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3 min extreme HOME fat melter workout

bjbj Mike Chang: Hey, what s up Six Pack Shortcuters.
In this video I m going to show you how to do push-up half burpee combination and then
we re going to do jumping lunges. A 100 reps total, all body weight, do this at home, do
this right now. It s going to go and work on your chest, it s going to work on your
abs and core, and it s going to work on legs. So pretty much like a total body workout here.
100 reps shouldn t take you too long, maybe about five or six minutes at the most. Let
s do it. So push-up and half burpee; here s push-up, half burpee like that, 10 reps
of those, 20 reps of jumping lunges, a 100 reps total. [Music] So far 60 reps. [Music]
s getting hard. [Music] So there you are. 100 reps. can t breathe. Good for your cardio,
chests pumped, arms are tired, legs feeling I am gong to collapse. So do this workout
at home, get super ripped, checkout the website sixpackshortcuts, get more videos, and more
nutrition tips. Train hard guys. I ll see you guys next time. [Music] hzKq gdmO’ gd?e

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