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20 Minute Fat Burning HIIT at Home Cardio Workout Without Equipment Full Body Workout No Equipment

[you]20 Minute Fat Burning HIIT at Home Cardio Workout Without Equipment Full Body Workout No Equipment Hey, Everyone it’s your personal Trainer Coach Kozak and I’m Claudia and this is a Fat-Burning Cardio Workout this Workout Doesn’t Require Any Equipment Whatsoever [but] you May Want A mat for Comfort I’m going to be doing the intermediate Through Advanced Exercises and Follow Along with me [for] those Easier Modifications if You Haven’t Warmed up yet You go and click the link up top and It’ll send you over to our quick five Minute Cardio Warmup all right if You’re Ready and I am let’s get right Into it We’re Going to start Actually on the Ground in A high Plank Position [Cloudy’s] Give me a high Plank I’m Gonna Mean A [bear] high Plank so my Knees are Bent Elbows are Bent now We’re Going to go side to side I’m gonna do a side to side Lateral Mountain Climber Claudia is going to step Side to side You Decide Which one of These Variations. Is right for you either way I want you to Keep your back straight Core Nice and Tight and Be sure to Breathe now We’re not going to count any Repetitions Today it’s Really Just About moving at a pace you feel Comfortable With and that Aligns With your Goals [Breathe] [Side-To-Side] Core Stays Tight you got it good keep it up Good Side to Side Hot feet hot feet Good Breathe Keep it Going Keep it Going you got it Warming Up with A hard one Here to start Let’s go Five Four Three Two one Zero Nice we’re Up on our feet Arms are going to Overhead Claudia’s going to do a Stationary Lunge And i’m gonna do a duck Walk so i’m Staying Down here with my weight Back in my hips and I’m Walking Forward and Back Claudia Is Stepping Forward Dropping that knee, To A 90, degree Angle Dropping Into That Lunge Position and we’re Both Keeping our Arms Overhead gonna Burn Those Shoulders out Quick? Good You got it Breathe let’s go Guys It’s going to be Important Throughout the Course of this Workout you just Focus on what Brought you here Today because it’s gonna be the Thing That Gets You [Through] it Let’s go Five Four Three Two Wrong we’re Going back to the ground I’m going to get Into A bear Plane Claudia Is in that high Plank We’re Going to go reach Through and Fly Opposite Arm Core Stays Nice and Straight Tight Going to reach Through [and] then pull back With your back Muscles You’re doing the bear Plank Knees are at A [90] doing the high Plank legs are straight Good Reaching Through Core is working legs are Working Shoulders Are Working I’m gonna Get A lot done in A [short] Period of Time Today Max Efficiency yes Ma’am Good One Into the next you got it Keep That Pace Up Look in The Mirror that is your Competition Trying to get Better Every Time you come back and do This one Let’s go Hold it for Five Four Three Two One and Zero We’re Up on our feet Hands are on our Hips? We’re Gonna do A curtsy Lunge [and] I’m going to go right Into a squat where Claudia Is Just going to Alternate Right in Left Side Curtsies so in That Curtsy you’re Stepping Behind Dropping That Back Knee, To A 90, degree Angle this One’s A great, one for the glutes, [Oh] yes Also good for Balance Breathe One Right Into the next If you’re Having trouble Keeping Balance find A focal Point for your eyes something to Focus on And it’ll Help you Keep Balance Those Whit put your weight Back in your hips Feet stay Flat, don’t come up on your toes Good One Into the Nest [whew] legs are Feeling it Guys We’re Feeling it [too] trust us especially after Those lunges, [oh] yeah you got it One Into the next Let’s go ten more Seconds on This one Good and Five Four Three Two one Nice to the ground, We go upper Body Time, we’re Gonna go a lateral Crossover Pushup Walk Either From the Knees Or from up top so you’re Stepping over Walking [Push-Up] Step Over Walk PuSh-Up, One Into the next You Decide if You want to be up on your feet or [on] your Knees? We encourage you to Make this Workout your Own Today? Good One Into the next [you] got it Guys Say Top Stay Tough You are not Imagining [things] this is a tough Routine Today But you’re Tougher getting Through it Rep by Rep right here Let’s go Putting in That Work to Accomplish your Goals Three Let’s go Five Four Three Two one [Zero] Nice Alright we’re Up Onto our feet for the next one? We’re Going to do Lateral hops so that’s either side to side on one Leg or on [two]? Either Way Keep A slight bend in That Knee Making Quick Light ground Contact Good Again Choose Which One of These, Is right for you today Side to Side Good Saying Light on the Balls of Those feet Throughout Stay in Balance Jumping Over That Imaginary Line That’s it Finally Measuring line The Carpet, on the Floor Wherever you’re at and Switch if You’re Doing one Leg Good and Jump in Side to Side Get Those Hips Involved so I Decide You got it come on stand Nice and light [and] agile Get that Heart Rate Up real Quick With This one Good You Gotta Keep it Moving Guys [They’re] Doing great Keep it up Think about what You came here for Whatever that May be Focus on it Pushing Yourself Because Nobody Else Is going to do it for you right here let’s go Five Four Three Two one Zero [Going] Into A low Squat Position Whichever One You’re doing you’re Still Down low so from here i’m [Gonna] do A Jump back To A bear Plank and Jump Forward Arms go Up and I stay Down Claudia Is doing the step Back and then Arms Come Up You Decide Which one of These, is right for you today but by the Way Neither One of Them are Easy I’m gonna find that out real Quick it’s Just Hard and Harder Isn’t that Right Claudia [uh] yes Sister You stay Down on Those low Plank Position, well you know this one Not [only] is gonna Work your leg Muscular Strength and Endurance but also going to Work your Mobility as, well Staying Down in This Position Keeping your feet Flat while you’re Down Here good Posture as you, bring Those Arms up Overhead, [oh] Hitting Everything on This One oh my goodness it Is [alright] Come on let’s go so ten more Seconds [right] Through that Burn Guys Right There Burning With you yes Yeah Fighting Through Five Four Three Two one Zero Oh to the ground get to stay Down here, we’re Going to pilates Swimming so Down in A Prone Position I’m Gonna stay up off the ground Claudia Is going to come Up and Down [a] basically Opposite Arm and leg Are going to swim good Breathe Use Those glutes Opposite Arm Opposite Leg Working Together Nice Buoy You got it come on Keep it up This One Works your Core Glutes Hamstrings Rear Delts I mean it’s Really hitting A lot of Different Muscle Groups on This One Doesn’t Look like much If you do it for A few Minutes Few Seconds Actually You start to Feel it Quickly Good I’m Feeling This one in my lower back and lower back True try to emphasize the gluts if you’re Really Feeling it Nothing Wrong With [Feeling] in The lower Back but One Try, I hope have the glutes Help out Nice Anchor Set Me straight coach yes Ma’am Come, on let’s go let’s go five more Seconds on This One Four Three [Two] One Zero [Up] on our feet [for] the next one I’m going Knee Chopped [in] [Two] sorry, Sakura-San, sorry Throw A Watermelon over your Knee bring that Knee [Up] and I’m Gonna go Into A reverse Lunge [I’m] Just doing the Reverse Shot Guys Whoo Here We go i got up a little too quick that’s not on me I Drop Down the Both Knees at A 90 Degree Angle Or Just step back you Decide Which, One’s Right for you Either Way bring that Knee [Up] and Crunch Down like so you’re Throwing a, Watermelon Breaking a watermelon over that Knee Good We’re Gonna Switch in Five Four Three Two one Switch it up whoo Feelin Good Guys Feelin Good Burn so good You say it Put a smile [on] your face you’ll start to believe it it’s Amazing how your body Works that Way Gotta send Those positive signals Telling Yourself you can do it and it will be done Those who Think They Can and Those who think they can’t are often Both right Let’s go come on Breathe You got it one of the next Keep it going Guys Now what’s Left Five Four Three Two one to the ground High Plank Position Claudius from [ooh] [Nice] We’re Going Opposite Arm and leg Working Together Coming straight Up get that Leg Straight Keep your Arms straight Try to Keep your core Nice and Parallel to the Ground Good and for my Knees I’m Just Extending my Arms right in Front of me Yeah I’m sorry yes and Claudia is Only Doing Upper Body Core Stays Tight you got it working Through it right Through that Burn Either Way Focused on Staying Balanced and Stable and Remembering to Breathe Through this movement Guys do not hold your breath it just Makes it so much Harder