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20 Minute Fat Burning HIIT at Home Cardio Workout Without Equipment Full Body Workout No Equipment

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  2. Can you tell me which video of yours is the best to lose belly fat? I used to be fitted , but lost it all because I stopped playing soccer, it's hard to lose the belly fat, any suggestions ? I love your videos! Keep up the great work.

  3. "Put in the work and you'll see the results" That's what Coach Kozack (I hope I got the spelling right) says. Lost 5 kgs in a month and 10 days by performing this workout daily. YAY! 😀 Thank you for inspiring us to stay fit Coach K and Claudia! :))

  4. I love the quotes in the middle of the video, thanks for the motivations! ❤ LOVE your workout videos! I lost count of how many times i ve tried to lose weight, probably it would not be less than five. I hope this is my very last time.I didn't exercise and i ve been eating out of control for quite a period of time, without a doubt i was shaking and didn't do it very well through out this workout. I will come back to this video after a month. To all the people who are striving to be better for yourselves, cheers! ❤

  5. man during these workouts i absolutely hate you guys haha but when i am done a really appreciate how hard you guys push me. I used to do fitnessblender workouts and couldn't find any that really challenged me like these do. So keep it up with the hard work. Thanks guys

  6. I'm so thankful I found you guys. I may be young and tiny but I'm so out of shape and trying to get back in action. Both of you guys push me at home before I go out for my jog. Thank you guys.

  7. I used to be always last in PE class in school, was always unfit, and working out always felt like chore right until a few years ago. This is the first time in my life that i've been healthy, and this is the fittest I've ever been thanks to your site and all the programs I worked through especially in the last year. This is something truly amazing that you've put out for us all to use…can't thank you enough! I've replaced looking forward to a beer at the end of the day, to my hasfit workout at the end of the day 🙂

  8. This was intense Coach! I just imagined that you were my H.S. Coach while I was playing ball and tried my best to stick it out. I'm not where I need to be, but I will keep practicing and getting better. Much appreciation to you and your wife…Hi Mrs. Claudia!

  9. Is it okay to drink a protein shake after this workout if I'm trying to lose weight and build muscle?

  10. This was awesome. I can't quiet finish it yet without stopping but only for ten seconds or so! Do you have any advice for someone who can't breathe through her nose properly? I find myself losing control of my breathing really quickly!

  11. That was rough. The longer intervals of each exercise makes it super hard. This was my 'Push' day so I took a break after a 30 min HIIT and did this one. It wasn't my best job, but I kept moving. That's all that mattered to me today. Thanks coach and Claudia. I'm out!

  12. I hate you guys for torturing me, but I love y'all for helping me achieve my body goals. I never sweat less than a ton when I do your workouts. You guys are awesome!

  13. I died at the 7th minute at the Low Squat + Jump Back + Overhead. Just had to take a break after that. Will be better and stronger next time ! 💪

  14. Today is a busy day, only 20 minutes workout. This workout rocks, believe me you only will want 20 min of this! great workout!
    Total body and efficient! Thanks!

  15. My girlfriend and i have done 5 of these workouts and man this stuff is intense. Thanks! These 20 minute ones are great. Gonna keep doing them for sure.

  16. Amazing workout, thank you! Beautiful couple btw, there is something special about you two, almost sure its God's grace!

  17. This was one of the best shorter cadrio videos of yours I've done so far! Quick but intense. Thank you to you and Claudia for your fantastic workout videos!

  18. This 20 minute workout made me realize the importance of eating healthy. I had what some call a, "cheat day" yesterday, and today I definitely paid for it (fatigue!). I'm gonna rethink meal plans with my wife before our next grocery run. Thank you Hasfit for another healthy day!

  19. Keeoing Jogging 3 times a week (3km each) for the past one year.. Helped me to slim down (from 78kg to 72kg)..

    i realised that jogging cant help me to slim down any further + Results is quite slow…

    so I will try to give this workout a try tomorrow..

    will be doing it 4 times a week> is this too little??

  20. I really love the workouts from your YouTube Chanel. They are far more different and effective than other workout…. Thank u 🙂

  21. I love how mad I’m getting while your workouts guys. I’m literally yelling at my computer to shut up😂

  22. You are great guys!!! I do work out with you every day for 10 days now and i already see small results🎉🎈

  23. I was about to go to bed and skip my workout today but I decided to take 20 minutes and do something for myself. So glad I did!

  24. Great As usual😊Thanks for the amazing workout… just a quick question, how accurate is the number of calories burnt that u have posted in this video?

  25. Hi there, thanks for providing all these free workouts! This is my first workout with you, just picking some out of your Motive program as a change from my usual routine. I did a mix of moves from Coach Kozak and Claudia's options and it was a great workout. Looking forward to trying more of your videos 🙂

  26. I ate 1 cookie and a half a chocolate bar today and my motivation was to burn the calories from them!!! Thank y’all sooo much I feel much better now

  27. Love you so much guys I try to do your exercise every time I can!!!! This movement in wich you destroy the guys head is awesome!!!

  28. Great workout. My weakness is with push ups I can't go straight all the way down and go up again even with Claudia's modified version

  29. Done for 16th November.When I saw '20minutes' on calender I thought today is an easy short workout but only 20 minutes left me sweating and out of breath .Great workout guys , short but very effective.The best thing about your workouts is that the moves are easy to follow yet they are very effective.Thank you so much.

  30. Been away on holiday for a few days and it was tough to get up and get back into it this morning. But told myself this one is short, and I did it! And may I say CONGRATULATIONS on the new addition to your family 🙂

  31. Omg. This was INTENSE! Don’t know if I’ll be doing this when I’m in a blah mood, but will definitely come back. It can be intimidating.

  32. Wow! That work out kicked my butt! Thank you for these free videos Hasfit! i was at 90 kg before working out with you and after a year I am now down to 78 kg. Looking forward to the results soon! Thanks coach Cozak and Claudia! 🙂

  33. OOOhhhhhh my goodness I'm kinda embarrassed by how sweaty and exhausted I am by such a short workout!! You guys are helping me get back into regular working out after a year of not doing so, it's reeealy hard but your expertise and motivation helped get me through to the end!! Thanks!! :))

  34. Will make this one a part of my routine now! 😀 I wore my sweet sweat waist trimmer while doing it and I've never sweated so much! This is only my second HIIT workout and I love them so I'll be doing them probably twice a week to help me lose fat. Your videos never disappoint and always keep me motivated so thanks for that!!

  35. I doesnt like the superman exercise so i allways skip it :v coz its make me hard to breathe.. is it just me who feel it?

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