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hey you guys! today we’re going to work out together during 15 minutes. we’re going to work our booty, our legs, our inner thighs ..yeah pretty much just firm it up firm it up firm it all up yep ! so this workout is going to be five moves that we’re going to repeat three times each move. we’re going to do 50 seconds on and we’re going to take a 10-second break in between the exercises. so I’m going to show you the exercises as we’re doing them and you’re going to understand! so I hope you are ready, actually you don’t even need to wear anything particular, I’m barefoot I just have a bottle of water there and a mat there and that’s really all you need. and some motivation actually if you don’t have any I’m going to give you my motivation, so hope you’re ready and let’s go ! hope you enjoyed ! grab a drink grab a drink, rehydrate. strech, I’m not going to stretch with you. you can do the stretch you like. hope you enjoyed this first episode of “workout with me challenge”. I’m gonna upload more during the month of May so make sure to subscribe and to tune in next week. So we can have fun together! and yeah guys thank you for watching and I’ll see you later

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