I Keep A slight bend in your Elbows [We’ll] Have your Arms locked out? Let’s go 10 Seconds Almost There right Through it and Five Four Three two one Zero Good Going Through all These Exercises One More Time use this Time Period to Shake it out put your Thoughts Together Because some Water if you need it [but] [We’re] Getting right Back Into it here in 10 Seconds With either A bare Lateral Plank Mountain Climber or The High Plank Side to side step you just have which [One’s] Right for you, let’s get Good get it going did This [Huh] me ground, I’m going Into that bear Plank Position and I’m Side-To-Side Good Or Claudi’s in That high Plank and She’s Just Stepping Outside and Back in You Decide Which Move is going to be right for you today No big deal if You have to start With one Move to the other Again Make This Work out your Own or switch Halfway Through the Workout or the movement yeah? Make your own but We asked you just Try to Keep going Don’t Pause this Video and Just fight with us try, to get Through all the way like with Us to the end Nice Side to side you got it Three This Goal [ten] more Seconds on This One How Many Can you get Pushing the Pace and Five Four Three Two one Up on our feet and [who] Those hunters [Overhead] I’m Going Overhead duck Walk Claudia Is [Too] going Overhead Stationary Lunge Shoulders and Legs are going to be the you under That Reads [-] [Screaming] But that doesn’t mean you have to listen to him right how that is a lactic acid you can push Through it He likes Have Plenty Left They’re not Failing on you you just Gotta be Mentally Tougher it’s all in your head Guys It’s all in your Head believe it or not come on Keep it up What Can you get right Here? Breathe Fighting Through Breathe Through that Movement Guys Let’s go five Four Three Two one [to] the Ground We’re Going [either] bear Plank reach Through and Fly or high Plank You Decide Which one it’s me right for you Everything’s Getting hit on This One And in This Workout total Body Workout Nothing’s getting Left Behind Reach Through Pull Back With your Back Into A fly Squeeze at Middle of your back at the Top Good Great One for your Core Working That Rotation Breathe One to the next You Guys Are Kicking but Keep it up don’t give Up You’re a fighter not a quitter right Thanks for Fighting Through With the skies Pushing Through Right Here Pushing Through Rap By Rap you got it Nice Work Guys Come on what You got what you got? Let’s go ten more Seconds you’re Almost There almost There that’s it You got it fight Through, Let’s go five Four Three Two one up on our feet, We go Hands on our Hips? We’re Going Curtsy Lunge and then right Into A Squat, well right Into the next Curtsy you Decide Which one Is Right for You Today Either Way Putting That weight Back in your hips Sitting Down It is nice it’s a nice Change of Pace in the traditional Lunge It’s some Different Abductor and Adductor Body Parts and [They] don’t always get hit Nice See if I Can Remember that Squat in Between Forget it I know It’s Feeling good Though people Let me Know in the comments oh I know Appreciate You guys Keep, Me Honest out There now you know I don’t Claim to be perfect [I’ll] give you everything I got [but] I’m far from perfect Human Just [like] You Guys Are Whoo, let’s go, we’re Feeling Every that Means We Feel this means? We are Feeling it just like you, we’re Still moving come on? Let’s Go, ten More Seconds that’s it We Almost There? Breathe Fight Through Guys Right to the end right Through the end Five Four Three Two one [to] the ground with a lateral Crossover Push-ups Feed it From the Knees or [on] [your] feet You Decide Which one Is right for you step over and Elbows To A 90 [back] Up Core Stays Nice and Tight Abs tight back Straight One Into the next you’re A machine let’s go You Could do this all Damn day Right Already Familiar With This Movement so try to step it up just a little bit [an] [Asura] that’s it I like it [I] get Attitude Pull it all out They’re not Saving Anything Guys What do you got, let’s See it right here Breathe One in the next whoo Let’s go ten Seconds that’s it that’s it Almost There Almost There fight fight fight Five Four Three Two one Zero Nice All right on our feet, we’re Going Side to side Lateral Hops Throughout, one Leg or on [two]? Right Into a Breathing A slight bend in Your knee you got it good Stay Nice