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2017 Gaming Diary | May (5/11)

Phew. Some break after P5, Nier and Zelda, finally
! Nothing better to start the month off with than Zone of the Enders : The 2nd Runner. And my expectations were high : Years after
knowing and learning about the game, seeing so many people loving the shit out of this
episode got me really intrigued. The first episode had extremely well conceived
controls, but though I enjoyed the loneliness of the ambiance, the levels were really repetitive
and the story was completely stupid. Zone 2, unfortunately, isn’t innocent of
these issues either. You play as a way more charismatic character,
there’s classy animated cutscenes by Productions IG, and the controls are better than ever. But just like the first game, it’s like
the main game and level design doesn’t even try to let you use all of the moves to their
full extent. The enemies are often the same, some are absolutely
unfair garbage (like those mummyheads bastards, i hope you burn forever in hell) and some
others are fine. And that’s really sad, considering how polished
and well conceived everything else is. So much potential that’s just ruined because
of some minor inconveniences. We could always pray for a third installment
that will fix all of the issues to get a perfect game but eh, let’s be honest, this will
never exist. And if it does it won’t be with Kojima,
so… I’m waiting for the VR game to release,
it must be pretty sick. Muramasa Rebirth ! One of my favorite games. I got the complete collection on my own vita,
and couldn’t resist the urge to play it instantly. The game is just as great as i remembered
it. I know some people get tired of the gameplay
after a while, but I just love juggling through enemies with the best music and environment
art i’ve seen on vita. Slashing your swords through dozens of Yokai
and Samurai just feels fantastic, even 10 hours in. I could concentrate on the story and lore
a bit more on my second playthrough, and to be honest, it’s pretty good for an almost
brain dead beat’em all. There really is nothing uninteresting in this
game, and if you’re looking for some more games based on japanese folklore like Nioh,
you really should try this one out. The Unfinished Swan is an adventure game by
Giant Sparrow licensed by Sony. You play as a little kid living through the
dreams of a crazy little king. You go through 4 different major parts, and
every chapter is composed with different gameplay ideas, which makes the short game pretty lively
and interesting. It’d be a shame to spoil the mechanics too
much, so I’ll just let you play it and discover it all by yourself. If you find the game on sale on PSN, it’s
worthwhile if you like first person adventure games. Playing spyro in April was so fun, I needed
to play the sequel. I’ve heard from a lot of people that it’s
the most fun of the games, so I was really excited. And i love it even more than the first. The levels are more memorable, especially
thanks to those cute little skits between levels, but also because it feels like the
levels are really different. In Spyro, most zones were really similar but
here, there’s a real sense of variety. The hubworld is pretty simple but has the
most hypnotic and peaceful soundtracks i’ve ever heard. Spyro also controls wayyy better, they got
rid of the useless rolls, and everything feels more alive than in the first game. For the rest, it’s Spyro. Good fun kid game. It has already been a year since I played
Shovel Knight. And with the release of Specter Knight, I
needed to catch up with the series. And so I finally launched Plague Knight, and
though I did enjoy the new gameplay mechanics, they feel really annoying sometimes on some
levels. I absolutely adore Plague Knight’s dorkness
and the romantic tension between him and Mona. The game actually felt way more lively than
Shovel of Hope, ironically enough. But Shovel was still more fun to play. Sorry, man. I also wished the levels were more altered
like they were in Specter but oops, gotta talk about that later. For what it’s worth, Plague Knight is still
a good way to reexperience Shovel Knight in a different setting. Resident Evil 2 ! Now I was excited to play
this one. This time, you play as Leon in a more linear
setting. Instead of running through the same hallways
like you did in the first entry, the game is divided into different places throughout
the story. It gives more life to Racoon City and it makes
Resident Evil 2 much more diverse than the first one. Even prettier, more options, a bigger focus
on the story and lore, it’s like the game keeps the same qualities as the first one
to create an even better experience. Playing with Claire after Leon makes the story
much more interesting : The levels are the same as Leon but depending on your choices
during your first playthrough, the game will progress differently. That’s a solid sequel for ya. God of War. Another Sony series I’d never been able
to play. I was expecting some dumb button mashing game
with no soul, but it turns out God of War is closer to a good beat’em all like Devil
May Cry than some boring as hell action game. Kratos plays really well, and it’s fun to
destroy enemies with some classy combos while juggling them around. The game is violent and timed just right so
that you never end up doing the same things over and over. Well, I sure didn’t have fun solving the
dumb puzzles, but they’re pretty passive for the most part and they give the player
a good break from time to time. Mythology isn’t really my thing, but God
of War knows how to tell a story without necessarily making it a pain in the ass to follow or understand,
and all the while giving value to the mechanics. Shantae : Risky’s Revenge was my first experience
of this series. The game progresses a bit like a Metroidvania,
but in a more horizontal space, which sometimes feels a bit off. But in it’s presentation, this is a cute
game. The music, graphic details, the cute characters
and atmosphere, they’re all here to contribute to Shantae’s mystical world. But clearly the game sometimes just feels
boring, and exploring the map isn’t the most fun thing on earth. I understand it’s a dsiware game, but if
the game was more linear instead of trying to be more “open” like a metroidvania,
I think it would be much more enjoyable. But I sure am interested in Pirate’s Curse. The last game I played this month was Sonic
CD, and oh boy, it’s even better than i remembered it as a kid. It was the first time I actually finished
it, and playing through it just left me with a gigantic grin on my face because I was simply
having so much fun. There are so many paths in every level. Trust me, every time you play a new game,
it’s never the same experience. There’s 4 different versions of every stage,
the game looks gorgeous, and holy crap. The fucking. Soundtrack. It’s unholy. Out of this world. Bad future tracks are evil, good future and
modern will make you want to breakdance with your dog, past songs are crafted in the genesis
soundfont which gives off an excellent throwback without forcing down nostalgia… Sonic CD is my second favorite Sonic game,
and that’s all thanks to the incredibly well conceived level design and soundtrack. Well that was a huge fucking lot. Won’t be surprised if this is one of the
longest parts so far, but let’s remember that these are all for the most part very
short games. I won’t make this any longer, so I’ll
see you around with the June video !

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