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2019 BANDELIER ELEMENTRY SCHOOL JUMP ROPE TEAM (Original Version) [Not Edited/ Blured Version]

I’d been married longtime ho where did you
come from go can I have is this I’ll let you out so
we’re gonna highlight some of our top jumpers if you watch really closely
you’re gonna see each of these jumpers has their own style their own their own
tricks but the key things to being one of the top jump rope kids is that you
got to have fast hands so you’re going to see some really fast hands and you
have to be creative once they learn the basics then it’s up to them to come up
with their routine and try to figure out how they want to put their combinations
and their tricks together so this is Isabella thank you Ramona come on out let the beat control your body let the
beat control you now these to the next to my my two V’s
out Evelynn dandy the next two are kind of newer jumpers they’ve until they
started last year but we tell these kids all the time it doesn’t matter how long
you’ve been jumping it doesn’t matter how old you are it’s how much you put
into and these who work really hard so I want you to check out Evelyn and Evy and
they make me call them that because if I say Evy and Evita get confused and I get
confused so we have Evelyn and Evie here we go and I have energy throughout and iris go
out Angie and iris are two more of our top jumpers and they’ve got some really
good tricks right so I have Aria and Octavia going
so remember I said that we tell them all the time it doesn’t matter how old you
are we have to second graders and these new are some of the hot jumpers on the
team and they’re only in second grade when you look at our recesses every
recess we open up the gym it’s probably 70% first grade kids in there and they
really want to be on this team and they’re working really hard so I’m gonna
give them a chance at the end to come out and show us what they’re doing all
those newer jumpers but right now watch with two second graders candy the next thing we’re gonna do is let you
see what it looks like at different ages and give all of these kids a chance to
show their routine so I’m gonna start with senator and third grade second and
third grade and on out they can find this spot and if you are here for a jump
or get your camera’s ready because they’re gonna show you their best stuff
spread out give yourself as much room as you can for great nice job the traders one of our top
fifth grade groups and they’ve had in a long time now after they leave and a
leader they can’t stay here forever you know they go on the middle school in
high school and we always invite kids back the gentlemen whenever they want so
we never know when we have a show you have kids show up that jump five years
ago six years ago or a couple years ago and the cool thing about that is that
they never forget so as a coach it’s really fun for me to watch because I’m
kids show up that haven’t been here for a long time and you see that they can
still do it it makes pretty proud so can I have our 2-1 high school now in one
middle school have our two older jumpers set up this is Kalista and airy and you that’s awesome very cool
next we’re going to run through some of our favorite group routine so we’re
going to start with one that we started doing this dance in PE years ago and the
kids turn it into a slide slide so when you do jump roping our PE class there
are always some kids that kind of struggle with jump rope so after a
couple weeks we we not you I’m not saying to you and not saying usually but
there are usually a few kids that struggle with jump rope so we start
doing Hulu a couple of weeks after and is just an option something that they
can do well while people are jumping rope we call it circus time and the kids
are jumping and whooping and just having a good time now every once in a while
you have a kid that really shines at something they become very good so Lily
started off hooting the chicken jogged ooh she’s a good jumper but she really
enjoys who who can so I’m gonna let let me show you
can live like if you become really good at never ever gonna read the will does anybody want to give any other
groups there’s three who lose come grab one
Lily you can stay out there we’re gonna add a few mark is this hula hoop cardi
and we’re gonna do the twist and go and do
alright so next we’re gonna have a little contest we’re gonna have a seat
contest and we’re gonna have the older kids go against the younger kids so I
want fourth fifth and Middle School in high school to head out there so speed
is just the fitness thing they’re gonna try and go as fast as they can without
making any mistakes and they’re gonna go for 15 seconds so we’re gonna go 15
seconds as fast as we can if you think they’re going really fast at the end I
want you to give them a giant round of applause and we’re gonna see which group
gets the biggest round of applause the fourth fifth and holder or the second
and third graders here we go a little speed this was pretty good that was fast
all right so second and third-graders you’re gonna try and go as fast as you
can for 15 seconds Ready Set all right next up can I have some
overall people come back so this is one of those do not try this at home kind of
tricks these kids are highly trained
professionals and they’re gonna jump rope through up on the walls something
called for you actually have a because they can do this on a pogo stick but
we’re gonna have the pogo sticks out today all right cool
can I have the hey baby let’s put fourth and fifth in one row and I think let’s
dangle it I know we can fit me and then let’s put second is there in the second
row okay so we have a fourth and
fifth-graders kind of thing figured out I’m going to come to the side of Aurelia
Charlotte come to the side of Audrey now second and third grade I want you to
look at that line you can see if you can make a straight line right behind it
there you go there you go get it no my backup grade back up Savannah back up
Octavia back up we’re gonna go with this take like an hour here we go me nice job pretty good so is it all I’m
going to have you go one for magic Ramona and Lydia two for two and let’s
make a magic team let’s face these folks over here we haven’t done anything
facing this side so make that triangle off of Isabella up front and you can go
back as far if you’re if you’ve got it we can keep going as long as you’ve got
a partner on the other side you can keep going you can act it there we go there
you go they got it perfect Breanna go all the way next to any on the outside
five six seven so next up we’re gonna do the happy song
and anybody that wants to do happy you can head on out let’s face back to the
original front yeah that’s perfect five six seven eight by because nice job so this one the friends gonna
be facing me and this is a brand new one that we just started this year it’s
called the wake me up and this was like we just started playing music one day
jump rope and we said can anybody come up with a routine to any of these songs
