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20 Minute Full Body Workout At Home – Beginner Dumbbell Workout

Let’s start I always start with my five-minute warm-up, here we go. We’re gonna take it to a squat We’re just keep it up low right now cuz we just started keep it low pump those arms Always use your breath in a squat. We’re warming up that lower body We’re breathing There you go. Good job Love to get that lower body worked up. And then we’re gonna do just a few minutes more. We’re gonna get into those weights Breathe remember pump those arms think about your biceps and really getting lower to the ground Give me four three Two one nice now, we’re taking it to our skier jumps we’ve seen these on the Olympics. We’re gonna keep it low for now Press that heel behind you touch your toe nice Alright keep your breathing up. Remember that here you go We’re gonna do these for 30 seconds and then we’re gonna go back to some stationary moves Oh, Feels good, and it’s beautiful out here today, isn’t it? All right I’m gonna push the arms forward. It makes a big difference Give me four three two one. Nice. Let’s bring it to a back lunge right here. We’re gonna push our arms forward Breathe, you can feel yourself Really working it Getting the body warmed up Pushing forward you don’t have to go that low for now nice Whoo, breathe it out. Push it forward good your knee can go a little bit lower to the ground We’re gonna have one more moving or a warm-up then we’re gonna start our weight Give me four three two one. Whoa my favorite rope-a-dope Rope-a-dope is without the jump rope, but you could just get just as good a workout breathe You could take your feet back kick your hamstrings, or you can keep it low. You can go toe to toe Just want to warm that body up get ready for our workout. There we go. I Love this I love the jump rope gets rid of any Cellulite if anybody has that Breathe it out four three two Awesome. Alright, let’s just stretch it out We’re gonna grab our weights and get ready for our weight training. Here we go. Grab three to five pound dumbbells You’re gonna get in a lunge position Back knee towards the floor. We’re gonna do frontal raises So in 30 seconds, you’re bringing your arms straight up to your body in a lunge position. And here we go Breathe it out Nice, you’re bringing it right up the midline of your body. So you’re also working your core Love this to develop the chest the shoulders the arms Breathe keep your focus, you know, I’m gonna say that a lot throughout this workout My big pet peeve is breathing people hold their breath nice I’m gonna keep it going. We’re almost there Press through your back knee four three Two one nice. We’re gonna change legs put the knee down. We’re now gonna do lateral raises. Let’s bring our arms up There you go Breathe it out. We have 30 seconds of this and we want to keep it up You’re gonna press your weights together just a little bit when you come towards the center. This works your chest and your shoulders Breathe All right, let’s get these shoulders up don’t go past that give me three two one perfect We’re gonna take you to a shoulder press in a plie position You want your toes pointed out your shoulders and weights are together. Here we go Pressing it up We’re gonna do this for 30 seconds, really push that core and breathe Nice one extend the very top because this way you’re working your lower body and your upper body at the same time nice Right here. Make sure that those knees aren’t extending me on your toes And you’re pushing your weights a very tough Get it phone. Give me three Two one nice bring them down We’re gonna do tricep kickbacks about for 30 seconds come into your lunge position I will see your waist and you’re pressing out. Here we go – good I’m looking at my muscle because when I work something I have to look at it Focus on it, so I’m building it at the same time Keep your elbows to your waist. Like I said, don’t throw your weights just control it Nice getting hot out here It’s beautiful in California, isn’t it? Breathe, we’re almost there four, three, two one Great. Let’s bring it back to a plie press we’re gonna do our press front for chest like this. Here we go Pressing it front Trying to touch those weights together Breathe So we’re working our inner thighs and we’re working our chest at the same time This is tough Get your focus. I always say focus on breathe As you press forward There you go Almost there. Give me four. Three two. One. Nice our last one. We’re gonna come into a lunge position And we’re gonna do our biceps. I Want you to look at your bicep muscle and I want you to really curl that in but think about where you’re working now You see my biceps Pretty good There you go. We’re gonna do this for 30 seconds, and we’re almost there Breathe out exhale with pepper There you go let the weights just drop control it when you come up Breathe Give me four three two one Nice work. Okay, we’re gonna do our second circuit this time. We’re gonna do it on each leg So let’s come back to front raises. Your arms are right here. We’re gonna bring them right up. Here we go You should know these moves a little bit better now we’re going to pick up the intensity 30 seconds each leg this time. We’re not just gonna work the one bring it straight up push it straight down Keep your focus. Nice You should be sweating about now and after the circuit we’ll take a water break almost there Nice, bring them straight up, press it straight down as you’re also working your lower body Give me three two one. Nice now. We’re gonna switch legs lunge back Bring your arms to Center and let’s bring them straight up again. Here we go one Front raises are awesome. They really work all your chest all your core and your arms Take your breath We’re gonna repeat this. This is our second circuit. Bring them up. Hi nice Like I said, you should be sweating now Keep it going Almost there. Give me 3 2 1 Nice now, we’re gonna change legs. Remember our lateral raise. We bring our arms to Center and our elbows go up. Here we go Work it hard now. I love the circuit Really gets it going really works those muscles as you’re working your lower body. I Hate plopping down on a weight bench nice Don’t bring in my posture shoulder just control the weights and breathe You should be sweating now Almost there There you go. Give me 4 3 2 1 nice alternate leg. Let’s press it back lateral raise it’s great for the arms and the shoulders if you want to look like a swimmer, I do Nice almost there Give me two more Last one Perfect. Alright, we’re gonna switch switch legs. We’re gonna go back to our shoulder. Press. Here we go one Go ahead and lean forward to increase that intensity Really pushing this weight up Touching towards the top nice look that lower body – and breathe Keep it going keep your focus Almost there, press it up. Give me three two one beautiful