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24 Hours On A Playground / AllAroundAudrey

– Going through the blue slide. Guys, I noticed something was
leaking out of my backpack because it’s drenched on the bottom. So good. 10 10 recommend. Florida, Georgia, oh no. Hi guys, It’s Audrey and today I’m gonna be spending
24 hours on the playground. This playground is ginormous so I wanna give you
guys a little house tour of the place I’m gonna be
staying at for they full day. So, lets go. Up the stairs. Welcome, come in the house. First of all I’ve got
this little, tiny slide but it’s really wet so
I’m not gonna go down it because my booty will get all wet. So that’s not fun. Which way should we go first? You choose. This way? Okay. It’s the tunnels. This is my tunnel. It’s a little bit wet too
so we have to be careful. Okay, here’s the firefighter
pole, that’s not a pole. It’s like a ladder. You can get down on the ground. Then we have my rock wall
and another slide up here. This slide is a very steep slide and as you can tell it’s
been slid down many times. And then we have the bridge. Don’t let the trolls bite your toes. Okay, and then we’ve got
a little lookout area and another twirly slide
that you can’t see through. So those fun ones that
everyone stays in the middle and you go down and run into someone. And then we’ll go back to
where we were in the beginning I’ll show you the other
half of my playground. Okay, over here we have
the very rocky bridge. This is where I’m gonna
practice my balance. And this surface is kinda slippery. We’ve got over here the metal monkey bars. (ding sound) And then over here we have
the real deal monkey bars (ding sound) which always hurt my hands. And then over off the wee distance we have the spider dome thing and we have the two little bars. What do you even do on those bars? Comment down below what you guys do on those two little bars
because I don’t know. Then off in the distance we
have another spider thingy but it looks different and then in the way, way
distance we have some. What are they called? – [Dad] Swings
– Swing sets I haven’t been on a playground for awhile. Okay, so it’s morning time. I’m hungry. I think we should start
off with some breakfast so I brought my adventurer’s backpack. okay so we’re gonna eat. I packed all my stuff in here for the day. Let’s see what I have for breakfast. For breakfast I have some yogurt. Wild watermelon flavor. Don’t forget to shake it up, shake it up. Look in the distance
there’s another playground. Wild watermelon is pretty good. It kinda tastes like a melted, what are those thingys called? Try to guess the candy, ready? Sorry I don’t know the name of it. It’s pink and it’s this big and it’s hard and it’s not circle but
a rectangle 3D circle. It’s a hard candy. It’s pink and it’s like
a rectangle but it’s 3D. It’s tiny, like this big. It comes in a little wrapper. Take it out and you suck on it. There’s always lot’s of flavors
so you can get a blue one. I’m done with my breakfast. Let’s move on to the first
activity of the day, woo! Okay guys, we’re doing
an obstacle course now. We’re gonna see how fast I can go throughout the whole playground. We’re gonna have a timer on the screen. I’m gonna try and go as
speedy fast as I can possible while hitting everything
on this playground besides those things off in the distance. We’re gonna start off with the metal bars. Here we go, ready? 3, 2, 1, go. No, no. Ow, my pants. (dramatic music) I’m gonna do the blue slide. Well this is scary. I did it. How do I get up? Okay. Going down the red slide. I hope it’s not wet. Oh no, I don’t have the
arm strength for this. Comment down below if you
guys ever like to sit on top of the monkey bars. Do not do that though because I don’t think
the teachers like it. Oh no, It’s so hard. I could never do this before. Oh no, It’s actually getting taller. How’s that possible? And time! Wow, I don’t know how fast that was but definitely cheated a little bit. Okay guys, let’s move on
to the second activity. Okay guys, I spy something in the distance that I kinda want to go check
out so for this adventure. I am allowed to go on the bark. Only on the bark though. I can’t go on the grass
to go adventure off but first I see something over there that I kinda want to explore so I’m gonna bring my
adventurer’s backpack because I don’t know how
long this is gonna take me and I don’t know if I
