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3 Block Trampoline in Minecraft 1.12 | Only One Command [ENG-SUB]

Hey Guys and Welcome back on The Creative Simon. Today I want to show you how you can get build a 3 block trampoline with only one command. First of all you need a command bock and to get one you have to type in: /give then your USERNAME and command_block Place him down and right click him. Now paste the command from the video description in it and click on “Needs Redstone” until it says “Always Active” and Done. Here we have our small box and if your right click this sign you can destroy this box. To build your trampoline just place down a stickypiston with a slimeblock ontop of it and thats it. Now you can have fun for a hole day jumping up and down. Okay thats for this video and thank you for watching. If you like this Video then please give me a “Thumbs up” and if you don’t want to miss any of my future videos click on the Subsribe-button.

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