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18 Min Beginner HIIT Workout for Fat Loss at Home – HIIT Workout for Beginners – HIIT Exercises

hey everybody it’s your personal trainer
coach goes back here from hasfit and 18 Min Beginner HIIT Workout for Fat Loss at Home HIIT Workout for Beginners HIIT Exercises today we’re going to a beginner
low-impact hiit workout I’m going to do the whole thing with you and we’re going
to burn a bunch of calories along the way the only equipment required for this
workout is either a light pair of dumbbells hand weights or even a couple
of water bottles will do the trick you’re also going to need either a chair
staff or a fox you’ll see me using the fire box so something of that nature
that’s nice and sturdy well it’s not required we do offer a warm-up video in
a separate video you can go ahead and click the card above if you want to do
the five-minute warm-up before you get started otherwise let’s get right into
it all right so we’re going to get loosened
up with a 1 2 3 4 it’s literally just happy stepping forward one two back
three four put your pretend like you have a line
straight out in front of you in for a crack and look forward you’re stepping
over that hockey hockey many steps in as you can in a 30-second time code hoppity
hop deep seven for seven back come to yourself one two three good keep it up
gotta be 10 more seconds happy peppy and five four three two one good okay we’re
going to head the ground for the next one we’re going to do a combo movement
from our knees ready little push up from our knees back is straight I’m going to
come down your elbows at a 90 degree angle once you get to the top arm raise
arm breaks so it’s a combination two and one push up arm raise arm raise good
your back straight arm raise armory so throughout the whole workout today I
really want you to work own pace whatever that may be whether
it’s faster than me slower than me whatever that may be
and everybody has to start somewhere and no problem starting off slow they
should laugh at everybody else on the couch nice one right of the next three
five more seconds at four three two one lacks one finish strong
nice okay so we’re going to use our hand weights for this next move up on our
feet leaders we’re gonna do that dumbbell press Plus near a will
alternate sides one arm presses overhead other knee comes up keep those shoulders
Square and breathe so I said earlier the name of the ancien everything’s get as
many reps as you can to move it whatever pace you feel comfortable with three you
got it you come back get this workout again be a little bit better at it next
time that’s what it’s all about so small little steps that lead to big
improvements come on let’s go kid you got it
breathe breathe breathe in the heart rate up today I know you got it and five
four three two one zero Gumbel’s are down we’re going to go
right into a hot heat rights work quickly quickly with little arm move
here we go no Street movement three light touches
and the balls of the feet hockey hockey good you gotta you want to be a rock
unity of bouncing balls that energy back in the ground as you move five more
seconds of this one four three two one zero knots okay back to the ground now
the dumbbells are keeping the face up art fascinating be very efficient in our
movements we’re going to do a chest press plus hippo so at the same time
pressing up off our heels squeezing our glutes over the top and doing a floor
press straight up don’t bounce your arms off the ground so I’m pressing up both
our legs inner arms at the same time you got it make sure to breathe I say we’re
being efficient today or can blow the upper body and legs at the same time
because no one has done to be spending hours each day working out right forget
it munching as we can roll busy these are
each day it’s no excuse we got it right here let’s go thank you
so much for joining me today appreciate you guys you got come on give
me five more seconds of this one and then three two one last one zero nice
okay up for the next one you’re going to really bent over ropes or leaning on a
45 degree angle weights back in your hips back is
straight and any time we do a rover to pull back on those elbows so growing
pulling that and elbows in your back straight and already punched over keep
those shoulders retracted back arms hanging down
you rap so you want about Peter either hang straight down go from view here we
go nice Oh if those elbows pull them back with your
hands with your elbows you got it’s a total body routine today everything’s
getting hit everything’s getting hit today doing
great keep it going keep it going almost there maybe five more seconds of
this one four three two one nice okay dumbbells are down and out of
the way for the next one we’re going to do a side shuffle so place back in our
hips side to side side to side it’s in our hips and if you don’t have that much
space and it’s just here in your living room that’s okay excuses the day guys
come whatever you got give it to me I always get kind of make these work out
to your home switch it up whatever suits your needs
weights back in your hips feet you got a shuffle shuffle you got come on let’s go
fun work with me I’ll work with me now breathe how much time left in this set
keep fighting and five four three two one zero
all right we need our two dumbbells come on keep it up face up we’re going to do
an arm pull over right back your hips like it wasn’t that bad over row
45-degree angle now we’re going to pull straight up and overhead as we work
traps and upper back and your front deltoids front shoulders good
I see control I want you flinging them back going to control those movements
the dumbbell teats you have in your arms are just done anyone can be surprised I
want to add a third to burn after a few minutes it’s just a lot of getting as
many reps in as you can today it’s a name to be gained today let’s go capture
doing great sticking with it a little better every day almost there in five
four three two one nice so I’m feeling guys alright we’re
going to do curl plus low-tech so alternating legs palms are up on the
girls elbows are in and locate one right into the next again keep your heart up
heart rate up and working our arms at the same time it’s all about that
efficiency let’s get it come on let’s go you’re going to hope good you’re going
to feel all of them just workout today definitely not going to be easy but it’s
going to be worth stronger tomorrow than you were today a little better every day
let’s go well what brought you here today focus on good five more seconds of
this one that’s it four three two one good set knees down you have one last
one in the first round I need that Peter your chair box whatever you grab for
this one we’re going to a modified mountain climber so it’s a little hard
to about jump on it from the ground if you’re aware the movements are familiar
with it we’re either going to be here from your chair box or little harder
version is here your weights and definitely easier version
you decide which one of these two is right for you today and get after let’s
go the lone back let’s go that core tight a straight launch your buck