need my lunch so let’s go. Over here, what? Oh my gosh! Look how cool. It’s a fossil underneath my rock wall. It’s a dinosaur fossil. What dinosaur do you think this is? Comment down below if you know
what dinosaur fossil this is. Don’t think, well maybe it’s a T-Rex cause look, it has a tiny arm. Kinda looks like a little chicken arm but it’s pretty small. Maybe it’s a baby T-Rex. That’s my guess. Let’s go over there and explore some more. Guys, I noticed something was
leaking out of my backpack because it’s drenched on the bottom. My bottle came undone in my lunch and so it soaking my backpack
and it got me all dirty so now I have some red stains on my pants. This little thing, I’m just gonna hold it. It’s super annoying and
luckily I have these handlebars on the backpack. I can just hold my backpack like this so it doesn’t get me more wet. Tragedy number one I got to deal with but we’re gonna keep on adventuring because adventurers
never quit so let’s go. See it in the distance and I think the mulch goes right to it. Which is perfect because I
can only stay on the mulch. There’s a basketball court. Whoa there’s another one and
what are those things called? Where the ball’s on the
cord and you spin it around. I love that game. To bad they don’t have a ball on the poll. I see it, I see it. The gate is open. We can go in. What? It looks like someone
put some graffiti on it. Shh. It’s a tiny version of our playground. Come look though, someone drew on it. And they put their hand prints
and the dog’s hand print and a bird’s hand print. I don’t know if they did that. It’s a cute little play ground. What is this? Hello, welcome to McDonald’s. How may I take your order? Oh you want a Big Mac? Here you go. You get the leaky bottle. Okay guys, I’m getting kinda hungry again so I think we should eat some lunch. Should I eat lunch on the tiny playground? Okay let’s do it. Let’s eat some lunch
on the tiny playground. Okay for lunch I got some Lunchables. And guys I’m a germaphobe so you should always wash
your hands before you eat. Smart thing, I brought some Wet Ones. Specially since this is finger food, I’m gonna be touching my food a lot and I touched the whole
playground which has a lot of germs on it. So, washing my hands. Washy, washy, washy, washy. My hands are pretty goodly. Ham and cheddar Lunchable. Usually, can’t open it. The meat smells a little bit. It’s probably because I’ve been out here and it’s not refrigerated. Oh no. My favorite Lunchable to have
is usually the nacho kind but I didn’t have any at home to pack so it looks like we’re having this kind but I also know that
Lunchables has a pizza kind which is super cool. I think I’ve had it once and they also have a chicken
nuggets so lots of options. The meat is a little suspicious. All right ready? Still good. 10 10 recommend. Gourmet lunch. I want a bite of my cookie though. I got a little desert. Like an Oreo but not and
of course have a bite of my or a drink of my Kool Aid
that like to spill over me. It’s already opened. Nothing like warm Kool Aid. All right, let’s keep on adventuring. Okay guys, since the playground
was connected to school, I think we need to have
a little school lesson. I found a map of the United States and I’m gonna try and name all
of the United States’ states in order. Okay ready? Think this is Alabama, ready? Alabama, Alaska, Arizona,
oh no where’s Arkansas? Arkan. Arkansas. Alabama, Alaska, Cali. California, Colorado, where’s Connecticut? This is not Connecticut. Where? Connecticut, do do do. Wait, Alabama, Alaska,
Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware. Oh gosh, this one? Delaware, Florida, Georgia, oh no! Hawaii, Idaho, okay that’s it. I’m not running around anymore. Let’s go into the next activity. Okay guys, I have to do one swing contest because can’t just pass any
swings without doing this so here we go. Okay, 1, 2, 3, oh no I’m so scared. Here we go, I’m gonna jump. Ta da! Have you ever heard of underdog? That’s when someone goes
underneath your swing. It’s really scary. Don’t do that at home
or on the playground. All right guys it is dinner time and my family has joined me. I just saw them pull up so I’m
gonna wait for them to come but in my dinner I packed
some Cup of Noodle soup, a fork and hot water that I
put in a thermos earlier today. I don’t know if it’s,
my fork just got dirty. I don’t know if the water is still hot because it’s literally
