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3 BEST Exercises for Bigger Triceps at Home, NO Weights

♪ Bob and Brad the two most famous ♪ ♪ Physical therapists on the internet ♪ – [Brad] Strong like bull. – All right, hi folks, I’m Bob
Schrupp, physical therapist. – Brad Heineck, physical therapist. – That’s right, we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet. – In our opinion of course, Bob. – Today we’re gonna show
you the three best exercises for bigger triceps at home. Obviously there’s ways you
can do this at the gym. – And without weights. – And without weights, so
these are things that you, anybody could do at
home, almost anybody, so. By the way if you’re new to our channel please take a second to subscribe to us. We provide videos on staying healthy, fit, pain-free, we’ll upload everyday. Also you want to join us on
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to the giveaways section. You can sign up there. Go to Bob and Brad on
Facebook and you’ll find it pinned to the top of the page. – There you go. – So easy peasy. – All right, so Bob, triceps. You know, triceps there’s
three muscles there, right? Tri. – Sure. – To isolate those and
work just the triceps. – They’re at the back of the arm, we should say that.
– Right, yep, right here. And you know, I’m no big
body builder or anything. But I wanted to get my triceps stronger and I wanted to isolate it. So at home, ’cause I don’t
like to go to the gym. I’ve got my workout, I have a time limit. It works really well
for me to do it at home. – It eliminates excuses if
you can do it at your home. ‘Cause if you’re going, I don’t have time to go to the gym right now. Well, you got time at home. – Well I’ve got three
good exercises you can do, and I’ll show you the ones
that I particularly use. But we’ll start out with the
simple one if you have a chair. – Okay. – Just like this, it works best with a nice firm chair that
does not have arm rests, that you can move around a little bit. You’re gonna go like this. Hands here, and scoot your
bottom off the edge of the chair. Straighten your knees out, out like this. And you dip. Down here and up like that. Are my triceps showing or
am I embarrassing myself? – [Bob] You actually got pretty
good triceps for an old man. What are you, 70, 80 years old now Brad? – Yeah Bob, give me a break. Why Bob, why right in
the middle of a video? – [Bob] Okay, he’s
looking good though, Brad. Good triceps. – Now that particular one, I don’t do because my shoulders aren’t that flexible. – Yeah really extends your shoulders. I mean could you do it in
an arm chair like this? – I can, but I tried that Bob. – You tried, it didn’t work? – Well, yeah. – Let me see once. – I’ve injured my shoulders
twice from motorcycle accidents. – Yeah, we’re gonna move
that one out of the way. – All right, let’s see what Bob can do. – Yeah, there’s not enough range. – Yeah. – There’s not enough range, is there? – Better this way. As far as repetitions,
people are gonna ask. I recommend the goal is three sets of 10. But if you want to build some mass, you’ve got to be really
stressing that muscle. By nine and 10, you’re to the
point where you’re shaking. But make sure you maintain your form. You go all the way up and down. And by that third set,
you know, you’re fatigued when you’re done. Those muscles should be
just kind of quivering. And then they’re gonna
have a chance to rebuild over the next two days
before you do it again. – If you’re just trying to tone you can probably do 10 to
15, wouldn’t you say Brad? – Yeah, even more than
that, if you’re just toning. But if you wanna get some mass, then of course get your
protein diet and what not. – Right. It’s not all just exercise,
it’s what you eat too. All right, next one Brad. – The next one, I’m gonna
throw this in there. I don’t do this one either because it doesn’t isolate as well. But you don’t need anything but a floor. And that’s push-ups. Push-up works a lot of the
pecs and the shoulders. So you’re getting more bang
for your buck so to speak. – It’s getting your core too. – Right, exactly. – And cardio. – But you don’t isolate the
triceps exclusively, but… – [Bob] It’s pretty
good, it’s pretty good. – And if you really wanna do it, so we’re doing the tricep push-up. – [Bob] Triangle push-up. – Triangle, but it’s for the tricep. – [Bob] Right, that’s right, tri, tri. – I just made that up right now. Okay, so I’m gonna touch my
sternum to my fingers, and up. And we get some nice tricep work going. And again, it’s hard,
three sets of 10, again, if you wanna increase the
difficulty on that one, and you’re already doing
the standard GI push-up, it’s kinda hard to vary that a little bit, I’m not sure what else you can do. – Right, unless you have
your little child come by and sit on your back. – There you go, you got it Bob. The next one is, if you
have some bands at home, this is exactly what I do. I’m gonna show you two options, the second one is the one I do at home, three days a week for the last 14 months. But I’m gonna stabilize my arms here, you do need to have something on the wall with your bands to anchor it to the wall. We happen to have the wall anchor, works really well, because
you can easily take ’em out like this and use ’em on another anchor for different exercises. – Yeah, and if you go to our website, we actually sell a pack
of four of them there. If you go on Amazon, you only get three for the same price,
but we wanna entice you to use our website so we
actually have a good deal there. – And it is nice to have that fourth one, I use more than four actually. And I put three bands on there so I get the right resistance, you can
use whatever works for you. – [Bob] You may start with one, and each color is a
different resistance, too. – So you wanna get so
that again, repetition, I’m gonna demonstrate good
posture, shoulders, back, good base here, and elbows,
we’re not doing this, elbows are stationary as possible. – Yeah, basically this upper
arm is stationary as possible. See all the motion’s happening at the elbow and down further. So this is, you maintain that straight, keep it vertical, and you can see, Brad’s really busting a
move there, it’s actually– – And I can literally,
I can feel the fibers of that medial tricep actually burning a little bit with this, and I always do it until I
feel the burn in those muscles. This is how I do it, cause
it’s easier to get the posture, I have a stool here, I put
my butt up against the wall, my shoulders against the wall, and my head up against the wall. Forces me to have nice, perfect posture. Then I put my elbows on the wall. – [Bob] Oh, interesting. – And then it moves, and
you just work it like this. For some reason my right
tricep’s a little more sensitive today, I don’t know
why, that’s interesting. Now, this is not the
exact, I’d have to put one more band or change the color out, but you’re gonna get
it, so when you’re done you should be going
like this on number 10. – I actually like this,
Brad, because you are, you’re stabilized all the way along. You know there’s not even a, I don’t know a machine in the gym that would do that, you know, stabilize your whole body, puts you in perfect form, and then isolate that
tricep any better than that. – And as you get further down, because of the resistance
bands it gets more difficult which is exactly what you want
with that particular joint. – And I find, personally, the bands are easier on your
joints than free weights, cause I still do both, and I had to stop doing curls for a while on the bar, cause it was hurting my elbows so much. – It fixes those triceps. – Yeah, and I went to the
bands then for a while, as a alternative, and
it worked really great for doing biceps instead of triceps. – I’m starting to get
tired now, but it felt, that’s the way I do it,
I love to do it that way, and it just makes it fun. – So you need to get a tattoo, Brad. What are you gonna get a tattoo of, Bob and Brad on there, or what? – Bob, you can’t do, why Bob, why would I? – Well you gotta look tough, you know? – I’d be a strong like bull tattoo. – That’s what you’d want,
is a strong like bull, there you go. – Let’s carry on, let’s let
these people go to work. – Thanks for watching.