and this was one that we thought was pretty cool this is the waiting the
episode joy all right so we’re gonna partner tricks
and I’m just gonna call people that are in the 8th position that’s the focus
position and if you think you have this trick you can raise your hand I’m gonna
pick one group to go out and show it and then we’ll let anybody that has it show
that they can do it so the first trick I’m gonna call is in and out that is two
people sharing one rope let’s do an easy and Evelyn come on out you know all
right so this is in and out they’re gonna share a rope and they’re just
gonna go back and forth two people with one there we go ha and please nice job in and out next part
is the Chinese meal Chinese real Chinese meal
let’s go Isabella and Ramona so this is a very cool trick they each have their
own rope they’re gonna switch handles of the rope and they’re gonna turn the rope
at different times so they’re gonna alternate turning the handles of the
rope I like all right Thank You Chinese really one
of my favorites one of my favorites so the next one is a double double ender
and a double double ender has one person doing double unders and another person
jumping inside like a sandwich we’ll go back to the two Adibi and Evelyn so this
is double double under from the final and it’s just a little faster my heart is the nice you guys stay okay let’s do two at
a time we’ll set both of these groups go so one of the favorite tricks wherever
we go is the buff bumper and this one is two different versions of it they have
to try and jump at the exact same time as they’re doing this you very nice good job how about a sneak and
peek this is where the little one goes around the big one this is gonna be
remembered and hardly any other don’t any other city competes so these two are
actually sisters so this is kind of cool you have the little sister who is going
to jump around the bigger sister we have any other sneaking beats go
ahead if you ever think the kids are getting max I forgot to like let the
other double if anybody else has a double double under you can go do that
too so we’ll do a sneak and peek and a double level under sneak a peek in a
double double under all right and clear obj okay so this is
a trick that we first did at the middle school LBJ lyndon b johnson and a lot of
kids have kind of tried this over the years it’s tricky you have one person
jumping in the middle and then the two on the outside have to alternate their
turns and jump so this is the LBJ kind of a cool little teamwork trick I
like that very is there a bunch of twins all right
let’s see anybody that has twins so twins is the same kind of as an intern
Attucks if each person has their own rope and they just switch handles and we
can do side by side if anybody’s got a side by side we’ll do that one and clear
nice job this is cool tricks so next up we’re gonna have about three or four
synchros go and if you have a synchro I want you to line up behind Isabella and
Lydia and I’m just gonna let this roll out see crows are two people doing the
exact same trick at the exact same time synchronized synchronized you that’ll work in progress I stopped all
right next up we’re gonna do eat your eater
eat your egg this is how we get the kids in from recess so let’s do let’s do
Ramon this group the one that was gone yesterday and see if you guys can get
that together let’s do this
Isabella and iris do you guys be partners and let’s try and go six
good luck Ramona I just threw this on her she’s like uh oh I don’t know if I
can do this one so this is the tea trader this is one person trying to
catch all of them from night
working let’s go threes eg going one side over
the other this next one nice not all six nice job Ramona how to do that extra
Groupon yet and there so we don’t do a katana of a double dutch just because
there’s too much standing around waiting for your turn to go but we do have some
kids that are really good at double dutch whenever they do double dutch I
tell them that I want extra stuff not just jumping inside the ropes but
figuring out extra things to do how about that no mistakes that was
impressive liked it next up we’re going to do condoms so we
do we play these songs every every day or every other day in the gym at recess
time and a lot of the newer jumpers now the first graders and second and third
that are newer constantly asked me for this song this is the one they want I warned ya all right and I get all jumpers back
here in this area now are there any kids any bandolier this year that have been
coming to recess jump rope and they want to go out the job they haven’t so we
have qualifiers to get on the team but there’s a lot of kids that haven’t quite
gotten their qualifiers but they’ve been working really hard here’s what we’re
gonna do if you have your own rope bandolier kids you may go out there if
you do not have a rope and you need to borrow one you may go out there with one
of these ropes they’re right here can I have my fifth graders make a
circle right in the middle we’re gonna let all those kids that have been
jumping at recess do the cotton-eye Joe with us so thin Henry come on out find a
spot come get a rope any other bandolier kids that have been
jumping at recess I’m gonna go out there feel free oh well yes dear come on out
of it this guy’s working hard all right can I have four great go join them we’ll
get a few more kids out there that go go find a spot you got this all right here
we go so this is one of the first routines that we learn as a group and a
lot of these kids are really close to making it to the team by the way come
January we start doing our school shows where we do shows for kindergarten first
grade second grade third grade and all of these kids that you see out here that
don’t have shirts yet if they jump in if they keep practicing they will all make
the team this year so that’s kind of a cool thing next to the beginning of next
year is when we start doing our at school shows and all of these kids that
are working really hard will get their shirt and they’ll be
so here they go the cotton I do I’ve been married long time ago where did you
come from ready to go ready you come from cotton-eye Joe how about it for the next generation of
fingers nice job very good so I’d like to thank everybody for coming up let’s
give these kids one more giant round and please look for us at the dock noodle
shop and stroll that’s our next show it’s December 5th it’ll be in the
evening and we’re gonna break out the lighted ropes for about another 10
minutes I’m gonna just lay some of our favorite songs and anybody that wants to
come out in this little area can jump but before we do that can I get all jump
rope kids to go sit on that wall we’re gonna take a quick team picture and
thank you guys for coming out don’t forget to check out all the cool stuff
that is that the bandolier Holiday Bazaar we’ve got even stuff that the
kids at our school animate or some wrapping paper in there some awesome
things so thank you guys for coming out and we’ll see you next year I

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