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2014 December Comeback Athlete: Andavea Alexander

I started gymnastics when I was seven
years old I’ve loved it ever since gymnastics is a the most difficult sport
I would say she is probably the hardest worker I’ve ever coached and I’ve been
coaching for 20 years I’ve won multiple state meets I went to Nationals gymnastics does a lot of pounding on your body just because of tumbling and landings just
a part of gymnastics is dealing with the injuries I was at a competition and
I was doing my bar routine it’s called a blind and for just a second she’s
basically swinging by one arm and she’s upside down I have this turning element
on that one arm she went to turn upside down and her arm just kept going
coaching 20 years I’ve seen a lot of stuff but that was the scariest by far I
right here is where I felt most of the pain at that point she pretty much knew
she couldn’t finish the season it’s kind of devastating he’s made it so far and
you realized you just can’t do it and we finally said it’s time for surgery I
first met Andy about a month and a half after her surgery with dr. Willimon my
therapist colleen is wonderful we have a great relationship all right she’s just
fantastic I love her there’s just so much more dynamics that happen in a
growing adolescent body and they could do so much more than an adult can so if
they’re not challenged to the point that they should be challenged then when
they’re brought back to sports if they’re not challenged there then they
have the ability to hurt themselves again is the hardest worker I have ever
seen when it comes to shoulder rehab and she just wanted to get back and not only
did you want to get bag which you wanted to be better than she was before
the best thing about Children’s sports medicine is the fact that we only see kids we only see developing adolescents people who have open growth plates
people that have different needs than adults have her skills are better than
they were before she’s definitely back and better than ever I can actually do
every skill that I had before it’s more flexible than it was before it’s like a
whole new arm the kids really like they love it they love coming here because we
we tailor it to what they want and what they love and the people who want to get
better get better

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  1. i hate choa its the worst hospitial ive ever been to the nurses were mean , the food is worse than school lunch (there was hair in my eggs) , and the whole enviorment was just plan un welcoming 

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