead and grab your leg here you choose which
variation is right for you this one is going to stretch your IT bands your
piriformis your quad and your hips all getting stretched on this one very
efficient stretch getting a lot in and just this one move and we’re just going
to hold bring it in and hold then wherever you’re feeling the stretch on
this one’s probably where you’re tightest and also people feel a little
more on their hips and more in there quad get nice big deep breaths holding
this one for five four three two one zero and relax okay opposite side now
again reaching through and I’m pulling this knee to my chest
excellent job again just be proud of what you’ve achieved so far today this
is a tough workout even if you were doing the beginner modifications it’s
still tough nice daisy dress I’m going to hold this
one four five four three two one zero hand down alright one last stretch this
time we’re going to stretch out those quadriceps give you a couple different
variations on this one we’re going to do a sprinter quad stretch so with both
legs out starting with both legs out when we bring one leg back now the
easiest version is going to be to bring that leg to your side and just hold here
and the further back you go the harder it’ll be so maybe you just want to be on
your hands maybe you want to be on your forearms or like Claudia’s room maybe
you want to lean all the way back and the more you suck this foot in
underneath you the harder that’s going to be so you decide in that range which
level of stretch is appropriate for you and again you want to take any of these
static stretches to about 85 90 percent so we don’t want to go too crazy just
want to feel that good stretch up and down the quad and in the hip flexor ah
nice big deep breath you got it not much left today and it was it was a killer
leg workout my legs are still burning still on fire and my glutes – all right
let’s switch sides in three two one zero we’re going to get legal it shift that
opposite one and let’s finish with this line is strong with this last quad
stretch that’s it you might find that one leg is tighter than the other ow
totally normal yep you know after my workout last night I can tell my left
legs a little tighter than my right totally normal
that’s alright so while we’re putting in the work here these cooldown stretches
are so important at the end of your workout just because it ensures that
you’re getting that mobility working so often people and work their body so hard
that they forget to do the restoration work forget to do the stretching and
mobility part you know it’s not the fun part right now except we’re not not the
exciting part that’s why we’d like to include it here in the cooldown just to
make sure you getting everything you need you won’t
have to go do this later all right let’s hold this 1 4 5 4 3 2 1
0 and that’s it folks that is a wrap you made it we made a man we made it whoo we
thank you so much for joining us today and working with us if you enjoyed this
workout and you’ve been working out with us for a while you’re starting to see
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I’m Claudia and we will see you at your next workout

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