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20 Minute Lower Body Burn Home Workout – No Equipment Legs, Booty & Abs! #kickstart2019

(inspirational music) – Hey guys, welcome to class, I’m Alyssia. Today we are doing a no
equipment lower body workout, so we’re gonna hit legs, booty, and abs. It is all music-driven. We’re gonna start with a
warmup followed by a track for squats, lunges, balance and strength, abs, and then a cool down
and stretch at the end. Take it at your own pace. It’s gonna be tough,
but it’s gonna be fun. I’m gonna guide you through it, and please modify as needed. We’re gonna get started with our warmups. Let’s get warm. Take your legs out really wide. We’re gonna start with some
breaths, just breathing in. And exhale. Nice job. In. And out. One more time, we gonna start with some wide side lunges to the right and left. Let’s lunge right and
left, and hold for two. Nice job, back left, right, left. Right, and hold for two. Good job. All right, so this is the warmup. Take it as slow as you need. We want to build a little bit of heat. Nice job, now hamstrings. Forward fold, lift the hips, and sumo squat, bring it up. Nice job, take it down, and back up top. All right, so you don’t have
to get quite as low this track if you’re still getting into it, but I want you to challenge
yourself along the way. Step center, squat to the right, and to the left. Nice job, so this is track one. If you’re here, if you’re at
the half-squat, that’s okay, but as you get warm, try to take your hips a little bit deeper,
parallel or lower if you can. Nice job. Few more. Phew, feeling a little
bit of heat already. Last time. Take it down into a plank. We’re gonna bring left leg forward, left arm up, twist, opening
through the chest and hips. Nice job, let’s switch. Right leg forward, right arm up. And extend. Let’s speed that up. Back to plank, left leg, left arm. And down, let’s switch. Right, and right. Two more. Nice job, last time. Now, hold a plank position. Now level one, you can always
come to your knees, right? But I want you to start to feel the heat, so if you can, get on your toes. And come with me, mountain climber. Nice job. Now level one, you keep it slow. Level two, speed it up. Keep going, eight, seven, six, five. Nice job. Stand it up. We’re gonna reverse lunge, and leg lift. Reverse lunge, down and up. One more time. Same leg, triple lunge down low. Pulse, pulse, pulse, extend. For three, two, one. Get that back knee down 90 degrees. One more time on this side. Switch sides. Lunge and extend, singles to start. Down, and up. Nice job, so really squeeze
that booty at the back. One more like that. And then triple pulls down low. Three, two, one. Keep that chest up, core is tight. Nice job. Two. Last time. Good job. Okay, we’re warm now, or you should be. We’re taking it to our squat track. Feet hip-width or a little bit wider. Chest is up, leaning into the heels. Sink it down super slow. Three, two, one, back up. Three, two, super slow again, four, three, two, one. Nice job, down two, up two, let’s go. All right, so the warmup
is done, we are warm now. I want to see you get a little bit lower. If you can’t get to parallel that’s okay, but work on it. We’re gonna slow it down, down for three. Take it three, two, one, squeeze up. We are challenging our muscles here to go slow and controlled. We are telling our bodies what to do. Nice job. Down quick and hold at the bottom. Hold, hold, slow to the top. Down and pause, squat,
squeeze it to the top. Two more. All right, our quads are gonna burn. Single time, let’s go. Down and up. Now if you’re here, I
want to challenge you. Can you take it down lower? Parallel or below. Chest is up. Now take it down and hold it, down, pulse, pulse, pulse. So booty is not up in the air. Sit back in that chair, hold it. Eight, seven, six, come
on, you’re so close. Two, one. Woo, okay, you should
be feeling that burn, but we got another round. Sumo squats, take it wide super slow. Four, three, two, one. Back up. Nice and slow. Down two, up two, let’s go. Down, down, so the same
sequence that we did before but we’re doing in our sumo squat. We are hitting different muscles now. We’re getting our inner thigh adductors, and we’re getting a little more glutes. Take it down for three counts. Three, two, one. Nice job. I want you to squeeze
that booty to the top. Press through those heels, and don’t let your chest collapse, okay? Keep it up. Do your best. Down and hold at the bottom. Squeeze, hold, press to the top. Down, nice job. How quick can you get there? Hold it. All right, one more. You hear the music coming. Single time, let’s go. Drive. All right, so try to get two 90 degree angles in those knees. Try to get those hips low. Squeeze the inner thigh, the outer thigh. Two more. Take it down and hold it, hold it down. Pulse, pulse. All right, if you’re up
here, take your hips lower. Keep your chest up. If you feel good here,
can you lift your heels? Only if it feels good
though, in a bad way. In a good way? Hold it. Eight, seven, six, five. Oh! Good job you guys, you should be shaking. All right, lunges are next. I know that we’re tired, bear with me. Take one leg forward and one back. First I’m just gonna quickly show you what I want you to focus