Reader Comments

  1. This is a great workout ! I have weak triceps and I really donโ€™t like triceps exercises but these are great ideas . I love closed kinematic chain and it is easier for my body as a Pilates based physical therapist . Thanks again guys will do these soon!

  2. For the push-ups put your feet on a chair and you will increase the weight-resistance ,instead of going to center of chest you go to top of chest

  3. I tried to do Push-Ups, Bur pees and lifting weights for my chest for 10 repetition at the same time (3 times a week) a few months ago to build up some muscles on my chest and biceps alone and it went terribly bad. my chest starting to have a pain. it is like your muscles are pulling outside of your body. that is my greatest mistake on doing it alone and not seeking help from professionals. back then I already stopped any exercise.

  4. The Hell's Angels wouldn't mess with either of you big, buff dudes! You'd even knock El Donaldo Trump on his lard ass, injuring his hemorrhoids.

  5. I like your videos and try most of the exercises and stretches. The first exercise with the chair is a real problem for me. I injured my rotator cuffs on the front side years ago in a fall when that I tried to catch myself reaching back at a construction site. I'm a heavier man and cannot use my weight for resistance on any of your exercises that include a joint that has been injured in the past. I also have osteoarthritis and I'm over 60. A more clear warning about using your weight for resistance to do exercises like that one in the future might be a good idea.
    Thank you.

  6. Wait – I just watched a video they made that said never do dips because itโ€™s bad for your shoulders…

  7. Ok Bob Brad Hoq can i get my arms to look like that Maybe I just give up cause I don't see results as soon as within a week or two so should I do this everyday

  8. I don't know what it's called but there's also the exercise where you have a dumbbell in hand, have your arms raised above shoulders & lower the dumbbell behind you. Although I've never felt that move is as effective as forms of tricep pull downs.

  9. Brad you have a farmers tan. Pro tip: start rolling up your sleeves when you're out. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
    Thanks for this yet another very good video. I am a bit on the fence with these elastics because I think about the chances of them snapping & hitting my face๐Ÿ™ˆ. What are the odds?

  10. Could you up Brad's volume please? It's like he's talking to us from the garden.

    My feeling is he needs to move the mic closer to his maw ๐Ÿ˜

  11. Nice classics… Qs: is there any real benefit for triceps in taking your hands back all the way near the shoulder in first and last exercise?

  12. If you have a pool get in it, back up to side, without jumpin or using ur legs try to get out of the pool. You will do the motion as in first exercise but easier. Then go with chair if chair is too hard at first.

  13. You can do those tricepy chair ones on the floor without a chair. I used to do those all the time and they worked well enough. Not as intensive but good if u can't do the others or don't want a massive muscle and just a tone.

  14. Iโ€™m 58 years old and Iโ€™ve been lifting since I was 12. I have some advice – unless you want to visit a physical therapist – please do not go to full extension or lockout. This also will help work the muscle harder. When you go to full extension & lockout you introduce the possibility of injuring the joints – specifically the elbow joint in the exercises shown today.

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