been sitting here all day. So we’ll see. I also have my crusty thing from earlier. Once I open up my thermos
and my Cup of Noodles. Kind of hungry from running around on this playground all day. I’m so hungry I’ll open
up the pack with my mouth. Okay gonna stick this in my backpack. So recommended cooking for three minutes. I don’t think that I can
wait for three minutes but we’ll see. Here we go. Is it still hot? We shall see if I have
cold soup or warm soup. It smells super good and I’m thirsty and I drank all my other drinks so let’s see if this is cold or not. It’s not boiling hot but it’s warm water. It’s definitely gonna cook but my soup is gonna be room temperature. It’s not gonna be super cold but it’s not gonna be soup, soup. We’re gonna wait for this to mix around and then I’m gonna eat my dinner. Okay my family just arrived. Dad has been with me all day
because he’s the camera guy. – [Dad] Thank you very much. – And Jordan’s never arrived because she’s at home doing homework but we’re gonna be playing hide and seek. Everyone in my family is hiding. I can’t look behind me
because I don’t want to cheat. The camera is going to
go and see where their at and I’m gonna try and find them. Hopefully I pretty much
know where their at because I’ve been here all day so I should know this
playground really well but I’ll give you two minutes, ready, go. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30. 57, 58, 59, 60. (counting fast) Ready or not here I come. Okay I heard some noises. I was not peeking but I can hear. I think someone’s in the red slide. Ty, I see Ty. I spy Ty. (ding sound) Okay I’m gonna try and find everyone else. I see Katie. I see Katie. (ding sound) That was a good hiding spot. Okay where’s Jake? Jake hid in a good spot. – [Katie] Wait, mine’s good? – Yours is super good. Where’s Jacob though? Is he on the playground? Where is he? He’s on the tiny playground. I see Jake. (ding sound) – [Jake] Gave it away. – Okay that was round one. Round two, you can hide again, ready? I’m gonna count super fast. 60, ready or not here I come. This time I plugged my
ears as well as my eyes. I plugged my eyes. Yes you heard that right. Now I’m gonna go find them. Jake? Jake. – [Jake] How’d you see me? – I looked behind me. – [Jake] And saw my legs? – Yeah I saw your legs. Where could they be? Come out, come out wherever you are. Where are they? – [Jake] It should be hide and seek tag. – I’m going over here. Katie, I see Katie
underneath the blue slide. (ding sound) – [Katie] That was fast. Ty is last. Where is Ty? Oh Ty Ty. Where is he? Is he on the other side over there? He can’t be in the red slide again. Do you think he’d be in the red slide? I’m gonna go in the red slide
and see if he’s in there because I could see him
hiding in there again. If he’s not in the red slide I have a feeling he’s over
there on the tiny playground on that slide. He’s on a slide. I’m going on this slide. – [Jake] I’m blocking your way. I see Ty. – [Ty] (mumbles) – [Audrey] Ty’s up here. – Here we come. (ding sound) – [Dad] You found him. – Gotcha Ty. So Ty won that round. Good job Ty. I think my dinner’s ready. Let’s go check on it. Guys I came back and my
fork was on the playground. Nasty. Let’s try my soup. My lukewarm soup. It smells super good. Not bad. It’s not burning your mouth so it’s actually perfect temperature. And look it’s healthy. There’s some corn and carrots
and I got a little bit of water left over to drink but I think I’m gonna
eat dinner and camp out till it gets dark and then I’ll see you guys
right before I go to bed. What was that noise? Guys it’s getting close to dark. That was scary and I’m
in a tunnel right now. I’m in one of the playground slides and I just heard a noise. I feel like a bird is in
here but I got my blanky. Before my parents, my family left they dropped this blanket off to me and so it’s getting dark. It doesn’t look like it
but the sun is setting so I’m gonna go to bed. Sign off but 24 hours on the playground was actually pretty fun. And if you guys like this video, remember give a big
thumbs up also subscribe. Hit the bell icon so you know
every time I post a video and comment below where else
should I spend 24 hours. I’ll see you guys next time, bye. The noise is back. The noise is back. No, no, there are birds down there. There’s a bird down there. Bye, weeeeee. (upbeat music)

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