on in this lunge track. That back knee is going
down to 90 degrees. So it’s not straight,
you’re not leaning forward, lean back, okay? So right leg forward, left leg back. Super slow lunge. Right here for four,
three, two, one, back up. Slow and controlled. Your body is not moving forward and back, just up and down. Nice job. We’re gonna speed it up, down two, up two. Down, down, up, up. Squeeze those abs, and you’re pressing through that front heel. The back heel is up. Nice job, one more here. Take it down and hold it quick. Down and hold. It’s that same pause as
before, down and hold. And then squeeze it up, nice job. All right, you know what happens when the music builds, yeah? We got single time lunges, let’s go. Down and up, down and up. Now it’s not this, remember? That back knee has to bend. Down, 90 degrees. Chest is up, pressing
through that front heel. Take it down and hold. Pulse, pulse, pulse. Can you balance a book on your head? All right, keep your chest up. Eight, seven, six, five. Hold it. Nice job, release. Okay we got another side. Left leg forward, right leg back, super slow lunge. Four, three, two, one, slow, up. One more like that. Catch your breath at the slow one. Down two, up two. Take it down, down. Now if you feel like you’re wobbly, you might need to take your
feet a little wider, okay? Train tracks, not a balance beam. One more time at that pace. Down and hold it at the bottom. Down and pause. If you’re feeling knee pain, I want you to press more
through that front heel. You should not feel pain. If you do, you’re leaning
into the front of your foot. All right, single time
lunge, down and up, let’s go. I told you so, it was coming, come on. Don’t forget to breathe. Exhale as you push up. Nice job. So close, oh the burn, it’s there. Take it down, hold it,
pulse, hold, hold, hold. Press through that front
heel, back heel lifted. Come on. Stay with me, four, three, two, one. Okay. Quick shake. We got more lunge work to do. Reverse lunge with me, center. Reverse lunge. Nice job. Reverse lunge. Center squat. Reverse lunge. Nice job. So, we’ve got this sequence. Lunge, squat, and we’re gonna speed it up
with the music, stay down low. Let’s go, lunge, squat. Now, it’s more like a half
lunge and a half squat, but I want you to imagine that book again. Can you not let the book fall down? Balance, come on. Core tight, arms are for balance. Take it lower, take it lower. Chest is high. Eight, seven, six, five, four, three. Hold it. Oh, good job. Grab some water. We’re taking a quick
break, because I’ve got to break down the next one for you. The next track is a
balance and strength track. So, if you never practice balance work, this is gonna feel pretty
challenging and frustrating. Even if you do practice balance work, it might be hard, because
you haven’t practiced these exact moves in this exact sequence. So, I’m gonna break it down now, because one thing to
know for balance work, it really helps if you find one point on the floor or wall to focus on and not shift your gaze. So I’m gonna show you
now, so you don’t need to be looking at the
screen during the workout. So take your water break
while I show you this. You’re gonna start in
an airplane position, so you’re balancing on one leg, bringing the other leg up behind you and trying to get a nice flat
back with your hips parallel. If your arms are behind you,
it’s a little bit easier. If your arms are in front of you, it’s a little bit harder, both are fine. We’re gonna go from there
into a single leg squat. So you’re gonna simply
bend that standing leg. It’s not as simple as it looks. Actually, it looks pretty hard, and it is pretty hard. So, we’re gonna squat
and stand to the music. Your option, if you want
to take it to a level two, is to do a variation of a dragon squat where you bring your flying knee to your standing calf, and then back to that airplane position,
it is challenging. And then we’re gonna make it even harder by going from that flying position directly into a back lunge and a kick. A lunge and a kick, okay? So the whole sequence is airplane, finding your balance, adding the squat, and then lunge with the kick, okay? Be patient with yourself. If this is your first time,
come back two, three, four more and you’ll see yourselves
improve, all right? Let’s get to it. Balance and strength,
we’re gonna get started balancing on our right leg. And we’re just gonna
bring our left leg up. Just like that, okay? Up, hold, hold, release. Up, hold, hold. Check it out, I’m adding on an extension. It comes up, out, in, and down. Now, you can stay down here. That’s fine, find balance
and really squeeze through that quad. But as you get stronger,
challenge yourself to come a little higher. Nice job. Now we’re going into
that airplane sequence. So finding balance, airplane. Balancing on the right
leg, left leg behind us. Hips are square to the ground, parallel. Nice job, arms behind level