change legs. Bring your back knee Shoulders weights. Here we go There you go. Nice Really pressing those weights up really pressing your back leg through your heel keep your breath going Second circuit’s always harder. It’s supposed to be if you’re working good Almost there Your breath today focus Three two, one nice whoof. All right, tricep kickbacks. Remember we go back into our lunge position Elbows to your waist and we’re kicking back. Here we go And lean forward a little bit more on your second circuit So we’re getting a little bit deeper in there This works the back of the arms those fluffy triceps Nobody wants those Nice keep your elbows pinned to your waist Think about the muscle you’re working Almost there Should be sweating be four. Three two one nice change legs Shoulders elbows waist here we go Keep it back Nice keep your elbows glued to your waist. They’re your hinge so you can really get the back of those arms Keep that breath After this circuit, we’re gonna get a water break when you go down to the floor. So let’s keep it going nice almost through Breathe Control it maybe four three two one nice Shake it out. Let’s go into a plie. Press knees are out Weights to shoulders. Here we go Nice Nice So you’re lifting up with your weights and your body. So you’re working that midsection and your lower body. I Keep saying use your breath Gotta do it Keep your focus on Nice Love is for the inner thighs perfect great upper and lower body workout Almost there Keep it going four Three two one nice. We’re gonna stay in plie position for our curls Let’s bring it back out elbows to waste crow on your biceps. Here we go This is set and I want you to think about the biceps a little bit more as you’re thinking about the lower body Breathe and control the weight. There you go presses through inner thighs The breath going it’s hot you should be sweating Good job Almost there last one Beautiful. All right, we’re gonna put down our weights. We’re gonna start our floor circuit. I want you to grab a mat We’re gonna use both our weights and our mat for this I’m gonna come down to the mat. You’re lying on your side I’m gonna drop up your elbow right here We’re taking our weight and we’re gonna use it as a hinge. Here we go Break that out. You’re just bringing your leg up Pushing through your heel and you’re holding yourself up with your elbow bent Nice, this really works the butt and the side of the leg. You know what those nice little indents when you go to the beach You two guys We’re breathing This is for 30 seconds. We’re almost there. Then we’re gonna change legs Look at that leg really impressive two One nice. All right, we’re gonna turn it around We’re gonna go to our opposite leg Here we go, let’s lift it off the same way and start let’s do it up Nice remember it’s like you’re a puppet you’re pulling that string up And you’re really pushing through your heel here And we have added weight on your leg to get those nice and dense breathe We’re gonna work the lower body for this circuit. Love these exercises so good for the lower body breathe Almost there Here we go lift to last one Nice. Alright, we’re gonna switch sides this time. We’re gonna work our inner thigh So we’re going to bring our hand down. We’re going to raise our top leg The weight is inside our inner thigh and we’re lifting up Here we go You can look down that leg just so you can concentrate on working that inner thigh Remember stay propped up on your elbow Nice Keeping your elbow bad and you really focusing focused work with your breath? nice Almost there keep your hip on the mat 4 3 2 1 perfect. We’re gonna switch sides Work the other inner thigh Top leg up weight on the inner thigh. Let’s bring it up remember like last time. Here we go Nice Really have to work the inner thigh by lifting up but stay propped up on your elbow You’re focusing You’re pulling it up just like a puppet string right here. I like to use that These are your old inner thigh lifts, but they always work And in a circuit, they’re fantastic for working the lower body. Give me 3 2 1 nice. Alright, we’re gonna do our kneeling butt blaster. So we want to come down onto our hands and our knees We want to come down through our hands on our knees we’re gonna rotate sides But blasters you want to keep your hips top you want to keep your leg right to here and we’re just pushing Here we go for 30 seconds This is great for the buck. So you want to really feel the glute and the hamstring connection there Right underneath your butt You can add a weight for underneath your knee if you want to This will give you some extra resistance But today we’re just gonna keep it simple And you don’t want to bring your knee all the way in you just want it to be a small tight move three eight four three Two last one perfect. Let’s take the other leg raise it on up push the heel towards the ceiling. Here we go Perfect. You should be sweating now. I am Good, push the heel up focus on that glute ham string tie in the back of the legs love working these love getting that but Push it up Heels up almost there nice breathe any four three two One perfect. Just bring your knees to chest now We’re gonna start our cooldown you made it our circuits are done You did a great job. Just hug your knees to your chest roll side to side stretch out that lower back We’re gonna do a pretzel. You’re just gonna place your ankle on your knee put your hands through your legs. Hold that knee towards you Nice breathe, you can lay your head down Hold feel so good. Did a great job today made it through the workout Breathe other side stretch it out Good job Hold for a few more seconds. Just bring that knee to your chest Gently There you go. See me touching it Stretching so important at the end of a workout you really got a cool-down I always include a three minute cooldown every three to one beautiful. Let’s set it up Cross leg. Here we go. I want you to take a deep breath grab your wrist Just come over to the side stretch out. Those arms look up at your elbow You’re sitting high Let’s change arms coming to the side. You’re stretching that whole side out. Ah Feels good. I don’t know about you guys, but I feel good right now The great workout now you just want to bring your fingertips down your back Gently take your helpful to the side getting a nice tricep stretch Breathe it out. Good job other side. Let’s bring our hands up Gently pull your elbow. Your fingertips are going down your back. You’re working your triceps stretching them out from all that weight breathing Beautiful, all right, let’s bring it up standing. You’re just gonna roll your knees press it right up. Let’s take a nice deep breath One more Thank you so much for joining me today for weight training for dummies if you get the book It’s just an added plus you guys did great. I’ll see you next time

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