singing also to wound up in there you don’t want to do one of these numbers
here get core nice and straight you got come on give it everything you got
let’s go pushing it pushing it three doing great one will stare me 10 more
seconds on this one that’s it in the net for a trombone up in the books check you
complete and five four three two one zero
alright I’m starting to sweat look you’re doing it too just got that next
round you go or I’m taking 20 second grasp right now that’s it just 20
seconds except it’s hard and fast today we lot in a short period of time just
one more round that’s it one down one to go but a little worn you’re gonna pick
up the pace this next round now this you’re more familiar with the
moves okay let’s get it going here and do a one two three four and five four
three two one let’s go be those engines started one two three four five seven
four set them back good agree you have something lined up and ready you can
step over definitely helps you focus visual
either way no big deal stupid moving good breathe go don’t stop you have to
slow down it’s okay but don’t stop fluorine for here throughout the second
drop fucking 30m let’s get come on we got here five four
three two one zero good on to the drop yeah push-ups from your knees plus the
arm risk upper body and your core on this one and I’ll not give you much time
in between that is on purpose so I want you to possible into the next one and if
you don’t start right away what I do that’s okay but next time you come back
at this workout transition play just that much faster to be that much better
condition let’s go come on keep it up to your shoulders where you want turning
and moving like here let’s head shoulders take Square to the ground
those hips down watch it but up in the area you got working it here we are who
we are and all these it’s up keep pushing remember not doing a push-up
with just your your neck and reaching like this bend those elbows to a ninety
degree back up and five four three two one and done nice what do we have next
next we’re on to the dumbbell play grass plus knee ready get those dumbbells
eyesight isoquant what it once was right alright good posture shoulder press me
raise get after let’s do it breathe one at a time
good in up the pace you decide where you’re at finish this round strong
either way go push push let’s go knees up nice and high where’s not only
your legs but your core your abs as well good nice 10 more seconds on this one
push it with me how many can you get how many can you get let’s go and five four
three two one dumbbells are down we got hot feet hot feet run happy happy quick
little steps lighting on the balls with Jimmy light as your hand if neighbors
underneath in your own apartment I don’t want to hear that that’s a goal state
life for the energy back into the ground some exotic ham huh let’s go hoppy hoppy
Judah hefty got greedy good job guys come on keep it a go
fighting through that burning fighting through it five more seconds four three
two one nice okay let’s grab those dumbbells for
the next one we’re going to the ground wait are you dumbbell press Plus hippo
that combo movement we’re both our legs and our upper body at the same time
press it up don’t let your upper body your arms I’ll
talk to ground drive off those heels squeeze your glutes at the top so why
don’t you feeling us more your glutes your hamstrings then your lower back
your lower back means one more back to our movie
oh hey we’re beginners but also could mean that your hyperextending don’t
understand just under a straight line squeeze those glutes and back down
you got pushing it guys let’s talk nice fucking threw it in the groove you’re
getting in a groove you’re fired or not a quitter but you’re not a quitter you
got maybe five more seconds on this and that’s it just Bible and three two one
zero nice alright we’re moving on to a bent
over row you can go about still 45 degree angle or pulling back with both
elbows good okay that core tight and this one if you’re doing around you’re
sitting back yes probably work your legs a little too especially when you combine
it with everything else that’s okay again it’s all about that efficiency
right get a lot of initial period of time doing great guys stick with me here
remember thousands maybe millions doing this one at home I’ll feel next same
burn you are we’re fighting together right here – nobody’s better than
anybody else we’re just all working getting better getting a little bit
better right area it is let’s go home back home back breathe keep working guys
keep working you got not much more time just 10 more seconds on this one fucking
through breathe you got it and five four three two one zero
Gumbel’s are down and out of the way moving on to that side to side shuffle
the hot feet just like the other footwork drills today or stand like
neighbors for the long to hear you here but instead
cause my feet weight to my hips so I harder to be light you’ll find that’s
what I’ll help you give you that agility X give it a three back it’s in your hips
this is all the room you had that’s okay come on guys fucking with you don’t have
much left we don’t have much left let’s go you got it you gotta give me five
more seconds four three two one grab those dumbbells let’s go let’s get it
pumped up little we got arm holders good posture we’re here you gotta break free
you got people move keep it moving one around the necks you remember your mind
will give up a thousand times before your body ever actually quits so all on
your head that’s all in your head let’s remind yourselves you’re a fighter not a
quitter so I don’t care what anybody told you in the past but you are indeed
a fighter has hit come on bug with me here feeling that burn but we’re moving
we’re moving we’re not stopping there’s no quitting us no quitting us let’s go
here and five four three two one keep your dumbbells dumbbell a low kick
cluster one right to the next good working those arms up nice and toned
burn so good let’s get come on how good you’re gonna feel this all said done
their goalies you’re working towards you’re that much closer let’s go come on
day in day out right every day going after breathe me 10 more seconds on this
one ten more sites then we just have one last game after this
the day that’s it come on in five four three two one doubles are down into the
side go ahead grab your box chair whatever it is you’re using and here it
is this is it around here people no holding back
last set for the day modified mountain climbers let’s go you put your all on
this last one no fool them back you proud yourself after this one come on
let’s go this might be a beginner workout that
doesn’t mean it’s been easy you flop it through you’re still here
you’re still kicking come on let’s go you got you got don’t quit pushing and
pushing and pushing now I must left everybody not much left
fun with you let’s go let’s go breathe almost there almost enter in five four
three two one zero and done nice work everybody thank you so much for fighting
with me through this entire routine if you liked this workout make sure you
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