one, or forward level two. Option, add the squat. Hold airplane, airplane, squat, squat. Level one, just squat on the standing leg. Level two, dragon squat. Back knee to calf. Now reverse lunge and kick. Go, lunge, kick, nice job. Come on, arms for balance. Burn it out, front, heel. Pressing to the ground. Two more. Woo! All right we’ve got to do the other side. I know, some of you are
hating me, bear with me. Find balance, let’s go. Up, out, in, and down. Now, level one, stay low. That’s totally fine. Remember to find one spot to
look at and that’ll help you. All right, airplane balance, left leg. Find a spot on the floor,
get your balance down. If you’ve got it, arms come forward. Hold that, count down,
four, three, squat for two. Let’s go. Hold, hold, squat, squat. Hold, hold, option, dragon squat. Back knee to the calf. Last time, reverse lunge
and kick, let’s go. Lunge, kick, arms for balance. Back knee to 90, oh that butt is burning, come on, four more. Three. Two. One. Okay, we’re almost done, one
more section of this song. Feet out, back to that sumo squat. Take it down for three, two, one. Adding on, three, two, one, leg lift. Come here, right leg first. Three, two, down low, up high. Now squeeze that outer hip
and glute, right there. A little bit of balance. Also squeeze the core,
let’s go, four more. Chest stays high. Nice job, you guys, two more. Last one. Ah, ah, all right down to abs. You guys, this is our last
working track of the day, so give me everything you’ve got here. Plank position, pressing
through the floor. You can always come back
to the knees level one, but if you’re feeling up for
the challenge, hold it here. Let’s lift the right
arm up, up, down, down. Left arm. All right, just reaching
straight in front of you. Try not to twist the hips, okay? Try to keep the hips square. Now just the left leg
goes up, up, down, down. Right leg, up, up. Nice job, just switching, one more time and we put it together. Opposite arm, opposite leg. Lift it up, up, down, down. You should be shaking. If you are, you’re doing
it right, I know I am. One more time, hold the plank, bring the left knee in and crunch. Hold, slowly release. Right leg, in, hold, slow release. Crunch. Bring your knee to your nose. Think about a crunch
movement on the ground. You’re doing that facing the other way. Few more. Last two, let’s go. These are tough, one more time. Nice job, let’s switch onto our butts. You’re done with the planks. Find a V sit. Level one, your feet
can stay on the ground. Level two, hover, level
three straightened, okay? It’s up to you. Crunchy frog, we’re gonna
extend out, and hug it in. Hug it in, nice job. Out, out, in, and in. Remember, those feet can
kind of slide for level one. Choose what’s right for you. Hold it here, Russian twist, twist. Level one, feet are down. You’re still gonna feel
the hip flexors, okay? Level two up. Now try not to have too much movement. Four, three, two, one, release. Legs come up, take your
hands under your lower back for support, legs 90 degrees. Slowly lower, slowly lower. For four, three, scissor the legs. Just bring one leg on
top of the other, okay? Now the higher your legs
are, the easier it’s gonna be on your abs, the lower the harder. You got four more, three,
two, now flutter kick. If your neck is feeling
strained, you can relax it. Long and strong. Hold it here, eight, seven, six, five. So close, you guys. And release. Ah, that was hard. All right, let’s stretch it out. You guys deserve it. Take your right leg on top of your left. Grab through and pull in at
the hamstring or the shin. Keeping your feet flexed. You should feel a nice stretch through your outer hip and thigh. And release. Bring that top leg up
for a hamstring stretch. Grab above or below the knee joint, but not right behind it, okay? And as you exhale, see if
you can come a little deeper to feel that stretch
through the back of the leg. Nice job, release. Bring that other leg
on top, and pull it up for that outer hip stretch through the left side of the body. Flex the feet. Stronger than you’ve ever been. Left leg up. Remember, don’t grab
right at that knee joint. That’s a lot of stress. Above or below. And as you exhale, come a little deeper. Nice job, release. Come forward, bring one leg
to the front of the mat. Your knee on top of your ankle,
and press your hips forward. Bring your arms up and over, twisting, releasing through the chest and back. Oh it feels good. Nice job, switch sides. Knee comes on top of the ankle. Press the hips forward. Arms come up, twist towards
that front knee, and release. All right, stand it up, find
a quad stretch on one side. Arm out for balance, or by your side. And switch. You guys did tough work today, great job. Take your legs out wide. Go ahead, come down into a forward fold, stretch out those hamstrings. All right, come up, and let’s finish off with a few breaths, just
like from the beginning. One more time. Okay, you guys, thank you so much. You did a great job. I hope you’ll come back and try it again. You’re gonna get stronger
and better as you go. And come join me next time
with my next workout video. Thanks so much.

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