and Light light touches Think of Yourself as a Bouncy ball not a rocket [Use] Those Hips to help you go Side to side Good You got it you got [it] One Into the next Doing great Job so far Keep it up maybe this far Can’t quit [Now] if [You’re] Doing One Leg Switch Otherwise Keep Going you got it Nice and light Hot feet hot feet Remember not Holding Anything Back Today Everything you got Short Period of Time Full body Workout, let’s hit it You versus you what you got, let’s go five Four Three Two one [Going] Down Into A low Squat and Either Step Back, or hop Back Forward Arms Up one Into the next Now You might not be able to go quite as far Down as I am Or as Claudia Is And that’s okay i assure you it took us [years] to get to this point so [just] try your best Sit down Test that Mobility Every Time you come Back Get a little bit Better Both from A strength Point of view And a mobility Point I’m Still Really Bad at these Guys so And you might eat and you might be Kicking our Butt right Now I hope you are and if You’re Not [yet] I hope you Are soon Put in The Work and You will get the results here it Is voting in the Work Today Louise Killer You got it working it working it Let’s go five Four Three Two One, okay Pilates Swimming Time Down Prone Position Make Sure I don’t kick my way from the face We’re Going up asset arm and leg Again you Decide Which Variation you’re Doing Remember if You’re Feeling it in your lower back Engage Those glutes Get Those glutes Working Opposite Arm and Leg Touching Down very Briefly and [Just] Coming right back Up got it you got it Breathe It all out There who’s Burning me Up good It must be [you’re] Pretty Quiet over There Coach I am that’s [alright] We’re Almost Through with This one Almost There With this movement Five Four Three Two one, ah, ah, nice Pushing Through, ah, aren’t so good up on A feet knee Chopper and then either A Ladder Or Reverse Reverse Lunge Or Just back Into the Knee. Chat [Whew] I get Dizzy After that Combo my coach Said Act like you’re Cracking A, Watermelon right on your knee There it Is Big Power One Into The next You got it right here Guys Here Definitely Feeling This one in my abs Good Working That Core Engage it and The legs of Course, [oh] yeah One in The next co ten Seconds on this side, oh? No sir five Four Three two [One] Switch Is Opposite Big Power High and Down Into the next Try you Throws Doing That Reverse Lunge Turn Get Those Knees Doing 90, ah We come Back up? Down I’m Having A hard Time I’m Pushing Fighting right With you Guys Fight Into the end Guys Let’s do This Heavy Bag Workout I did About 12 Hours Ago it’s Kicking it Come on Keep it up five Four Three Two one High Plank Position [that’s] what, We Call Fatigue as it must be doing something right Extension Opposite Arm and Leg Or from your Knees Just Alternate Arms of Course These tight This is it right here Guys Pushing to you and put it all out There Almost Prove to Yourself How Tough you are right Here rat by rat [Whoo] Not Giving up you got it that’s right Fight fight fight Core Stays Tight you got it Let’s go [ten] Seconds Breathe Five Four Three Two one Zero Goodness Gracious [who] Knows Everything I had Haha, Thank you so much for working out with Us today Tell you what this is a hard Way to Make it Easy Living Anyway Thank you for working out with Us today if you Enjoyed This Workout You’re Working out This for a While and you’re Starting to see some results we’d encourage you to please go Check out our Patreon Page where you Can find out more About how you Can support our Mission of Keeping These great workouts free that’s right and If You like this Workout We ask that you Please give This Video A Huge Thumbs Up and Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel That way you are notified Every Time has Four releases A new Workout Video Make Sure to Check out has fit [Comm] for Hundreds of free workouts meal Plans and our free Complete Fitness Program and Calendars That’s right and Lastly Please Be sure to find Us on whatever your Favorite social Media Channel is Facebook twitter Instagram Snapchat we’re There and We Just want to connect with you thank you so much for giving us the Honor and Privilege of Working out With you Today I’m coach Kozak and I’m Claudia [and] We will see you at your next Workout

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